CopyCat Cafe: p29 The Long Road To Happiness

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“Sonya, what the hell are you doing to me?” I asked as three text messages came through on my cell in less than a minute.

“We’re making Simon jealous!”

“You’re annoying him by the sounds of that,” I said referring to my phone messages. “And I can’t say I’m overly pleased with it either!”

“Oh relax a bit babe, I know what I’m doing.”

“So what are you doing? And don’t say making Simon jealous because I’m getting sick of that. I want to hear a plan. I want to know how this is suppose to help me when all it seems to be doing it pissing both of us off!”

“Whoa there lady, how about we cut down on the dirty words!”

I knew Sonya was joking somewhat but I think she realized I wasn’t entirely happy with what was going on. She went on to explain that if Simon thought I was dating someone else he would be forced to reassess his own life. Because I expressed my doubt at the already laid out part of the plan she continued with the explanation.

“Look, if he truly loves you and wants to be with you and he thinks you’re dating someone else he’s not only going to pull out all the stops and make a massive effort to win you over but he’s also going to need to come to the realization that he’s getting from you what you’ve been getting from him all along.”

“And what if he doesn’t realize that? Let’s face it after his messages it’s obvious he hasn’t worked it out yet.”

“Do you really want to be with someone that thinks like that, especially when someone like Tom is around?” Sonya said still holding my cell phone.

I pointed out to her that Tom was a willing participant in a game and that any date we were suppose to have was all part of the game and not him waiting on the side lines. To which she laughed and tried to convince me that every single man is on the side lines waiting for someone.

“So what do those text messages say anyway?” I asked trying to change the subject slightly.

“Are you sure you want to know?” I nodded and she handed me the phone.

I read the first message.

You accept what and will meet me where?

The second message while not taking him very long to type must have been typed as he realized the original message may not have been for him.

Wait. Was that message for me?

The third message was the most surprising because while I had heard Simon swear he’d never really used such tones towards me or in a conversation directed at me.

What the fuck are you playing at Kat?

I wasn’t offended by the word and even I knew I was playing with the guy’s emotions but I was annoyed that he had felt the need to send such a message. Was I seeing his true colors? Was I seeing an aggressive nature that may or may not be a reason why he was going through a messy divorce? I obviously didn’t have answers to those questions and I wasn’t going to get them staring at my cell phone screen but I also had no idea how I should respond to such a message, so I asked Sonya who had placed herself as the expert leader of this game.

“We don’t do anything.” Just as she spoke my phone beeped again. “What’s he say now?”

I looked at the screen and read the message out aloud

I’m sorry Kat, I didnt mean to swear
I just don’t know whats going on
you wont take my calls
what am I suppose to think
Are you dating him?

“Well first off we are not going to dignify that question with a bloody answer!” Sonya said after listening to me read out the message,.

“But wouldn’t answering it stop him messaging me? Stop him being so direct?”

“Think about it like this….”

Sonya went on to explain the two possible outcomes of replying. The first one was where I told Simon I wasn’t dating anyone, the game would be over and Simon wouldn’t have changed because he didn’t need to. The second one was where I replied and told him I was dating someone and he decided to make the changes to his life that I needed him to make.

“And what about the third option?” Sonya looked at me as if she hadn’t thought there could be any other options, and maybe she hadn’t. “What about I tell him I’m dating someone and he decides it’s too hard and he doesn’t want to see me again?”

Sonya thought about the question for a few moments before replying with. “Well as much as I think his actions thus far have proven he wont do that, what’s wrong with dating Tom?”

I pointed out again that we were suppose to be playing a game and that Tom was a friend not a date but Sonya just made some comment about Tom being a good catch. I couldn’t argue with her, what I did know of Tom did make him a good catch but I was suppose to be dating Simon not Tom.

I guess I did kind of agree with Sonya’s point of view about replying to Simon because in the end I decided not to do it. Actually in the end we were interrupted by Francis arriving at work which in itself wasn’t a problem, the problem laid in the fact that both Sonya and I had been at work for forty five minutes and done nothing but talk about my love life.

“Alright, enough chit chat.” I said directly to Sonya. “I haven’t replied but we need to get out butts into gear or we wont get this place open on time.”

We got to work and by some strange miracle we managed to get the place open in just over thirty minutes, only three minutes later than the ‘official’ opening time posted on the door. Once we were operational, like most days I took on the kitchen duties while Sonya and Francis did front of house and brought the orders back to me. It was a convenient system but it did give me time to think about things a little too often.

We were kept busy enough all day with a stream of customers one after the other ensuring that no single part of the day got boring and although I’d given Sonya and Francis breaks during the day I didn’t get my first chance for a break until nearly 3pm when the afternoon rush began to ease.

During my ten minutes to myself I sat at the table in the old smokers area with a coffee and my cell phone deleting all the text messages I no longer wanted. Reading a few off the early messages from Simon did give me a little tug in my heart. Most of them were nothing short of brief messages of meeting times or points but a few were what I thought at the time were heartfelt messages and worthy of keeping.

I’m still not entirely sure why I deleted every message from Simon, I think at the time I was considering a ‘new start’ was what I needed and deleting the past Simon was a way of only remembering future Simon. It was kind of foolish but that was the way my mind was operating at the time. That being said the constant reminder of seeing the messages whenever I used my phone was not something I would ever miss.

It wasn’t until Francis had finished for the day and Sonya and I were by ourselves doing the final close that she told me Simon had dropped in while I was out the back playing with my phone. The thing that bugged me a little bit was that I was neither surprised by his visit, or annoyed that Sonya didn’t call me back in.

Something had definitely changed because my first question wasn’t asking what he wanted, instead it was asking what Sonya had told him about my absence.

“I told him you were busy and that if you wanted to talk to him you would ring.”

“Is that it?”

“He did tell me several times that he’d changed and he wanted to prove himself to you. He even asked me if I could put a good word in for him because he knew you respected my opinions so much.”

“What was your response to that?” I asked.

“I told him that I am always there to give you a shoulder to cry on but who you date is your choice not mine and that if he wanted to prove himself he had to figure out how to do it.”

Sonya had one of those looks on her face, the look that said there was more but she was a little scared to divulge it. “What else did you tell him?”

“I might have said something along the lines of you enjoying not having to compete with an ex-wife for attention.”

“Oh my god! You didn’t?”

“Well maybe not in those exact words.”

“What did he say?” I asked.

“Tell her to call me, if she doesn’t talk to me I can’t prove anything.”

“Is that it?”

“Yeah, and then he walked out.”

I had to admit he had a point, how could I tell if anything had changed if I didn’t talk to him. Was I not the one who told Sonya only a few days earlier how much silence can kill a relationship? Of course when I told Sonya the same thought she didn’t agree, in fact she flat out disagreed.

“Forget about Simon for now, you’ve got a date with Tom,”

“Dinner with a friend,” I interrupted.

“Your date with Tom.” Sonya said again with a huge grin, “ is organized, go and enjoy it no matter where it ends up. I’ll lock up here, you go home and get tarted up. We’ll talk about the rest of this tomorrow!.”

I didn’t really want to talk about it tomorrow, but Sonya did have a point, going out to dinner with Tom had been organized and I had been looking forward to it. So I followed her orders for a change.


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