CopyCat Cafe: Chatting With The Girls

Continues from here.

“Sonya!” I said loudly with surprise after she decided that Tom and I had slept together simply because we walked to work together. She was right of course, we had slept together, but did it require such an outburst? I didn’t think so.

“Oh c’mon Kat this is news worth spreading!”

Although he wasn’t really embarrassment I could tell Tom wasn’t entirely comfortable with the way Sonya was reacting. Sure he’d put himself in this position by not leaving me at the back gate, so he was partly responsible, but he was still somewhat uncomfortable, and so was I, and I was used to Sonya’s silliness.

“It’s definitely not news worth spreading.” I said before being interrupted.

“Of course it is, it’s great news!”

I knew there was little point arguing with Sonya and in truth her gossip effort would be little more than telling Tracey, but knowing that didn’t change the reaction. I also knew that the best way of keeping Sonya from gossiping was to keep her busy and not give her time to pick up her phone. Given our late start that was going to be the easy part.

“Great news or not we need to get ourselves moving or we wont get this place open in time.” I said to Sonya and although getting her out of silly gossip mood would take more than a bit of work she was in agreement.

“Would you like any help?” Tom asked.

“No, we’re fine,” I replied. “It’s nice of you to offer but we thrive under pressure don’t we Son?”

“Sure, we live for it!”

“Alright, just thought I’d offer since I am partially responsible.” Tom said sweetly.

Although Tom hung around for a few minutes after offering to help he quickly decided it was better for him to not be there and he politely excused himself. There was no mention of a further date or even a phone call and at the time I was too busy to fret over it. I was sure at some point one of us would reach out but while I was readying the cafe for opening time was definitely not the right time.

When Francis arrived ten minutes before opening time Sonya and I hadn’t quite caught up but we were in a position to have the front door open and customers to enter. During the time we prep’ed Sonya tried a few times to get information about the date with Tom and myself and all I told her was the basics. We had a great night, we had a great dinner, we enjoyed each other’s company and that was it. I could tell Sonya wanted more but I wasn’t prepared to offer it up, especially not at work.

Given the friendship between Tom and Tracey I did wonder a few times whether he would ring her and tell her ‘the game’ had gone to a new level but each time I thought Tom was a better person than that. He might eventually talk to Tracey about our relationship but I just couldn’t see him making a brag call.

When Sonya stopped, after the morning tea rush, for her coffee she chose to drink it in the kitchen talking to me and leaving crumbs of her cake on the floor. The conversation was a bit broken by me working but we were used to that.

“So was it a good night?” She asked me.

I knew Sonya was still hanging out for intimate details but I also knew she wasn’t going to push for them once she’d had time to think. Sonya and I had been working together and been friends for so long we really could read each other and while at times we read too much it also meant that I knew that given a bit of time Sonya would change her approach to the way she talked about my date with Tom. I just had to be on my toes to pick when she changed mode and started creeping into an areas I didn’t want to fully disclose.

In the ten minutes we talked Sonya didn’t push for too many personal details and I was comfortable talking about what we did. She’s not a naive girl and she knew Tom and I had slept together and despite her really wanting to know she didn’t ask directly.

“It was nice of him to walk you to work.”

On my toes and knowing her break was nearly over so I didn’t have to keep avoiding the full details I replied with agreement then the thought hit me, I hadn’t fed Tom any breakfast. Not only did we walk out of the house without breakfast but I owned a cafe which he walked me too and I didn’t offer to make him something to eat. That’s when I swore.

“Oh shit!” Okay it was only a mild expletive but I still swore.

“What’s wrong?” Sonya said as she got up from her stool and headed toward the sink to put her dirty coffee cup down.

“I forgot to offer Simon breakfast.”

“Too busy doing something else were you?” I guess I should have expected the question but thankfully Sonya didn’t wait for an answer to it before she continued. “I’m sure he’ll get over it, but it is kind of funny to think that a person who owns a cafe didn’t even remember to offer the bloke she slept with breakfast, especially after he walked her to said cafe!”

“I’m so stupid!” I said more out of frustration that believing it.

“Relax honey, Tom wont hold it against you. I’m sure he wont even think about it. I can ring Trace and make sure if you like?”

The last part of the comment was said as she disappeared out the door to the main area of the cafe making sure I didn’t get a chance to have a go at her for it.

When it came time for my lunch break, which usually happened around 2pm when the lunch rush finished I wasn’t overly surprised to see Tracey walk through the back door of the cafe. What I was surprised at was her comment regarding Tom and I spending the night together.

“Kat, Son told me what happened, I’m so happy for you! I honestly did not expect this outcome when I set the two of you up. Well done babe!”

“How the hell did she get time to tell you, I thought I’d kept her too busy since I arrived here.” I said wondering if I heard the words ‘set the two of you up’ correctly.

“I messaged her while I was on the toilet!” I heard Sonya say as she stepped into the kitchen with an armful of dirty dishes to place on the sink.

“Relax babe! It’s ok, I’m happy for you.” Tracey said trying to make the situation easier.

“Can we just leave it alone then?” I asked knowing that probably wasn’t going to happen.

We did keep talking about Tom but I think Tracey was keeping an eye on the wall clock as much as I was because when it said I only had about five minutes of my lunch break left she moved the conversation into the future.

“So when are you and Tom going to see each other again?”

Although I’d managed to keep the conversation out of the bedroom for the most part it did go there a few times. I refused to give full details, and wasn’t sure why a lesbian couple wanted them but I did admit to having sex and that it the sex was good but that’s it. So when the conversation turned to whether it was going to happen again I wasn’t overly surprised.

“I don’t know, we haven’t made any plans.”

“But you plan too, surely?” Tracey asked.


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