Ride Hard: Returning The Mustang

Continues from here.

With the Mustang parked behind my Chevy I went looking for Jack. Walking through the workshop despite the late hour, there was still two guys working on bikes. Sludge (real name Peter) I knew to say hello to having been introduced to him on one of my previous visits, the other guy a big tattooed guy with a bushy beard and long hair, a typical biker but you could tell he had a big heart, I didn’t know. I waved to Sludge as I stepped around my car, he waved back and called out that Jack was in his office. I thanked him and headed towards the offices.

Almost the second I stepped through the door into the showroom Cindy spied me and walked my way. I could see Jack was talking to someone, no doubt a potential customer, so I walked in Cindy’s direction.

“Hey girl! Come in for another drinking session?” she said as we got close.

“Are you kidding, the boss is here, he’ll frown upon two girls having a good time!” I replied with a laugh.

“Yeah but I’ll tell his Mom he’s picking on us and she’ll deal with him!” there was a slight ring in her voice as if she was starting a rhyme

We both laughed, given that Cindy was Jack’s cousin I was tempted to ask her about his mother given that she’s brought up the topic but I quickly decided that it was Jack’s story to tell me. It’s not that I thought Cindy would lie or even taint the subject as some nieces and nephews might do with an Aunt or Uncle they didn’t get along with it was more that fact that from the limited information Jack had offered I was happy to let him tell the story in his own way and in his own time.

“Potential customer, or just a Looky Lou?” I asked nodding my head in the direction of Jack.

“A bit of both. The guy comes in every month or so and looks at the new bikes on the floor, says he wants to buy the ‘right’ bike but he is yet to see it. Jack’s told him he’d create the right bike for him if he gave him the specs but the guy’s adamant he’ll know what he wants when he sees it. I wouldn’t mind betting that if he hadn’t bought a bike off Jack six years ago Jack wouldn’t be giving the guy the time he does but you know Jack.”

I nodded, “Yep, Jack the people pleaser, keep ‘em happy and they’ll come back for more!”

“That’s our motto!” Cindy replied, “I don’t know how long he’ll be but you’re welcome to wait in his office, do you want coffee or something?”

I declined coffee but accepted the offer to wait in Jack’s office, since I knew the way Cindy and I parted company, she was no doubt hoping to get out of the place for the day I saw no reason to stop her.

I stepped into Jack’s office and placed my bag on his desk next to a folder labelled RichCraft Customs Gallery 7 of 12 2014, not knowing how long I would have to wait for Jack I decided to kill some time looking at some of the work Jack had done in the past. With the folder in my hand I sat down in the chair with my back to the door and opened the folder to the first page.

As I might have suggested before motorbikes have never been my first love, while I knew they existed and sometimes might even have turned my head to see one passing I really didn’t know a Harley from a Honda. Since meeting Jack my ideas of bikes had definitely changed and it was getting to the stage where I was even thinking of getting one, a RichCraft Custom of course. Not that I thought any of the designs in his gallery folders would be suited to me but it doesn’t hurt to look.

As I skimmed through the folder I do have to admit that some of the bikes were a little gross, don’t get me wrong the work done on them, especially the artwork, was brilliant, some of the best I have ever seen, but scenes of blood dripping skulls and the like were not really my forte. I saw a few bikes donning American-isms like the flag and bald eagle and again they looked stunning but I honestly couldn’t see myself owning such bikes.

“See anything you like?” I heard the voice only a moment before I felt his lips touch my cheek as he leaned in from behind me and kissed me.

“Oh good evening sir. Do you kiss all your customers after you’ve kept them waiting for so long?” I hadn’t been waiting that long but that didn’t matter.

“I usually reserve such things for the ones with the big bushy beards, but I made an exception for you!”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a part of that conversation, even if I knew he was joking, so went back to the first topic. “You’ve done some impressive work.” I closed the folder and put it on his desk as he stepped around to his chair.

“That folder is a few years old now, I’d like to think we have got better with age.” Jack said as he sat down.

“Probably not the kind of bikes I would ride but I like the work nonetheless.”

“Would you prefer a pink Harley with flowers all over it?”

“That better be a joke Jack Richards!”

The way he was laughing I knew it was.

“You need to get yourself a license before we worry ourselves too much about your ideal ride.”

For the next twenty minutes Jack and I talked about me getting my motorbike license, apparently it was a fairly easy thing to obtain and although I’d need some time off work, which I’m sure Bill wouldn’t argue with, apparently I didn’t need much else.

“What about the skills to ride the darn things?” I asked.

“You got that already babe!” he said with a smile.

With conversation of bikes over I asked Jack how much I owed him for the new battery he told me the night before my car needed. He gave me a price which I questioned thinking that it was too low.

“That can’t be right, you towed my car here and replaced the battery.”

“Yep and we gave it a service too.”

“And you only want $50?”

“Well I figured you’d argue if I said zero.”

“Yeah there is a reason for that!” I protested. “You can’t go giving me discounts, you have bills to pay just like the rest of us.”

“Ok make it $50 and you can pay for dinner tonight.” Jack replied.

“So because you are a terrible accountant I have to buy you dinner?”

“Well you don’t have too.”

“Well I guess we all have to eat and I can always talk to Cindy about the real bill!” I replied. “Any preferences?”

Jack looked at me as if to suggest he’d already discussed the bill with Cindy, which I was not surprised with and then rattled off a few dinner choices. “Since you’re driving you can choose which one of those you want to take us too.”

“Ok but we’ll have to shuffle the cars around because I parked the Mustang behind mine.”

“So, we’ll take the Mustang.” I was going to protest but figured there was no point because Jack had made up his mind, and honestly who’d argue about driving a Mustang like that again.


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