CopyCat Cafe: Calling for help?

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I honestly could not believe Simon’s message. How did he know Tom was leaving my house? Was he just lucky enough to be driving past as Tom was leaving? Was he out the front watching? Even if he was watching out the front how did he know I had company? Did he follow us home? I had way too many questions and not enough answers to even bother attempting a reply to his text.

Even if he was just driving past at the right time, did it give him the right to send such a text? The game Sonya and Tracey set up was done purely to make Simon feel like the ‘other man’ and it appeared that in only a few hours the desired effect was happening. The biggest problem was that while I was quite annoyed no matter how Simon happened to be outside my house at the time Tom was leaving my strong feelings for him couldn’t totally dislike what he’d done. His reaction alone showed that he cared, but I already knew that and it didn’t automatically mean he’d changed his thoughts on how I felt in the relationship.

Although I liked Tom, his company and his conversation I’d only spent a few hours with him and those hours were spent with no expectation so I wasn’t even trying to compare the two men. I suddenly found myself thinking about whether ramping up the game with Tom was a good thing. Was I just flaunting something in front of Simon to make him think? Was that fair to anyone involved even if two of us were willing participants. I just didn’t know, so I did the only thing my mind could think of, I picked up the phone and dialed Sonya.

“Hey old duck,” Sonya obviously had caller ID on and could see it was me calling, either that or she offends a lot of people on the off chance that it is me calling, either way she oozed charm.

“Hey kiddo.” I replied.

“What’s up? Ringing to tell us you slept with Tom?”

She’s lucky I could hear the laughter in her voice. “Nope, but we did have a lovely evening.”

“So I hear.” came the reply.

It turns out Tom had rung Tracey on his walk home and told her all about his lovely evening with me and when Sonya saw my number come up on her cell her first reaction to Tracey was that I was ringing to do the same thing. Apparently they had joked more than once about Tom and I making a good couple and wondering if the game was going to become more than that. I assured her I had no intention of that happening and told her the real reason for my call.

“Hang on a sec,” Sonya said as there was a shuffling noise from her end of the phone. “I’m putting you on speaker. Trace listen to this. Go ahead Kat tell Trace what you just told me.”

I heard Trace approach the phone. “What’s up babe? Kat ringing to tell us how desperate she is to marry Tom?”

I laughed, Sonya spoke, “Na, not quite, just listen. Go Kat.”

I repeated the part of the story about Simon’s text message.

“Goddamn, what the fuck is he playing at?” Trace asked.

“She doesn’t know.” Sonya replied. The two of them spoke for nearly a minute as if I wasn’t hanging on the other end of the phone, then Sonya asked me a question. “Is it likely he was returning home with the kids from football practice or something? You know like he was returning home and whether it was the long way home or not he drove past your place on his way home?”

I thought about the question for a few moments. “I know one of the kids plays a sport, don’t know which one, so I guess that could have been the case. Damn I guess he could have been coming back for getting pizza for all I know. Shit I honestly didn’t think of it being that damn innocent.” Well I had thought of it but I kind of glossed over it because I was thinking about so many other things.

“Well lets not get too far ahead of ourselves here.” It was Tracey’s voice. “He still sent you the text message and to me that is stepping over the line. You guys definitely aren’t official and the guy leaving your place could be your fucking brother for all he knows.”

“He knows the only family I have around here is Tanya,” I said defending him for some reason.

“Yeah but Tracey is right Kat,” Sonya said. “He might know it’s not a family member but you are still entitled to have other friends, even male ones and he doesn’t need to know them all.”

“Isn’t a little jealousy good? Wasn’t making him jealous part of the plan?” I asked. I know it sounded like I was now defending Simon, and I probably was because I did still care for him.

“It’s jealousy after only a few hours Kat, that’s borderline possessive.” Sonya stated.

I didn’t quite see it the same way. I did see it as Simon being jealous. I did see it as Simon not liking the fact that I could be seeing another man. The problem was the more I was talking about it the more I think I was talking myself into replying to his message. Part of my problem was that I knew Tom was a set up to make Simon jealous and if that was working why wouldn’t I consider ending it early?

“That might be going a bit far Son,” Tracey replied. “Sure it’s a bit of an over reaction but as you said you spoke to him on the phone, he sees a guy leaving her house and his true feelings come out, even if they are misguided words.”

“Are they really just misguided words?” Sonya asked.

I stepped into the three way phone conversation again. “I definitely think they were misguided, he’s never spoken like that before. We’re all guilty of saying the wrong things when our minds are stressed, and the message did come in really quickly after Tom left so he didn’t have time to think.”

“So you’re fine with a guy who can’t take time to think? You’re just going to go back to him and let him go back to treating you like the other woman because we all know that’s what is going to happen don’t we.”

“Son, babe,” Tracey stepped in. “Calm down, you are telling poor Kat not to make a decision because the guy jumped before he thought and you’ve just jumped down her throat.”

“But I thought about my response.” Sonya replied with a small giggle, we all giggled, “Yeah, okay, I see your point, sorry Kat.”

“No need to apologize, I rang you because I didn’t know what to do. Shit! I rang you because I’m still hung up on Simon, no matter what he does and I had a nice dinner with a guy who is so easy on the eyes that I nearly forgot we were playing a game. I definitely don’t think it’s you that needs to apologize.”

“No of course you don’t,” Sonya said and I could tell it was a heart felt comment. “We just need to figure out what to do. What we need to figure out is how we can tell Simon has changed without dumping you back in the same position.”

“And how do we do that?” I asked.

“I don’t know, let me sleep on it and we’ll talk tomorrow. Promise me you wont respond to his message before then.”

“Ok Sonya, I promise.” I wasn’t overly happy making the promise, I really did want to message Simon back even it if was only to let him know I had read the message but once again I was putting my love life in the hands of a thirty something lesbian.

Once I’d hung up from the call I put my phone in my bag so I wouldn’t hear it if it rang or beeped and went straight to bed.


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