As I sat in the chair naked the buxom blonde dancer stood next to the silver pole asking me what I wanted. I told her to put on a show, make me smile, make me forget everything but her. There was no nod of agreement, no words, just movement. I don’t now her name but I shall call her Pixie.

Pixie’s long flowing locks with a hint of curl in them almost gleamed under the white light as she grasped the pole with her right hand and casually began walking around it. Her well rounded thighs moved side to side with every step as she did a full circuit of the pole. Watching a girl pole dance wasn’t my usual thing but when my girl friend Danny, told me I should broaden my horizons in an effort to spice up our sex life who was I to argue. Of course there was no touching, well not of Pixie, but she didn’t say anything about touching myself and with the stirring I was getting below the waist I knew some attention would have to be paid.

Anyway back to Pixie.

With her right hand on the pole she tugged gently at her blouse again no words were spoken but I nodded affirming that I wanted her top to come off. There was no time wasting as Pixie let go of the pole, undid her shirt, slipped it off and threw it towards me, it didn’t make it. The same tugging motion and nodding of my head happened with her tight leather skirt, but again when she threw it, it fell short. Where the garments landed wasn’t a concern when I was sitting there looking at those glorious 36DDD’s encased in the dark blue silk bra edged in lace and those wonderfully round hips barely wrapped in a pair of matching blue knickers. I made a mental note to buy something similar for Danny on her next birthday.

Grasping the pole again Pixie started moving, slowing and rhythmically around the pole, her entire body moving to an sound that only she could hear. She rubbed her left side against the sliver pole sliding down until her backside nearly touched the ground, then upwards to her full height, then down, then up. When she took that pole fireman style, wrapping her arms and legs around it and sliding up and down it’s length the stirring below my waist became a tingle.

How she did it I have no idea but Pixie rode that pole up and down, wrapping herself tightly around it with her legs and splaying her arms showing the shiny silver pole parting her amble bosom. When she used her hands and the strength in her arms to push her body out from the pole and seeming hang in mid air I nearly applauded her efforts, however when she spread those wonderfully long and toned legs opening herself to me my right hand suddenly became too busy to clap because it dived straight down between my legs.

Pixie might have looked excited but she didn’t appear to be at the same level of excitement as me and when my fingers slipped between my legs they slid straight into dampness. As I slid my fingers up and down parting my lips and sating the urge that Pixie was creating the pole dancing beauty once again wrapped her legs around the pole and slid herself upwards. When her head touched the roof she gently lay back dropping downward, down, down, down until her back was resting against the pole and her out stretched arms reached the floor. How she held there with just her legs I did not know but there she was in all her glory hanging upside down, her body stretched and only covered in the sheerest of material. My fingers moved to my excited clit and began rubbing as I watched her somehow slide up and down the pole. How I wished I was that pole.

Letting go of the pole with her legs Pixie gracefully arced one leg after another towards the floor until her hands and feet were flat. Arched on the floor with her legs spread and gently swinging her hips from side to side I could see the outline of her own lips through her dark blue knickers. As my fingers moved up and down I wished they were Danny’s.

Pixie stood up, walked towards the back wall and grabbed a wooden chair. She brought the chair back to the pole where she sat down, anticipation was nearly killing me as I wondered what move she was going to make next. I slid down in my own seat further relaxing into the job my fingers were doing, feeling every movement, every stroke and every tweak as my fingers seems to have a mind of their own.

Pixie lifted her right leg upwards leaning it against the pole and with her legs spread I could again see the outline on her luscious lips. I silently begged her to rub herself as I was rubbing myself but she was not reading my thoughts. Seductively she rubbed her hands up and down her right leg, along her left leg, slowly up her body, circling her breasts then back to her legs. How some one could be so seductive with a pole, a chair and just her hands was beyond me but the more she did it the more vigorous my own rubbing became. Even my breaths were becoming louder as my own rubbing got faster.

Lowering her leg back to the floor and using the pole to help her stand up Pixie then grabbed the waist band of her knickers and teased me by inching them downward slightly then pulling them back up. She did it several times before I started to cheer and beg for her to take them down, the more I begged the faster I rubbed, the more I rubbed the louder I panted, the more I panted the more Pixie seemed to tease me.

My fingers where exploring my entrance and I was just about to thrust them inwards where a voice from behind me filled the room, it was Danny.

“Alright babe, enough of that, turn the computer off, come to bed and let me finish the job she started!”

I hoped she was going to show me sympathy


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