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So of course I was going in early for the fifth day in a row, there was no way I was going to miss out on the chance to ‘make it the best week at work ever,’ as my mysterious elevator stranger had promised before leaving my office on day four.

The truth was I was in a trance, as curious as I was excited, after four mornings of orgasms accumulating on the fourth day with me riding that wonderful hard tool like I was a horse rider in a rodeo I was wondering just what could happen on the fifth day.

I guess you could say I wasn’t that surprised to get on the elevator or in the lift and find my stranger not there but I was definitely surprised to walk into my office and find the same thing. I’d actually questioned whether my stranger would turn up on day two, three and four, but there was no way I was questioning it on day five. Yet there I stood in the doorway of my empty office with my heart sinking into my stomach. I turned the light on to confirm the emptiness, sure enough there was no one there.

Closing the door I walked around the desk, dropped my bag on the floor and sat down in my seat. From there I reached down to my bag to grab my stockings which I had again left off while I was getting dressed. It was while my head was down below the desk looking into my bag that the office lights went off. I waited until I heard the clicking of the closing door before I lifted my head and by then my stranger was standing in front of me.

Taking the bull by the horn so to speak I waited patiently until the dark silhouette of my elevator stranger stepped around the desk. Without saying a word I reached forward, grabbed his belt with one hand, his zipper with the other and as I pulled him towards me I unzipped him.

Within a few seconds I had my mouth wrapped around his growing tool. I didn’t care that his pants were still buckled, I had what I wanted and I was working it with both my right hand and my lips, feeling it grow inside my mouth with every stroke. I worked his full length one stroke after another only stopping with my lips too flick my tongue around the bulbous tip.

Although I still couldn’t make out any of his features in the darkened room I looked upward in the direction of his face when I removed my mouth and started to lick the very tip of his tool, letting my tongue slowly skate over the already dribbling eye.

I kept my hand moving up and down the shaft as I stood up from my chair, with my left hand I pushed yesterday’s left over paperwork from my desk and sat on the smooth wooden surface, I them opened my legs and pulled him forward. My stranger who had taken control of me four mornings in a row was now happy to be led, or pulled, to where I wanted him.

The instant I guided that him into my anxious, wet, hungry, pussy I did something I hadn’t been able to do all week. At the same instant his hard cock pushed its way inside me my tongue entered his mouth and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

Our first kiss was as hot as the sex, his smooth lips moved against mine, his tongue moved against mine and his short stubble scratched against my skin. As the passion of the kiss rose so did the speed of his thrusting. Long, rhythmic thrusts increasing in speed as we kissed. I’d never kissed a man for so long without stopping.

Lifting my legs I wrapped them around the stranger’s torso and held him against me with both my arms and my legs at the same time. He didn’t need instructions he knew exactly what I wanted and with every outward stroke I pulled him into me. It started out slow and easy but within seconds I was wanting more and wanting it harder. His lips moved to my neck and as we met each others thrusts pounding harder and faster I began to moan into his left ear. We lasted like that for several minutes before I did something I had never tried before.

“Hold on just a second.” I said into his ear. I know it wasn’t the sexist thing to say but I didn’t have the mind power to think of everything.

Letting go of his neck I gently lowered myself backwards until I was leaning on my elbows, I then unwrapped my legs from his waist, spread them far enough to bring them around to the front of his body and laid them against his chest. Almost like he was reading my mind he gripped my legs, held them against his chest and resumed his thrusting.

Slow and deep, fast and short, hard and hot, my elevator stranger fucked me and fucked me, driving me wild and making me gasp while I searched for breath. But it wasn’t until he held his right hand out for me to grab that things truly changed.

Gripping my left hand my elevator stranger gently pulled me up to him. He was slow and gentle with his movements and that made all the difference as he almost folded me in half. For several minutes I thought out last position was the best position I had ever been fucked in but with my legs pressed against his chest, my arms around his neck and his arms around my back I was quickly changing my mind.

Whether it was because that hard throbbing cock was touching me in spots it hadn’t touched before or it was just the excitement of the new position I couldn’t be sure but whatever it was was driving me closer to orgasm quicker than I could count. I moaned into his mouth, moaned between breaths and moaned for him to fuck me until I came.

I don’t know how long it was before it finally happened but I don’t think it was long because if it had gone on for too long I think I’d have run out of breath. When it did happen my first moan was so loud that my elevator stranger put his mouth over mind to stop more moans from escaping. Although the thrusting stopped soon after the feelings didn’t as he held himself inside me, but it didn’t last long enough.

It was still dark in my office when my elevator stranger pulled out and removed himself from inside me. The gentle lowering of my legs was the last I felt of his touch and in less the minute whilst I was still sitting on my desk I heard the door close. No voice, not comment and no goodbye.

I collapsed onto my chair, worn out and sated sexually but not emotionally. While I was thinking about how glorious the week of starting early had been I couldn’t get it out of my mind that unless I was blind folded with only my hands to guide me over his face and erection I could not identify my elevator stranger.

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