CopyCat Cafe: What Have You Done Sonya?

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When I woke up in the morning I was restless, I hadn’t managed enough sleep to make up for the drunken night before but even if I had it would have made little difference. Given the state of the sheets I could tell that I’d not only been restless during the night I’m been trashing around under the sheets. I was actually a little thankful that I hadn’t been awake and that restless because I’d probably have woken in pain as well. I shuffled myself around in the bed for a few minutes stretching, rubbing my eyes and waking myself up before I summoned the energy for a shower.

Why is it in the shower the mind so often wanders to thoughts of a pleasurable and sexual nature? I guess it could be the hot water running down the naked body touching parts that are not only sensual but for some of us not often touched. I guess it could just be that being naked makes our minds work differently but whatever it is it happened to me. Only a few minutes before I woke tired and restless but as the hot steamy water cascaded over my naked body I was suddenly caught up in thoughts of him.

No not him, him. That’s right I was caught up in thoughts of Tom. Whatever had been going on inside my head during the night I’d suddenly stopped thinking about the guy I was hung up on and started thinking about the guy I had no intention of being romantic with.

As I lathered my body with body soap I did go there and once I was completely soaped up I went all the way there. Standing under the hot water, steam filling the shower recess, my hands slowly roamed up and down my stomach and breasts, I imagined they were Tom’s hands. When the same hands moved downwards and between my legs I still imagined they were Tom’s hands. As I quickly brought myself off I was still imagining Tom’s hands doing the work.

When I got out of the shower, washed and rinsed, and started to towel myself down I actually felt a pang of guilt rush through me, not for what I’d done but for who I was imagining as I did it. It was short lived guilt as I reminded myself that I owed nothing to either man and that having fantasies should always be a guilt free situation but it was there and that annoyed me a little bit.

Once out of the bathroom I chose my usual boring work attire, a simple blue shirt and trousers, and headed out to the kitchen to make myself breakfast and coffee. While I wasn’t in a rush to get to work I also didn’t waste time, once I was up I was up and my routine just fell into automatic mode and if that meant I got to work a few minutes early that was fine. However thanks to my slightly extended shower I was running about fifteen minutes later than usual and I met Sonya walking to work about half way into my trip.

“Good morning babe!” I said in a polite and happy greeting.

“How’s it going old lady?” Sonya replied, I knew it was only a light dig and was not offended. “Any more messages or calls from Mr Charming?”

Despite her tone I knew she wasn’t being bitchy with her statement and she didn’t hate Simon it was just the way she operated at times when people did things she didn’t particularly like.

“Which one?” I asked in a silly voice.

“The jealous one with the quick firing fingers.”

“How did she know about me in the shower?” I thought to myself then said, “Oh him. To be honest I haven’t checked my phone this morning, do you think I should?”

It wasn’t really a case of me not wanting to check my cell for messages it was that I had actually forgotten, I hadn’t even checked to see that it was in my bag before leaving. As I opened my bag to get it out I was fairly confident of finding it, I didn’t think it would have gone anywhere over night. Once I retrieved it and woke it up I saw there was two new messages. Because there was two messages my phone didn’t tell me who each one was from on the lock screen, it just gave me the total of unread messages. As we walked I handed the phone to Sonya. “I’m not sure I want to read them!”

When we stepped through the back gate of the cafe Sonya keyed in the passcode for the lock screen, it wasn’t a secret give that she’d set the phone up for me, and told me what she could see.

“There’s two new messages.”

“Yes I may not be that technical but I’m pretty sure I could see that when I handed it to you.” I was getting the keys to the back door of the cafe out as I spoke so I didn’t see her facial reaction to my comment.

“Do you want me to tell you who they are from or just keep it to myself?” Again the voice was mixed with cheek and pretend anger.

So I came back with my own cheek. “No I want you to answer them as in you were me and keep my phone.”

As I stepped inside the kitchen and went straight to the alarm panel to enter the disable code Sonya said, “Okay, consider it done.”

I was halfway through the code when what she said registered and I stopped what I was doing, yelled NO at her and lunged for the cell phone forgetting about the alarm code. We had a quick scuttle but it was interrupted by the screaming alarm.

“Shit!” I said as I turned back to the alarm panel and keyed in the right code.

Sonya stood next to me with a grin on her face. “So you just want me pre-read them for you, is that it?”

“Just tell me they aren’t from Simon.” I replied.

Sonya scrolled through the messages reading them as she went. “Well one of them isn’t from Simon.” She said as she kept reading.

“Do I want to know what it says?”

“Probably not but I’m going to tell you anyway. He says, and this is word for word. Sorry for the message, was pissed off seeing a stranger leaving your house. I should have known from the time it was to early to be sleeping with him. Call me plz!”

Instead of getting on with the prep work for the day Sonya and I stood in the kitchen discussing the text message from Simon. We both agreed that it was stupid and not very well thought out. The line about it being too early to sleep with someone was a little bit amusing to Sonya and although I might have seen it the same way had the message not been for me I wasn’t in the same jovial mood Sonya was. One thing we did both agree on was that Simon wasn’t getting a reply in the form of message or call very quickly.

“So who’s the other message from? Or shouldn’t I ask?” I said to Sonya after we’d finished talking about Simon.

“No, you might like this one. It must have come in just before we caught up with each other this morning.” When I told Sonya I hadn’t heard it beep she added, “I’m not surprised!”

Of course the second message was from Tom but it took me nearly a full minute to drag it out of Sonya who decided she would let her sillies out again.

“Again I’m quoting here. Had a great time last night, you’re great company. I have dinner reservations for two at Rollies,” All the locals knew Rollies was short for Rolystone Restaurant, “at 7pm and would love for you to join me. No strings just great company.”

Honestly, comparing the two messages there was no competition Tom won hands down, Sonya agreed too, but Tom was not the guy I was in love with.

“Hey! What are you doing.” I called at Sonya I saw her fingers flying across the screen of my phone.

“Accepting the date!” I stepped forward to grab the phone but before I could grab it she spun away and said, “Oops.”

“Oops? Oops what?” He straight face gave away no hints. “What have you done?”

“I sent the message accepting the date to Simon. Hang on I’ll just resend it to Tom.”


I was as shocked as I was annoyed and even when Sonya showed me that the message she sent Simon revealed nothing of the date, only that I accepted and would ‘meet him there.’ it didn’t make me less annoyed. Sonya went on to explain that she’d done it deliberately to make Simon even more jealous, and sure enough within minutes Simon was ringing and when the call wasn’t answered he began texting.

Something told me I wouldn’t be paying Homage to Sonya anytime soon.


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