Rock Hard: Sharing Rooms

Continues from here.

It’s amazing how the body and mind reacts to things and overcomes things. We’d spent five weeks on the road with our days consisting of something like waking between 9am and 11am, breakfast or whatever meal people want to call it, on the bus or truck for anything up to six hours, load in, sound check, dinner, gig, wind down, load out, then finally sleep. Yet on a single day off where we actually got to sleep in the same bed for two nights in a row, wake when our bodies wanted too and basically just relax and do as little as possible the body and mind quickly decided that should be the norm.

Although Adam, Dean and I went for breakfast before leaving New Orleans we were all lethargic and a bit lazy. However I was more tired and lazy because I’d walked nearly six miles since getting out of bed. It was like the calling of the tour bus was haunting us, maybe even teasing us because it knew that we’d have to board it and our relaxation period was over.

When we got back to the motel the gear trucks had left and the remaining guys almost seemed like they were waiting for us. We still had plenty of time given the trip to Houston would only take us a few hours but we understood the need to be on the road so we got our shit together and got ourselves on the bus.

The trip to Houston was uneventful, we stopped for a quick lunch at a truck stop and so we could stretch our legs but other than that not much happened. The boys had Slayer blasting through the bus sound system for most of the trip and several times a head banging and air guitar contest broke out. It was great to see the entire band and those crew that were in the bus getting along with each other.

When Adam and Dean got some of the books out and started going through the figures after our lunch stop I probably should have made an effort to get involved but I just couldn’t be bothered. We’d only been on the road for a few weeks but I was looking for change, not the sort of change where songs were played in a different order, those changes only happened with a full band discussion, I was just looking at changing my own portion of the act. Believe it or not my job is not that different from every other job in the world. If I do the same thing for too long I get blasé and too comfortable and that leads to mistakes. My mistakes might only be a bum note or forgotten words but I still try not to let that happen even if it’s not immediately noticeable by the crowd, changing things around helps keep things fresh.

One thing I really wanted to do was figure out a prank or silly bet I could make with Adam. Our silliness was known by everyone and that silliness was something I thought needed to come back, not just for our own fun but to bring a bit of ‘normal’ back. The problem was I couldn’t think of anything to do. I’d already gotten a kiss off Adam and made him wear my underwear, without going completely rude or crass I didn’t have any immediate ideas.

In the early days I once made a bet with Adam that I could get more than a dozen phone numbers in a single night purely by increasing my stage persona, it was a bet that I won but not very practical since Adam and I got together, but I was looking for something like that. One thing I did know was that Adam had a fear of being in front of people. He’d had it since he was a kid, even in school he did his best to avoid talking in front of the class, it was a major factor in why he’d chosen to be a sound engineer rather than in the band. Sitting in the bus as the others head banged to Slayer I decided that whatever my bet was going to be the prize was going to have Adam get on stage in front of the crowd at Austin, usually a big crowd for us, and singing a complete song. He knew the words, he was present as half of them were written, it was his fear of exposure that would have him trying hard not to lose the bet.

When we arrived in Houston mid afternoon we went straight to the motel to settle into our rooms. Adam and I still had separate room because they’d been booked that way but he dumped his gear in my room anyway.

“A little presumptuous aren’t you there buddy?” I said as his bag his the floor beside the couch in front of the TV.

“Yeah but the chick that is staying in this room is pretty darn good and I thinking she’ll be happy to share with me.”

“Is that right?” I replied. “She must be a bloody saint to put up with the likes of you.”

He grabbed me, pulled me close, kissed me and said. “She is the best.”

Honestly how could I say no?

“I’ve gotta go and help the boys load in and make sure the desk is set up properly,” Adam said after he broke the kiss. “Do you want to come with me or will I see you at soundcheck?”

“Soundcheck.” I replied thinking I might go for a quiet walk to get some exercise after being on the bus.

Adam said goodbye and headed for the door, before he made it all the way I called out to him.

“Hey you!”

“Yes?” he said turning around.

“I think it’s time you and I got back to the silly bets. I’ve missed the chance to make you do stupid things lately.”

“Oh yeah? Sounds like you’ve been thinking about this and you’ve got something you think will get the better of me.”

I smiled at him. “Maybe I have.”

“So what’s the bet?”

“I don’t care, bet on the crowd numbers, the number of encores, you make the bet you’re going to lose anyway.”

“So what do you get if I lose? The use of my body for a night?”

I laughed at him, “I get that any time I want! Look I tell you what, I’ll be kind to you, you make the bet!”

“Ok, lets keep it simple. I’ll go two encores and no more!”

“You’re on, I’ll go three.” I was as simple as any of our other silly games but I liked it and with luck the fans got a little something extra if I was able to control them well enough to scream for that third encore.

“And what do I have to do in the unlikely event that you win?” Adam asked.

“Sing one song on stage with us, on lead, in Austin tomorrow night.”

“Oh geez, I’m not sure I want that bet.”

Without giving him a chance to add anything more I said. “Fine, I win, you lose by default.”

“Nope, you’re cute but you’re not getting it that easy.” He said with a smirk and I knew he’d thought of his wager.

“So, what’s your wager?”

“I’ll tell you after soundcheck!” He said as he walked out the door shutting it behind him.

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