Ride Hard: Playing With Bill Again

Continues from here.

Is it surprising to anyone that when we returned to the RichCraft workshop just before 10:30pm that Jack told me opening the workshop to get my car out was too much effort and that I could take the Mustang home again? Probably not. Strangely enough opening the workshop to get his bike out wasn’t too much effort although in his defense the bike did come out a personal access door whereas we’d have had to open one of the large panel doors to get my Chevy out.

I guess in some ways I was getting used to Jack’s generosity. Where I would definitely have insisted on not driving Jack’s car only a few weeks back I was quickly getting to the point were I barely argued such an offer. Jack’s offers weren’t a status thing, or something he was doing to try and keep me happy he was doing it because it’s just the kind of guy he is. I was slowly learning to accept that, it still felt a little weird but I was a work in progress!

We’d both decided during dinner that we would spend the night at our own places. I’m not quite sure why I agreed to such a deal because I really did want to spend another night (every night) with Jack but for some reason it was a mutual decision. When I was driving home I couldn’t help but wonder if Jack insisted on sending me home in his car as an effort to remind me that spending a night in our own homes was not us breaking up, or on the rocks. I’m sorry for sharing that but it’s just how my educated mind works at times.

Another thing my mind does, as I’m sure many people’s does, is rehash past events and actions, especially those that mean something to me. I can’t always guarantee only good thoughts but when I lay my head down on the pillow some times my head is so full of thoughts I just can’t fall to sleep. That night was one of those nights.

Of course thinking about what sort of wonderful night we had was natural the mind loves to wander through happy thoughts and it was a great night. Great dinner, great company and great conversation and it was part of that conversation that was keeping me awake and thinking.

Between our main course and dessert Jack asked, out of the blue, if I wanted to meet his parents. Of course I wanted to meet them, they were part of Jack’s life and I wanted to be another part of that life but I had convinced myself that any discussion about his parents was going to be initiated by him. So I was somewhat surprised when Jack did bring it up.

“Would you like to meet Mom and Dad?” Was all he said. I guess it didn’t need more than that, it’s concise and gets the point across but out of the blue and during a lull in conversation it did sound a little strange and was the reason I didn’t answer immediately.

“Umm, yes, of course I would,” I replied with a bit of a surprised stutter before adding, “as long as it’s ok with you.”

Jack went on to explain that since meeting my parents, which was only 24 hours earlier, he could see how much family meant to me and that while he’d had issues with his parents I meant more than enough to him to at least introduce me to his parents. I was of course over whelmed when he said that, he’d told me how ‘strained’ his relationship with his parents had been yet he was prepared to introduce them to me because I had introduced him to my parents.

We didn’t make a date to meet his parents but he did tell me that he’d talk to them and find out when they weren’t too busy to catch up for a lunch or dinner. Apparently making spare time for their son was not something Jack’s parents could always do which was one of reason why he didn’t spend time with them.

So because my mind didn’t have the answers to when, what, where in relation to Jack’s parents the damn thing was doing circles as I lay my head on the pillow and closed my eyes. I knew I couldn’t solve or change anything with the constant circle of thoughts but that was just the way my mind worked. It took me nearly an hour before I was able to change my thoughts and finally get some sleep.

The following day the Mustang didn’t attract the same attention as it did the previous day, I parked it under cover again just because I could but the boys in the yard must have got their questions done the previous day because Bill was the only one who made any comment.

“Someone keeps parking their old junker in my parking spot.” He said as he entered the office, even before saying good morning. He did have coffee so I let him get away with it.

“Oh sure, today it’s an old junker, yesterday it was a classic car!” I replied.

“Yesterday I didn’t realize I’d have to keep sharing my parking spot with it.”

“Oh so it’s a sharing issue with you is it?”

“There is no way for me to win this conversation is there?” He asked.

“I don’t know what you mean Bill, I’m not trying to beat you at anything!” I was but I wasn’t giving him that satisfaction.

“Yeah, yeah, I know when to give up!” He then changed direction a bit. “Is there something a bit more serious with your car?”

I had work to do and I didn’t want it hanging around all day while Bill and I played games so I told Bill that my car was fine and that me driving the Mustang was only a convenience thing, that and an act of generosity from Jack. Bill then made a comment about wishing he had a boy friend like Jack and that I should warn him first if I was to dump Jack. I reassured him that wasn’t going to happen any time soon and that he’d be better off going home to his wife.

Because I was feeling generous, and a little sucking up doesn’t go astray sometimes, when it came time for my mid-morning coffee and snack I made coffee for Bill too. When I got back to my desk I could see Bill was on the phone so rather than interrupt I just put his coffee on his desk and turned tail towards the door.

“Thanks Dianne,” I heard his voice and the phone being placed back in it’s cradle as I was about to step out the door. I turned around and since I had my coffee in my I sat down on the opposite side of the desk.

Sitting down with coffee wasn’t a usual practice for us but it was something that happened occasionally so when I sat down Bill wasn’t surprised.

“I was hoping for a few days off sometime soon.” I opened with.

“When?” he asked sipping his coffee.

“Not sure yet, sometime in the next few weeks. I just wanted to ask first before I confirmed dates.”

“Are you and Jack planning trip away? A dirty weekend maybe?” Bill asked with a smirk so I answered with just as much of a smirk.

“We don’t need to go away for that!”

“NMI girl!”

It took me a few seconds to figure out what he was saying but I eventually decided his NMI was actually suppose to be TMI. “I think you mean TMI, too much information.”

“Oh do I? Okay, if you say so.” He looked confused but wasn’t going to question me. “So what do you need time off for? Am I allowed to ask?”

“Of course you are. I’m going to get my motorbike licence!” I said proudly. “I haven’t booked anything yet, I just wanted to make sure I could get the time off. Jack is going to give me a few more lessons but he reckons I’ll ace it anyway.”

“Well just let me know when it’s booked and I’ll make sure my schedule is clear.” There was a few seconds silence before he added. “Damn girl, you’re making me jealous, classic cars, motorbikes. I want to get my licence too.”

“I’m sure Cheryl would love that.” I said knowing his wife would tell him he’s being silly but probably not stop him. “I’m sure Jack would teach you if you wanted to do it.”

“Will he let me drive the Mustang too?”

“You’ll be fighting me for that!” I replied with a grin.


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