Rock Hard: Time For A Meeting

Continues from here.

“Have you finally forgiven the guy or do you need to be put in solitary?” Dean said to me as he walked into the room and saw Adam sitting on the bed.

I still didn’t know if it was a case of forgiving or forgetting but I didn’t really want to answer Dean’s question so instead I replied with sarcasm.

“I was going to forgive then I decided I would fire him instead. I was just about to have his worthless ass thrown out of here when you walked in. Guess now that you’re here you can help.”

“But Chris,” Dean started, “The two of you left together last night and Adam didn’t spend the night in his room.”

“How do you know he hasn’t slept in his room?” I asked, more interested in playing word games than actually finding out how he knew the status of Adam’s room.

“Yeah, how the hell do you know I haven’t been in my room? Have you been peeking through my curtains again?” Adam said.

“Again? You mean he makes a habit of peaking through your blinds?” I looked directly at Adam and asked the question carrying on with the joke.

“Alright you two!” Dean said interrupting our laughter. “I know you’re both shitting me. I don’t care if the two of you are together or not I’m just glad you are back in the sack…oops I mean back to talking!”

Chances are the conversation, as silly as it was, wasn’t going to go on for much longer even if I did let it but it was at that time I decided to change the topic. Dean obviously knew Adam and I spent the night together and while it wasn’t a secret it also wasn’t something I wanted to keep discussing.

“So this meeting we are having, where shall we have it? Over breakfast? Lunch? Coffee? Right here right now?” I asked.

“Hang on a sec, I’ll just get naked if we are having it here!” Dean said jokingly, at least I hope it was a joke given we were related.

“I vote for breakfast that can then turn into coffee and maybe then turn into lunch!” Adam said as he stood up from the bed.

After a ten minute discussion we mutually decided to start with breakfast, there was a cafe down town near the venue we’d played the night before that looked very inviting and we decided they could invite us for breakfast. Before leaving for the cafe we did a wander around the crew and hangers-on and greeted them, Dean had already seen some of them before reaching my room, made sure things were ok then made our way down town.

The crew were fine, most of them enjoying their day off by relaxing and doing very little. The cafe however was not as fine, they stopped serving breakfast fifteen minutes before we got there and we had to settle for coffee and cake, not the best breakfast but we promised ourselves we’d make it up at lunchtime.

During our meeting it was decided that any free tickets for future gigs would have to go through one of us. We didn’t mind the idea of giving our crew tickets they could use but it was clear to the three off us our generosity was being some what taken advantage of. We didn’t want to be hard asses about it, free tickets generally didn’t cost us much because the recipients often wouldn’t have been paying concert goers anyway and there was always a few tickets spare for some of the media and family or friends, but that didn’t mean they had to be used.

“What if some of the merchandise is going the same way?” Dean asked.

Given that we paid people to maintain just about everything and we were basically overseers it was valid question. Although at least one of us tried to look over the books and accounts every week there could be some things that slip through. We trusted the staff we hired and we hadn’t had an issue with anything going missing before but if more than just free tickets were going missing would any of our eyes pick it up, especially if it was only a small something here and there?

Adam began speaking. “I was talking to Joan,” she’s our accounts manager, “after the BS the other day with Jason, wasn’t because of him I was just interested.”

“Yeah and what did she have to say.” Dean interrupted obviously making his best attempt to keep the toilet incident out of the spotlight.

“She told me there’s been a few sweat bands and drink holders go missing but the sort of number she’s talking about could be anything from dropped stock during set up to incidentals used by the crew. Nothing stands out. She showed me the books, gave me a run down and things do look pretty good.”

Because it was our business we all had a basic idea of how the books worked and while some things could have been hidden from us like I said we trust our staff. Incidentals rarely became a problem and unless those incidentals started running into the hundreds of dollars we were always fairly confident that we weren’t loosing stock to over nice staff offering freebies.

“So it’s really only the free tickets stuff that we have an issue with?” I asked.

“Joan’s going to keep an eye on things from her end but yeah it seems like it’s just the tickets, and it’s only a few of them trying it.” Adam replied.

“So what are we going to do?” Dean asked.

Because our ‘meeting’ slowly moved it’s way into lunch time we stayed where we were seated and ordered ourselves lunch. Weirdly enough the cafe had a breakfast menu that they stopped serving at 10:30am, but at midday when the lunch menu kicked in they were happy to cook eggs, bacon and hash browns, which was identical to their breakfast menu item of eggs, bacon and hash browns. All three of us ordered the eggs and bacon as if we were ordering the breakfast we came in for seventy five minutes earlier.

Over lunch we decided that we would organize a band and crew meeting for later in the evening where we would lay down the new rules about free tickets. Given that merchandise didn’t seem to be an issue we’d continue to watch that rather than say anything. Because we were on a night off the majority of the band and crew would remain close to the motel, some would venture out for different reasons but if they took their jobs seriously they’d find time for us.

“Any other business matters while we are here?” I asked the boys.

“Yeah.” It was Dean. “When’s the wedding?”

Because I was sitting closest I punched him on the arm which was cheered by Adam.

“Hey, what was that for? I was just asking the question we all want an answer to!” he replied as he flinched away and rubbed his arm.

“Well tell ALL of you to go and take a long walk of a short pier.” I said with a smile on my face.

“Ok point taken. What else are you two up today, or is that going to get me punched as well?” Dean asked.

I resisted hitting my brother for a second time, not because he didn’t deserve it, he always deserves one, but because I actually didn’t know what we were going to do. I didn’t have any plans before spending the night with Adam and we hadn’t discussed any plans since then.

Grabbing in phone from his pocket Adam swiped through it looking for a number. “I’ll call Vince,” our road manager, “and get him to organize the crew meeting for, I dunno, what about we say 5-5:30?”

“5:30’s good.” Dean replied and I just nodded in agreement as Adam made the call.

Call over, lunch over and check sorted we made out way out into the New Orleans sun and wandered the streets for a few hours before heading back to the room for a nap. Dean followed along with us for all but the nap.


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