Rock Hard: No One Likes A Sore Loser

Continues from here.

Although Adam cheated on his side of the bet I decided I’d go along with it, partly because I did lose but mostly because he deserved points for playing the game so well, but I didn’t tell him that. When we left the Houston venue and he was being smarmy, but a little cute, about winning the bet and I told him I was not going to hold my end of the deal because he cheated. He claimed he didn’t cheat and that if I didn’t sing his version of the song he’d make up something worse for me to do. I stood my ground in front of the entire band and crew and I think after we returned to the motel several side bets were made on what the outcome would actually be.

As much as a good roll in the bed sheets is a good relaxant after a big show, something that hasn’t happened as often as I would like, I flatly refused Adam’s advances once we were back in the motel room. To his credit he wasn’t grumpy or shitty about being knocked back for sex, he did make a few comments but there were in fun.

“If I let you off the bet will you change your mind?” He said laying on bed wearing just his denim jeans as we downed a whiskey from the minibar.

“You’re going to let me off a bet I won by default, because you cheated, if you give you sex?”

“There really is no way I can save this conversation and still look good is there?”

I could have told him that he looked good just laying there but I decided against that. KEEP THE FOCUS, MAINTAIN THE RAGE SISTERS!!

“I think it’s time you went to sleep while I still think you are worthy enough to share my bed Mr Cheater!” I said to him still not agreeing to anything.

We did the usual get ready for bed routine, you know the stuff so I wont bore you with it, and we were both laying with the lights out by 2:30am. Despite not having sex with him I did let him spoon me.

When we woke up in the morning Adam put the hard word on me again, the main difference with his morning effort is that his hand was pushing it’s way between my legs as he asked. Again I could so easily have said yes but holding out was much more fun. When I rolled away from him, shifting his hand away from my groin and removing all chance of him getting his way I thought I heard a sigh but again to his credit he didn’t make a big deal about it if he was annoyed.

As we re-packed our bags Adam said to me. “I’ve decided you don’t have to go through with the bet.”

“Because you cheated?”

“No because you were right last night, I didn’t approve it at a band meeting and I wouldn’t want others seeing me break the rules and get away with it.”

“You just want sex privileges back!” I said with a smirk

“Oh so you admit to knocking me back because you’re a sore loser?”

The smirk on his face was proof enough that he was joking, that’s why I only threw a pair of socks at him and not the TV remote or whatever else was close at hand. The socks hit him in the side of the head and although it didn’t hurt he wasn’t expecting it and the impact made him jump. He lost his balance slightly, stepped left and bashed his hip into the table.

“Oh fuck!” he said.

“Consider that pay back for the cheating!” I said through short giggles.

We arrived in Austin just after 3pm, we should have been earlier but Adam and Dean decided to go go-karting when they spotted a track within walking distance of the lunch stop we were at. I wasn’t annoyed with them for going go-karting, I was however a little annoyed they didn’t invite me, but they both knew I would have kicked their butts anyway. When we eventually worked out where they were they both made comments about not getting a chance to eat lunch and it was universally agreed by all present that they could go hungry since they didn’t invite anyone else.

Of course there was food on the bus so they didn’t go completely hungry but by the time we got to Austin they were still a little annoyed that we didn’t give them lunch. As far as the band went our late arrival wasn’t a huge deal we really didn’t need to rock up to the venue until about 5:30pm. Adam on the other hand really should have been there by the time we arrived in order to unpack his desk and set it up the way he wanted it but since it was partly his fault we were late no one really felt guilty that he’d be working harder than he should have.

“Better pull your finger out Adam.” I said as we climbed off the bus at the motel.

“And you better practice singing that song.” he replied.

“Keep dreaming!” I was defiant enough that he was believing me.

It was lucky we’d been to Austin a few times before and played the same venue because it made setting up so much easier and when we arrived for the sound check just after 5pm things were flowing so well that everything was back on time.

“Do you want to try Master’s?” I heard Adam ask through a radio microphone he kept at the desk during sound check so he could talk to us. He was of course referring to me practicing his verse for the song Master of my Universe.

We’d just finished the third song of our sound check, things were going quiet well, our previous shows in the same hall had been beneficial to our set up and Adam’s recall of setting and setups was serving us well.

“Or we could just go and get some go-karts and forget there is gig on here at all tonight!” I said into my microphone.

When Battlement took the stage for their sound check just after 6:30pm Adam met me in the band room and handed me a folded piece of paper. “Just in case you’ve forgotten the words.” he said with smirk.

I opened the paper and looked at what was written on the page knowing full well that it was his edited version of the song he wanted me to sing. “I thought I already told you that you lost the bet by default. Didn’t I say that? I’m sure I did. Were you not listening.”

“Well if you don’t do it the punishment will be worse.”

Because of my outspoken efforts to remind Adam I wouldn’t be fulfilling my end of the bet we made I figured the whole band would be on their toes when we finally played Master of my Universe in the second encore that night and I was happy with that.

“What I should have done is made you sing on stage tonight, you technically lost the bet after all.”

“I didn’t lose, you only did two encores last night!”


“Yes dear?” He was trying his cute face on me.

“You really should quit while you’re behind, especially if you ever want to have sex again.”

Strangely enough that shut Adam up.


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