CopyCat Cafe: Dinner for Two

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Rolystone Restaurant wasn’t the fanciest restaurant in town, which suited me fine. It was the sort of place that one wore more than street clothes but less than their Sunday best. I had plenty of time when I got home so I decided to have a quick shower and wash a day of cafe off me before getting dressed. As I’ve previously stated I’m not one for fancy, I do have nice clothes but no where near the amount some women have so therefore choosing a outfit was not an ordeal.

I went with a knee length pleated dress in royal blue. It was a dress that I had received many compliments for in the past but the most important thing was that it was comfortable. Another advantage of the blue dress was that I had a comfortable pair of low heeled shoes to go with it. My simple and easily matched outfit meant that I was ready well before I needed to be it also meant that my nerves had time to twitch as I looked at the clock and realized I still had an hour until our meeting time.

“Why am I having nerves about meeting a friend for dinner?” I said to the empty house in a low voice. Then in my head in response I heard Sonya’s voice say the word “date” three times. I shook my head as if Sonya’s voice would rattle free and leave me alone but it was too late.

It’s not something I’ve had to do often, especially not in the past few years, but I suddenly needed something to calm my nerves so I headed to the kitchen with the intention of pouring myself a stiff drink. There was only a few options on the drinks front and I was considering which drink I would have when I heard my cell beep in my hand bag.

I nearly considered ignoring it in case it was Simon with another one of his annoying messages that would ruin my mood but then my mind kicked in and reminded me that it could also be Tom telling me he was running late, or worse he was cancelling the date. Sonya’s continual use of the word date was obviously getting to me.

Forgetting about my drink for a few seconds I decided I would check the message and if it was from Simon I wouldn’t read it. I was relived to pick up the phone and see that the message was not from Simon, but it was also not from Tom, it was from Tracey.

Enjoy the date Kat,
Can’t wait for the gossip!

I couldn’t help but laugh and replied with a simple smiley face then poured myself a small gin.

Although Rollies was within walking distance, like everything in town, I decided I would cab it to the restaurant purely because it was getting dark and as comfortable as the shoes I had on were they weren’t walking shoes. I didn’t think there would be a long wait for a cab and I was right, when I rang I was told I could have one at any time. I booked it for twenty minutes and waited patiently.

I arrived at Rollies ten minutes early and was pleasantly surprised to see Tom already sitting at the table waiting, he was more prompt than I was. Having told the woman at the front of house who I was dinning with and pointing at him for good measure I was ushered to my seat. Moments before we reached the table Tom stood up, walked around to my chair and pulled it out from the table for me. To say I was shocked was an understatement, I knew Tom was polite and punctual but his gentlemanly qualities were obviously another high point.

Dinner as I’ve come to expect from Rollies was wonderful, the steak was cooked just right, the vegetables not mushy and just the right amount of chips not to be too many. Tom chose a white wine to go with dinner and while I enjoyed it I had no idea what sort it was or it’s name because I don’t drink wine very often. I held off on dessert, not because I was watching my weight but because dinner had filled me more than enough.

When it came time to pay for our lovely meal Tom flatly refused to let me pay no matter how many different ways I tried to slip money too him. Again something to admire but if our relationship was going to get further than a few dinner dates he was going to have to accept me paying for something at some stage or I would lose interest.

Before we left the restaurant I invited Tom back to my place for coffee and he accepted. During the cab ride back to the house I found myself wondering just how much more date like the night was going to get. Everything that had occurred, everything we’d done felt like a date, not a full on romantic date but a date where two people wanting to get to know each other better spent time together in the hope something else would happen.

When the cab pulled up out the front of my house I quickly dug into my purse, grabbed a twenty and almost tossed it at the driver before Tom had a chance to argue, at least I got to pay for something!

Because I’d forgotten to leave the porch light on I had to fumble with my keys to open to door and at one point I actually dropped them on the step. Thankfully none of the neighbors can see my front door thanks to trees but had the been watching they might have thought I’d been out on a school night getting drunk and dragging home stray men. Of course I was far from drunk, I wasn’t even tipsy but dropping the keys, giggling and the increased volume would have given and outsider to the situation a different perspective.

Inside the house I did as promised and made Tom coffee. He actually offered to make coffee in my kitchen citing the reason that I made and sold coffee for other people all day and surely I’d appreciate it more if someone made me one. In some ways he was right, I used to hate coming home and making coffee in the early days but since I hired more staff and Sonya preferred front of house I spent more time smelling coffee than actually making it, and all smelling it did was make me want more of it. After a brief conversation about my role at work we agreed to share the responsibilities and we made coffee together.

At 11pm when Tom reminded me it was getting late and he probably should head home I was a little sad that our evening was coming to an end. It had been one of the most enjoyable evenings I had had for weeks and although I still hadn’t quite recovered from the sleepless night with Sonya and Tracey I didn’t want it to end. Reluctantly I asked Tom if he wanted me to call him a cab, he lived close but it was dark and headed towards midnight. He promised me that he didn’t need it and that by the time the taxi arrived he’s be more than half way home. I couldn’t disagree so I didn’t and when he stood up and headed for the door I did something that wasn’t planned and something I am still shocked to think I did.

As he stepped towards the door I put my hands on both his shoulders, pushed him against the wall next to the front door and planted a kiss firmly on his lips. I think he was as shocked as I was at me taking the lead like that because it took him a second or two before he responded but when he did the kiss was deep and long.

When I finally broke the kiss and stepped back I apologized for being so forward and pushing him somewhere he told me he didn’t want to go. I couldn’t believe I’d spoiled such a good night by letting my silly hormones take over my brain and tell me that kissing a guy who was not only playing a game but a guy who wasn’t sure he wanted a relationship was a good idea.

When he didn’t speak for a few seconds I honestly thought I’d ruined everything, then just as I was trying to figure out what to say next he planted his lips on mine and kissed me. The second kiss was even hotter than the first.

“Don’t go home!” I said in a quiet voice while I starred directly into his eyes.


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