In the Library

“Be quiet, this is a library, not your local burger joint!” Old Betsy the Librarian everyone thought inhabited the library said to us as we sat there reading through some notes from an old study guide.

It was probably fair enough we were making a little bit of noise laughing at the silly picture someone had drawn in the study guide for Chemistry that we’d picked off the shelf. Although after Betsy made her little statement it brought along a laughter of a different kind because while making noise in a library is always a taboo thing but what we did behind the shelves of reference books between M and P was even more taboo,but neither were as taboo as what we did in the photocopy room. Let me explain.

Mark and I were studying in the uni library, honestly we started out studying, we had a Chemistry exam coming up in a just over a week and both of us needed to do some catch up, although given what happened that day it might be suggested we don’t!

I was having having trouble finding one particular text book on the shelf, it was supposed to be under “O” for Osbourne but for the life of me despite the computer suggesting it was on the shelf I couldn’t find it. I’d been looking for the book for what must have been about five minutes when Mark came up and asked me what was taking so long. Being cheeky I mouthed the word “get fucked” too him and before I knew it he was trying!

Pushing me up against the shelf he began kissing me, a deep passionate kiss on the lips, his tongue moving in and out of my mouth. The kiss got deeper and after a few seconds I felt his hand grasp my left breast through my shirt. I gave him a few seconds of groping but I broke the kiss and reminded him where we were.

“Don’t worry about it. The only other person in this place is Betsy and she’s busy on the computer.”

I know I should have stopped Mark at that point but for some reason I didn’t and when his lips again touched mine the kissing was definitely not one sided.

Pushed up against the shelf I happily let Mark’s hand moved over my breast, my nipple standing to attention under the fabric of my shirt. I was suddenly wishing I hadn’t put a bra on when I got dressed that morning.

I honestly only had plans for kissing, maybe a little breast rub, but definitely nothing more as we stood against the shelves. The problem was that the deeper and more passionate the kiss got and the more our tongues danced the closer I came to wanting to forget where we were and just let Mark go for it.

I know I should have stopped it when Mark’s hand left my breast and made it’s way slowly downward but again I didn’t and as we kissed more his right hand gently slipped under the waist band of my skirt. I felt his fingers gently walk over the cotton fabric up my underwear, over my recently shaved pubic hair and gently towards my crotch. When his fingers pushed against my clit and started rubbing up and down I did finally break the kiss.

“Mark, we can’t”

“Ssshh Rexie!” I heard him say as his lips moved back to mine.

For the next minute or two we kissed deeply as Mark’s rubbing became more vigorous, he was still rubbing me through the fabric of my underwear and I was moving my hips against every stroke. I could feel the wetness of my arousal seeping through my underwear and I knew Mark’s fingers would be damp but that didn’t stop him, in fact I think it drove him on. But it wasn’t until his lips moved to my neck and started kissing my just below the left ear that I knew things had to stop.

“Mark! We have to stop. We can’t do this here.” I said.

“I told you there is no one around.”

“Not here.”


“Follow me.”

As his hand slipped out of my skirt I grasped it took it in my left hand and lead him towards the photo copier room. Because my dorm was noisy and getting a bit of privacy was near impossible with my annoying room mate I spent a lot of time studying in the library one of the few perks of that time spent was that I knew where there was places someone could get some ‘privacy’. It might have been Mark’s first time visiting the photocopier room but lets just say it wasn’t mine.

“What if someone walks in to use the photocopier?” Mark asked suddenly worried about getting busted.

I quietly closed the door, locked the handle and reached up near the top of the door where there was a latching pin, like I say it wasn’t my first time.

With the door locked I pushed Mark up against the wall and said, “Where were we?” as I pushed my face towards his and began kissing him.

Lips again locked this time it was my turn to see what he’d been hiding and straight for his pants I went. A few seconds later I had his hard cock in my hand, gently stroking it back and forth as we kissed. He must have been well aroused as we stood against the shelf kissing while his fingers roamed my wetness because his cock was dribbling excitedly onto my fingers as I rubbed him backwards and forwards. Not wanting to miss out I decided it time to do what we came into the room to do.

Now I know what your thinking, we fucked on the photocopier and mid coitus the photocopier went off taking pictures of my hungry wet pussy being feed a lovely chunk of man meat, but as I’ve told you I’d been there before. Instead of the photocopy I preferred the bench that ran along the back wall, it was used for sorting copied paper and stuff like that but it was also just the right height to be fucked on.

Dropping my underwear and lifting my skirt I lifted myself up into the bench, sat on my backside and pulled Mark towards me. Mark didn’t need any encouragement either as soon as he was standing between my open legs his pushed his hard dribbling cock towards my hot waiting hole.

I moaned as he slide his rigid tool into me, I moaned as he dragged it back out and then I moaned again as he repeated the move. To dull my moans Mark resumed kissing me, when I felt his hands reach behind me and grab me on the ass I wrapped my legs around his waist and used them to drive his cock into me harder.

Mark surprised me, when we got into the room and I felt how excited he was I really didn’t think he was going to last that long, but he did, we fucked hard and fast, slow and deep for what must have been ten minutes. However long it was I was hot, sweaty and panting for breath by the time we both orgasmed.

Composed, sated, dressed and having caught our breath we let our selves out of the photocopy room a few minutes later. On the way back to the desk I grabbed the book I’d been looking for, which seemed to jump out as me as I walked down the aisle, and headed back to the table we’d been working at before out little library fuck session. As we sat down we were laughing and Ol Betsy did catch us doing it which is no doubt why she told us off with her burger joint comment a few minutes later. If only she knew!


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