A Walk In The Park

Low 90’s, blue sky, not a trace of a cloud and barely a breath of wind, is it any wonder I chose to go for a walk through the park during my lunch break on such a glorious day? It wasn’t like my job was overly taxing, I was like most other office drones working for a large corporation, I turned up, did my job, did it well, then went home and for the privilege of all that at the end of the week they gave me a pay check. I didn’t dislike my job or the people I worked with but being inside all day sometimes got to me, so on a good day a wander around the lake, through the trees and back along the paths was just enough to make me want to go back and finish the day.

I honestly don’t know why I took the path which lead into the trees and up around the shallow end of the lake but when I realized I was being followed it just seemed like the logical thing to do. Sticking in the shade, staying on the path, taking the long trail which very few people took. Alright maybe to some it didn’t seem like the logical thing but to me it did because I figured like everyone else on their lunch break the person following me would take the shorter path.

Boy was I wrong.

Because the path meandered its way between the trees I couldn’t always keep an eye on what was behind me but when I did catch a glimpse the path was empty so as you can imagine it was a bit of a shock when I stopped to take a breather near one of the many drinking fountains and I was tapped on the shoulder. I did jump a little bit at the feel of the hand touching me but I didn’t jump out of my skin in fright or anything like that.

“Excuse me sir I don’t mean to interrupt your pleasant afternoon walk in the park but I was wondering if you might be able to help me with something.”

“Sure, If I can. What would you like me to help with?” I said as I turned around.

Standing behind me was a women of six foot two inches, wavy, red, shoulder length hair, white silk blouse with embroidered roses on either breast and a navy blue skirt which she was holding up to her waist showing me that the carpet really did match the curtains.

“I was meant to meet my boyfriend here for lunch but he hasn’t shown up, do you think you could fill in for him?”

“I could definitely fill something.” I said as I stepped up to the luscious looking woman standing before me. “Maybe we should step into the bushes a bit further in case your boy friend is just running a bit late.”

“Or you could just take me here.” The woman said as she pulled me towards her and started kissing me.

I guess by now you’ve worked out that our meeting in the park, the walk along the secluded path and the luscious woman desperately wanting to have sex with me was a bit of a set up, a sting, and it was! Vanessa and I had been working together for three years and dating for two years, and sex in the park during our lunch break was just one of those things we did occasionally to spice things up.

I pushed Vanessa up against the large tree she was standing next too and started to kiss her, hot and heavy on the lips. As the passion between us began to rise my right hand dived straight down and I pushed my fingers through her red thatch diving deep and deeper as we kissed. As my fingers began exploring her moist lips, rolling gently through the sweet, wet, folds of skin Vanessa’s hand pushed its way into my trousers groping for my growing dick. We kissed harder, wetter, hotter. I rubber her clit harder feeling the wetness increasing. She moved her hand inside my pants pushing harder against my rigid shaft. The passion and the thrill of a public fuck driving us onward further and faster than bedroom sex can.

When I moved my lips to Vanessa’s neck and began to kiss and nibble the sensitive flesh under her left ear I could hear her breathing pick up pace.

“Harder.” She moaned begging for my fingers to work her throbbing clit.

I obeyed her order and at the same time felt her undoing my belt buckle and my zip, then pushing my trousers and jockey shorts out of the way. As my trousers went south Vanessa wrapped her hand around my stiff cock and stroked it hard and fast. Back and fourth along the full length I felt Vanessa’s smooth hand move, her touch driving me as wild as the day we first met.

“Now!” I heard her whisper a few moments later as my fingers pushed against her entrance. “Fuck me now!”

How could I resist?

With her legs wrapped around my body, her arms wrapped around my neck and my hands holding her backside I took Vanessa as she requested up against the large tree.

There was no starting out slow and working up to a big finale it was hard, fast and hot. Driving my throbbing cock into her hot wetness, kissing her neck, hearing her pants for breath, feeling her pussy muscles move against my hard twitching dick and feeling the heated passion driving both of us closer and closer to orgasm with every pounding thrust.

When Vanessa’s moans began to get too loud I moved my mouth back to hers and began kissing her, I knew she was close, I was close, there was no way we were not going to get there together. When her grip around my neck tightened the signs were there I knew what was coming and so did she! The explosion was powerful, sensual, erotic and beyond exciting, just what we both needed to make the afternoon at work bearable!

The set up, the chase, the lead in and the risk of being caught (even though it was a low risk) were as much apart of the turn on for us as the actual act when it came to park fucking and the fact that the actual deed itself didn’t last that long was in some cases a blessing, today was one of those days. Short, sweet, hot, horny, and OMG thanks for coming!


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  1. Nice and naughty. I rather liked that they were ‘playing’ and spicing up their sex life. Sometimes that can be the hottest and best sex. Nicely written.


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