Rock Hard: Hanging From The Ceiling?

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Although 12:30am might not be an early bed time for everyone it was for me, especially whilst we were on the road, and an early bed time only ever means one of two things for me. Either I sleep like a log, past my normal wake up time, and wake up feeling like crap from too much sleep, or I wake up way too early with no hope of going back to sleep. The night after my altercation with Jason my mind chose the later one and I woke up at 5:30am.

Adam was asleep next to me and he was quietly snoring, it was kind of cute but what it meant to me was that he was tired and didn’t need me waking him up. Instead I decided to get up and go for a walk. I quietly grabbed some clean clothes and ducked into the bathroom where I got dressed and did the usual things one does in a bathroom.

When I came out from behind the closed door Adam didn’t look like he’d moved so I quietly padded across the floor to the table where I found a piece of paper and left him a note saying I’d gone for a walk. I honestly didn’t think his first thought would be that I had done a runner on him but I also didn’t want him wondering where I had gone either….aren’t I sweet?

I grabbed the keys and left the room noting that the time was 5:47am and I had at least an hour to myself before anyone else would even be considering getting up. Walking through the car park of the motel our crew trucks and buses were parked together and looked abandoned, the only people I could see who were awake from our entourage were the security team. I waved to them as I walked passed and one of them asked if I needed an escort but I politely declined and kept walking.

I wandered the street aimlessly, I wandered around a lake, I wandered along the shore line and I wandered past some shops getting ready to open for the day. I’d didn’t have a set path or a goal to reach I was just enjoying the morning air and peace. I kind of knew my way around New Orleans but was relying on a bit if a sixth sense not to get lost.

The heavy metal crowd are usually the sort of people who sleep in, especially after a big night of concert going and although I love our fans I was kind of thankful for their sleeping patterns because it meant I could walk the streets without someone calling out for Hella.

I enjoyed my walk enough that I lost track of time and when I finally returned to the motel it was nearly 7:30am. We were due to leave for Houston sometime during the morning, the band trucks would be the first to leave, probably straight after breakfast, so I wasn’t surprised to see a few people mulling around the trucks when I returned.

As I walked through the car park politely greeting those around I spotted Jason. I thought about diverting and walking away from him so neither of us had to face each other but it was too late when the thought came to me. Unless he’d been up all night drinking I didn’t think he was going to make another scene but I was still a little bit on edge as we approached each other.

“Good morning Chris,” He said as we got within speaking distance.

“Hello Jason,” I replied deliberating not engaging too much and definitely not bringing up the previous night.

He stopped in front of me and I wondered if he was going to try confrontation of some kind but instead he apologized. “I’m sorry for last night Chris. I wa…”

I interrupted him, I didn’t need excuses, too often excuses are only used to make the person using them feel better about what they did. I knew he was drunk, I knew he was annoyed that he thought we had singled him out and while I didn’t excuse his actions I did accept that he was sorry for making them. There was no point holding a grudge, we’ve all been drunk, we’ve all said stupid things and we’ve all regretted what we have done. I wasn’t going to forgive him for taking a swing at me but I was prepared to pass it off as drunken stupidity.

“Jason, I accept your apology, how about we just forget it and move on with life?”

“But I was a dick.”

“Yep, you were, but you can’t change what you did, so lets just forget it and work at it not happening again.”

“Chris, you’re a legend!” he said to me as he walked off with a smile on his face. While I agreed with his comment I had already decided I would be keeping an eye on the guy a bit closer and not trusting him with too much until he proved himself. When I walked back into the room Adam was sitting up in the bed watching TV.

“Hello babe!” He said, “I was just about to call you and see where you were at.”

“I’m here!” I replied with a smile.

“And I’m here, want to join me in here or would you prefer the shower?”

Honestly, isn’t he priceless.

“As inviting as that is I prefer neither right now. I want breakfast!”

As the morning show on TV rambled on about something neither of us cared about Adam and I discussed breakfast and the day ahead. Before the conversation was complete there was a knock at the door, it was Dean.

“Are you two decent?” he called from the other side of the door.

“No, we are butt naked and hanging from the ceiling, come in if you dare!” I called out to him.

He didn’t even hesitate, he walked straight in obviously figuring that what I said was a joke. Lucky it was. The conversation of three started out with Dean telling me he’d seen me return from my walk and asking if I’d brought him breakfast. Then as if I didn’t already expect it the conversation moved to what happened the previous night with Jason. I again reminded the boys that I didn’t want to talk about it, I also told them that I’d spoken with Jason and I was prepared to forgive for the sake of the band providing it didn’t happen again.

“Are you sure?” Dean asked.

“The guy essentially took a swing, or two, at his employer, that’s a fire-able offence. No one would argue with you if you wanted to let the guy go.” Adam said.

I told them that firing Jason was the last thing I wanted, he was a decent worker when he applied himself, we were half way through a tour and he was drunk. It took me a few moments but I eventually convinced them that getting rid of Jason was not an option worth considering.

Before we went out for breakfast we discussed the day ahead, the trip to Houston and the gig that would happen than night. We were back in good spirits and I planned to keep it that way.


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