Rock Hard: Some People Are Never Happy

Continues from here.

Sorry to all those waiting for something more interesting but after our meeting and walk around the streets of New Orleans the nap Adam and I had was exactly that. I did fall asleep with his arm around my back and my head on his chest but we were fully clothed. We managed a solid two hours before Dean was banging on the door and ringing my cell phone looking for us to make sure we turned up to the band meeting we’d organised.

Because there was banging on the door and a ringing of the phone we figured it was Dean coming to remind us of the meeting, reaching for my cell just confirmed it. Thinking quickly Adam jumped up from the bed and walked towards the door, I sat on the bed with my finger hovering over the button to answer the phone. At the same time as I hit answer Adam open the door and we both called out.

“What do you want?”

Dean jumped. “Argh! You bastards!”

“Gottcha.” we called in unison as Adam walked away from the open door leaving Dean with the choice of staying outside or coming in.

Dean came in and because we had a few minutes spare we went over the points of discussion for our meeting. We didn’t think the meeting was going to get out of hand but a final check of what we wanted and how we were going to achieve that was worth while.

It no doubt cost us a fortune, especially at short notice but Vince had managed to talk the motel into giving us their entire restaurant for our meeting. Unfortunately on the road we didn’t always have the same luxuries as if we were at home and renting meeting space was not always easy, where as paying a motel for their restaurant, while often expensive, was relatively easy, and we got a meal.

When the three of us walked into the restaurant together I didn’t need to do a head count to know that not everyone had arrived. We were about five minutes early so it wasn’t like they were ignoring our request. The motel had set the room up with one table at the head of the room and the rest of the tables scattered in a rough circle, it looked very official rather than the relaxed way we usually did things but there was not much we could do about that.

We did a noisy greet of the entire room, there was no point greeting everyone individually, and made our way to the head of the room. Just before we got to the table Dean diverted himself off to the left and headed for the bar to get us some drinks, he didn’t need to ask what we wanted. By the time Dean had arrived with our drinks and the three of us were seated the last of the stragglers had arrived and were finding themselves seats.

The meeting went well and we did our best not to drag things out too much. We deliberately started the meeting with the new rules about free tickets and despite a few snide comments said in whispers the new rule was fairly well accepted. The fact that the new rule went down so easily made the rest of the meeting flow really well from where I was sitting. We ran through the usual business related stuff, made sure everyone still knew the itinerary and generally just took care of the house keeping that kept our machine running.

Before dinner we gave the crew a chance to air any issues or problems they might have and apart from a few minor issues like needing cables, needing tools and those sorts of things, the biggest issue anyone had, and it was Jason, was that the set up time wasn’t long enough. The issues of tools and other items, especially replaceable items that often broke was easy, we’d always had a system in place where the crew only need fill our a request form and the stuff they needed was purchased. What I didn’t expect when I first heard him suggest it was how easy Jason’s issue would be fixed, instead of Dean, Adam or myself having to intervene half the crew stepped in and told him to shut up and get over it. It was at that point I realized that more of the crew knew about Jason’s antics and were happy to see the back of them than we first knew.

Because we had the whole motel restaurant booked out for ourselves dinner was a slow and relaxed affair. Despite us being relatively generous we won’t pay for everything and we definitely don’t pay for our crew to get drunk so by 9:30pm the bar tab was closed and the crew had to pay for their own drinks if they wanted them.

I decided that I was ready to call it quits just before 11PM, I may not have been thinking about rushing back to bed but I’d definitely had enough of people and heading to my room was my goal. Dean told me as I got up that he was considering the same thing while Adam told me he needed to sort out a few equipment issues that some of the guys had brought to him during the night. With the gear packed away in the trucks I knew it wasn’t going to be a big job for him, probably little more than a discussion with those involved and what they needed, and told him that if he wanted to he was welcome to drop by my room when he was finished.

As I walked myself back to my room, all of about 200 feet, the one thing I didn’t expect was to be confronted by Jason.

“What the fuck is with you?” he said as I came around the corner and found myself face to face with him.

“Excuse me?”

“I apologized for that fucking bullshit with Adam but you just couldn’t fucking let it go.”

Although he wasn’t slurring his words I had a gut feeling alcohol was driving him more than anything else.

“Jason, I suggest you let it go.”

“I thought we had lettit go and then next thing I fucking know you screwing me over in front of everyone.” Jason was getting angrier although he wasn’t yelling.

“No one is screwing you over Jason.” I told him trying to remain calm. “Why don’t you just go and sleep it off.”

“Fuck you! If no one was screwin me why did Dean look at me when he was talking about that bullshit with the fucking tickets. He may’s well have fucking said “No tickets ‘cause Jason wants a free headjob”.”

If I wasn’t so annoyed with the way Jason was reacting I probably would have laughed at the way he nearly fell over trying to do air quotes to emphasize him comments. What I did know was that the conversation needed to stop before things got too far out of hand.

“Whether the ticket stuff was brought on by you or not makes little difference, your name was not mentioned and nothing was directed at you until you opened your mouth.”

“’Course was about me. You’re pissed ‘cause your fucking boyfriend wanted his dick sucked.”

That was the final straw for me, Jason was drunk and he wasn’t going to listen to anything I had to say but it was my job to stop the conversation before it escalated.

“That’s it Jason, you need to stop this before you say or do something you’ll regret.”

“I regret nothing. It’s you fuckers that should regret making out like I was the only one offering free tickets for fucking headjobs.”

Looking around too see of anyone was in ear shot was an involuntary reaction to his swearing. ”Jason, I’m asking you nicely to lower your voice and calm down. I refuse to talk to you like this. If you want to talk about this go to bed, sleep it off and we can talk in the morning before we leave.”

“Refuse to talk to me huh? Well aint that fucking grand!”

It was at the moment Jason took a swing at me.


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