Working On Commission

“You know when I said you had to convince me that I was making the right choice? I thought you’d tell me how good the neighborhood is, or about the big backyard, or even that the house has some sort of old world charm. I didn’t think you’d do this!”

“Isn’t this charming?” I said kneeling on the floor in front of John the prospective buyer with his rock hard eight inches sliding between my large breasts.

“Oh it’s charming alright, just not the kind of charming I expected!” he said.

Holding each of my breasts in my hands I squashed them against his cock and moved up and down repeatedly, each time the bulbous purple head poked up far enough I let my tongue circle it. Once or twice around the tip then a quick flick across the eye to which make him flinch.

My saliva helped lubricate his large member sliding between my breasts at first but after a few minutes of play I could see he was enjoying himself and helping the cause, that wonderful clear and sticky liquid dribbling off the tip and onto my tongue and my breasts. What a turn on.

Deciding to play the flirt just a little bit more, (anything for a sales commission right?), I whispered. “Oh John, I’m just hoping this house is big enough for you.”

“I’m sure it will be, I only need this kind of space when I’m entertaining!” was the reply.

The next time that large dribbling head came towards my mouth and my tongue slipped out to taste it’s glorious pre-party effort I felt John’s hand reach down and grab my already erect nipple. My tongue circled the head of his cock savoring the flavor as he gently pinched my left nipple, he then did the same with his right hand, a little harder and this time he tugged on it ever so slightly.

“Oh, now don’t you have the right touch!” I said as his hands went to work.

“You like that do you babe?” came the voice from above.

“Yes babe. I like it so much I’m .enamored” I even managed to get the eye blinking happening for him that time.

The more he played with my nipples the more excited he got and instead of letting me do the work he gradually started to thrust himself at me. His hips pushing forward the sliding that large cock between my squashed breasts. The faster he thrust the closer I knew he was to party time but I didn’t want to let him off quite so easily because it seemed a waste not to get a bit of fun out of such a sweet toy even if I still had the sale on my mind.

I released the pressure on my breasts, he didn’t need much encouragement to do the same, then as I pulled away slightly I wrapped my right hand around his shaft and began to slide in backwards and forwards along the thick, rigid play toy. I could feel the ridges and veins moving against my soft hands and really started to wonder why such lovely toys were often wasted on such guys. Sure he was good looking but there was more to a good sale, I mean a good partner than just looks.

His cock was still dribbling that sticky, sweet juice I loved so much as my hand slid up and down the shaft. I wrapped my lips around the tip and started to suck on it. I didn’t let my lip pass that oh so glorious purple tip I just slid them back and forth over the end while I let my hand do the jerking.

When I grabbed him on the balls and began to massage them in my left hand the moans from above because louder. Never one to ignore the signs of a buyer ready to make their selection I took my lips from the tip, kissed my way down his shaft then began to nibble and suck on his balls.

“Oh baby! Fuck that’s good!”

“It better be,” I thought.

I sucked, licked and nibble around his balls while my hand jerked his long hard shaft, he was breathing heavy, his cock was dribbling pre-cum and I could tell he was getting excited.

Next move was to wrap my lips around his cock and swallow the entire length into my mouth. I wanted to feel that bulbous purple head pushing at the back of my throat, I wanted to feel the veins pulsing against my tongue and I wanted to taste the prize at the end.

My grip tightened as my lips went to work sucking, licking, exciting. Every few strokes I would let my the tip of his cock slide out of my mouth so I could chase my hand down his shaft with tongue. His cock twitched in my mouth every time and the closer he got to exploding the tighter my grip on his balls and shaft got.

When he began thrust his hips at my face I knew things were coming to an end. He was one of those that didn’t really care what happened in those final few moments as long as he arrived with a blast.

And blast he did! The first three shots barreling down my throat like they were shot from a gun. Then as he screamed himself to orgasm he pulled his dick out of my mouth, pointed it at my bare tits and began to rub himself out.

With his white juice dribbling down my breasts and the lingering taste of his juices on my tongue I watched as he put himself away and zipped himself up, apparently it was over and he was finished.

As I wiped myself down, no shame or trying to hide what I was doing I heard him say.

“So the asking price is $600,000 you said?”

“That what the owners are asking.” I replied.

“I’ll give you $550,000 and another good time when the paperwork is final. How about that?”

I made it look like I was considering his offer as I buttoned up my blouse.

“Yeah sure it’s a deal, on both accounts.” I replied knowing full well the owners only wanted $450,000 and I was on 25%.

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