Rock Hard: Adam’s Little Wager

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As I relaxed in our Houston motel before soundcheck I couldn’t help but wonder what Adam’s wager was going to be on our bet. I was fairly certain it wasn’t going to be something sexual, given these bets started long before we were a couple and I think we had an unspoken agreement that those sort of things wouldn’t be bet on, but I was thinking it would be something that might embarrass me. He also wouldn’t make me do something silly like do the gig half naked or dressed in his underwear as I did to him, he might ask me to wear a dress on stage which very few fans would ever have seen me in but I also doubted that because he knew the stage show was important to the band.

I knew trying to think about Adam’s wager was fairly pointless because I could never hope to read his mind when it came to embarrassing paybacks but to be honest I was thankful that was all my mind was playing with for a change. The other thing I was thinking about was how I could ramp up the bets a bit, as much as betting with the number of encores often made the performance better for the punters it was getting a little boring for me, we needed something different.

There was always the back up plan of a flavorful dinner at a fancy restaurant, but meals had been budgeted for at nearly all our stops and doubling up on our own meals were not entirely practical. Likewise trips to the movies or other such events where sitting down was part of the deal were not always practical given the hours we kept and the desire of our brains and bodies to nod off when in such a position. Money bets were also fairly pointless, it was like exchanging gift cards for Christmas, the same coin or note could go backwards and forwards forever and the incentive waned the longer it went on. No I needed an interesting bet, but why couldn’t I think of one?

Just before 5:30pm there was a knock at my door, it was Dean, he and a few of the boys we getting a ride down to the venue for sound check and wanted to know if I was ready. Although the venue was in walking distance I was happy for the ride and it only took me a few seconds to get myself ‘soundcheck’ ready.

When we walked into the venue it looked amazing, it was the first time we’d ever played Houston and the first time some of us had seen the venue, some of the experienced crew had been there with other bands. The high ceiling and different angled walls would probably play havoc with Adam’s sound until it was set up right but the decorations of ancient pillars and old Greek gods suited us down to a tee. I had no idea if the venue had just gone through a renovation or if it always looked like that way but if fitted us well.

The lighting guys had a few challenges putting up some of our lights just because of the roof height and we’d been warned about the use of pyros and how much control we needed to have over them. Jonesy, our lighting tech, had apparently argued successfully that our pyros would not cause issue and the management eventually agreed so our show would go on as planned. I walked up behind Adam who was by himself at the sound desk replacing a few stickers that told him which control knob went to with item on stage.

“Hey sexy,” I whispered in his ear from behind, “what do I have to do to get some free tickets to tonight’s show?” It was a bit of a poor taste joke given what we’d been through the last few days but Adam was by himself so no one else heard it. Of course the thought didn’t occur to me that we were the only ones in the venue, but I was only having fun not trying to fool Adam so I felt a little less silly when my mind caught up with my mouth.

“You have to go into the toilets at the back of the venue and fuck yourself!” Adam replied obviously knowing it was me.

“Hey, nice answer, we should print that on a sign at the back door.” I said with a smile. “So how’s the set up coming along?”

“For such big hall it’s pretty darn good, no doubt we’ll still have to tweak and twiddle a few knobs during soundcheck to get it perfect but if you do you’re job properly we should be okay.” Adam laughed at his little joke at the end, I didn’t, I hit him on the shoulder.

Several seconds later Dean rocked up and Adam went through a similar spiel about the sound with him. We discussed a few things for sound check which Dean and I would confirm with the rest of the band who were doing some final checks on stage and then Dean left to check his own gear.

“Hey I’ve figured out what my wager is on tonight’s bet.” Adam said as I was about to head backstage.

“I’m not hanging naked chandelier while you watch porn!” I replied stupidly.

“Well dammit I’m not betting!”

“Doesn’t make any difference what you bet anyway, I’m going to win.”

“And what makes you so sure Miss Smartybum?”

I liked his cute names for me but I responded in my usual manner. “How could anyone not want to see all this,” I waved my hands up and down my body is a silly suggestive gesture, “in three encores!”

“Well you have a point, maybe I should just give up now!” It was a statement not a question but I knew he was joking. “Although giving up now would mean you wouldn’t have the privilege of losing to me and fulfilling my bet.”

“But I already told you I’m going to win.”

“That you have, young lass,” he was all sass when he wanted to be. “However I am a gambling man and I believe I have both a chance to win and the wager that will make you wish you hadn’t gambled in the first place.”

“Oh yeah let’s have it.” I replied.

“If, sorry, when, I win, you are going to change one of the songs for the Austin gig.”

“I can’t do that without the band’s agreement.” I replied not trying to get out of the bet but reminding him how things worked.

“Nothing that drastic, it’s a change you can make without telling anyone.” I looked on somewhat confused and interested as he continued. “Your going to change the words to the song Master of my Universe.”

Master of my Universe was the third song we released as a single from our second album, it was a popular song because of it’s power and energy on stage and even a tired crowd got into the song. The song, written by Dean, was loosely based around music being our power and our guide and how the music controlled everything we did. The lyrics were not something that philosophers would study in the future to understand life of primitive man but the music really did go off on stage.

“And why would I change the lyrics? Dean might get shitty with me.”

“He’ll be laughing just like me, don’t worry.”

“So what’s this change?” I asked.

It turns out that Adam had been thinking about his bet quite a bit because it wasn’t just a little change, he wanted me to change and entire verse. He wanted me to go from;

The music is our passion
We’ll never, ever cash in
Come join us in our flight
Rock with us all the night

I did already suggest the lyrics were not something philosophers would study didn’t It? Well Adam had decided that if I was to loose the bet I would have to change the lyrics to;

This Adam is my passion
I love his hair so ashen
I love him with all my might
I’m going to ride him all the night.

I couldn’t help but laugh at him, I knew he was serious and I was actually prepared to make the bet but I had to laugh at him none the less, his hair wasn’t ashen!

“You are a crack up!” I said to him with a smile.

“So you’re not prepared to make the bet then?”


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