Christmas Time

“Where is my present Santa?” I asked.

“I’ve got a special present for my number one elf, why don’t you come over here and get it.”

“Oooh Santa, are you sure.”

“Yes dear, even Mrs. Claus tells me I need to look after the elves.”

We were in the store room of the local department store, Santa was on his lunch break and me, well I had nothing better to do and I had been eyeing off that hunky blonde man since I saw him put that big red suit and bushy beard on earlier that morning. Myself I was dressed in a corny elf suit with a short skirt, green tights and a red top, honestly I have no idea when female sex elves became part of the Christmas story.

“Come right here and sit on Santa’s knee young lady. Tell me what it is you want from Christmas.”

I walked up to the jolly red man and sat on his right knee, I sat side on with my arm around his neck and my green stocking clad legs between his open legs. I could almost hear his heart beat elevate.

“I don’t want much for Christmas Santa, just a smile and a good time would be more than enough.”

“It’s nice to hear it when people don’t ask for everything, they are usually the people that get their wishes.” he said as his hand touched my inner thigh.

His hand slid up my thigh slowly and gently until I felt it pushing every so slightly against my crotch.

“Oh Santa, what sort of present have you got me?”

“One that needs to be unwrapped.”

I stood up between his legs and quickly pushed the green stockings and underwear down my legs, I left the little mini skirt in place, then I sat back down.

“That’s better.” Santa said as his fingers returned to my crotch.

I opened my legs far enough for his big hand to move freely between them. His thick muscular fingers worked at my moist lips with gently stroke. Up and down, tracking small circles, and teasing my clit, then back downward until they probed my entrance.

I felt his right hand creep around my torso, I knew where it was headed I just wished there wasn’t that material covering it. When his right hand cupped my right breast and held it firmly I let out a little gasp, I wanted more.

I fidgeted around on his leg as I used my own right hand to lift my tight fitting top, whoever dressed us elves like this had no idea how had the uniforms were to get out of when you needed to do it quickly. I grabbed Santa’s right hand and pushed it into my bra clad breast.

The movement as I lifted my shirt helped Santa’s fingers explore my wetness, not that he needed direction, he was doing quite well, but they got it anyway.

“Oh Santa. I think my present has been unwrapped early.” I whispered.

“That’s ok my dear I’ll keep it warm.”

When his fingers dipped inside me I flinched, a full body flinch that saw me rise an inch or so on his leg.

Santa’s fingers went deeper, sliding inside me, wriggling inside me, sliding out, again, and again. Meanwhile up higher between the thumb and forefinger on his right hand he gently rolled my nipple and tugged on it.

The faster his fingers worked the faster my breaths became, I tried hard not to make too much noise but those thick fingers were driving me insane. I wrapped my right arm tighter around his neck and turned slightly opening my legs wider, I then grabbed Santa’s left hand and began to drive it inside me harder and faster.

My pussy was twitching as I held Santa’s fingers inside me. “Just hold them there.”

Santa did as he as asked and held his fingers deep inside me. I began to move my hips up and down slightly bouncing on his leg. I let my pussy muscles writhe against his fingers as he wriggled them inside me and I used my own right hand to rub my clit.

How I didn’t fall off Santa’s lap I don’t know but I didn’t and as my own clit rubbing became more and more vigorous my excited pussy let go. My pussy clamped onto Santa’s fingers as I came, riding them for all the were worth. The fingers of his right hand were still clamping my nipple as I came down from my high.

“Well Santa, I must say I haven’t had a present like that in a long while!”

“Santa delivers ma’am.”

As I walked towards the toilets to clean myself up and re-adjust my elf costume I thought. “Damn I have month of this hard work ahead of me. I wonder if I’ll cope!”


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