Ride Hard: In The Strangest Of Places

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Ok so I’ve been waiting to tell you this story for a while, partly because it was so damn enjoyable but also because it’s so far out of the ordinary for me. (trust me there is no coincidence here.

The weekend following Jack’s wonderful performance at Murphys, I was still riding high and telling him how wonderful he was for singing Jack and Dianne as the last song of the night, Jack gave me a riding lesson. We spent most of Sunday morning on a Harley, I don’t know what model it was but I know it had Harley written on the gas tank. We went all over the place, through the city streets, the highway, the coast, even through the twisty winding roads of the forest. We stopped for lunch in a quaint little sea side town where we got to sit nearly on the oceans edge while we ate fish and chips. But it wasn’t until we got back to Jack’s workshop that things really went over the top.

Being a Sunday there was no one at the workshop and when I pulled the Harley into the workshop Jack climbed off and shut the door behind us. I put the kick stand down and the bike stood up by itself so I climbed off. As I removed the helmet Jack came up to me and kissed me on the lips.

“You are truly a natural on a bike my dear.”

“And you are a very sweet man.” I kissed him back.

We stood next to that bike kissing deeply, passionately, the right amount of tongue, the right amount of suction and a heat that was rising beyond what I should be feeling standing in a motorbike workshop.

I broke the kiss. “If we don’t stop now I might not be able to control myself,” I said.

“So, loose control.” Jack said as he pressed his lips back to mine.

As the passionate kissing started again I felt his hand caress my right breast through my open leather jacket. When he flicked open a button of my shirt and slipped his hand inside rubbing his roughish calloused hand across my lacy bra I broke the kiss again.

“We can’t do this here.” I whispered.

“Of course we can, no one is here to catch us.” His hand was still rubbing my breast even though we weren’t kissing. My nipples were becoming aroused.

I’m still not sure what got over me at that time, I’d never had sex in a place like it before but right there and then I wanted Jack so badly I was not backing away.

Our lips met again. His fingers rolled my erect nipple through the lacy fabric of my bra. I moaned quietly into his mouth then pushed my hand down the front of his pants, they were tight fitting denim but I was persistent and I soon had his cock in my hand. Jack reciprocated by removing his hand from my shirt and pushing it down my pants.

There we were in Jack’s workshop standing next to a motorbike with the engine still ticking as it cooled down and our lips were locked, our tongues entwined and our hand exploring each others pants.

“This would be so much easier without clothes. Where can we go?” I whispered into his ear.

“Right here!” Jack broke the kiss, removed his hand from my pants and began getting undressed.

I watched Jack strip, he started with his jacket and shirt which he dropped on the floor. His chest and torso looked as good as ever. When he dropped his pants and underwear to the floor my eyes moved from his chest to his toned legs and hardening member. I watched him clumsily kick his pants off over his boots, how he did it I still don’t know but I wasn’t complaining, there was a naked Jack standing in front of me.

Then in a move I never thought I’d do, I stripped naked. My jacket and shirt hit the floor just like Jack’s had moments before. I still hadn’t taken my eyes of Jack’s naked body as I unhooked my bra, slid it down my arms and dropped it on top of my shirt. My pants and under wear followed quickly. I was just about to ask Jack what we should do next, not the sexiest thing I know but in the end I didn’t have to ask.

Jack grabbed me, pushed me up against the bike until my backside was against the seat. “Lay back against the gas tank.”

I did as I was asked keeping my right foot on the floor. Jack then grabbed my left leg and lifted it up to his shoulder. I must have looked a sight, sprawled naked on a Harley, one foot on the ground, one in the air and my legs spread with Jack standing before me. The position, the lead in and the anticipation nearly as much of a turn on as the sex itself.

When Jack slowly moved forward and pushed his thick, rigid cock into me my pussy wrapped itself around him and nearly sucked him in, I was so desperate to feel his full length inside me.

I grabbed his left hand and put it on my left breast begging him to rub my nipple hard. As soon as he began moving his hips I could feel little electric shocks running through my mid section. His grip on my left leg tightened and he began thrusting harder and deeper into me, pushing my leg with his chest.

I wanted to lift my right leg from the floor and wrap it around his waist and drag his body into mine with every thrust but I didn’t dare, it was the only grounding point I had.

With my right hand I reached down and began rubbing my clitoris, I didn’t need it but my clit was begging for some attention and Jack’s hands were busy. When I pushed down a little further and let my fingers caress his shaft as it moved in and out of me he must have liked it because he moaned. With just a little bit of encouragement I took it one step further and wrapped my finger and thumb around his cock.

Jack pumped his cock inside me rubbing it through my fingers as he did so. His moaning encouraged mine, his groaning encouraged mine and before I knew it I was screaming, literally screaming, my scream was so loud we would later laugh at the fact that it was echoing in the large tin shed.

“Oh god Jack. Oh God. Fuck Me. Make me cum. FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD JACK!”

I rarely spoke that openly during sex and never screamed that loud, but it was a day of first because I’d also never been fucked on a motorbike in a big tin shed either.

We orgasmed together, both of us moaning, both of us panting and our sweaty naked bodies both tired and exhausted. I was lucky Jack was holding me because I’m sure if he wasn’t I would have fallen off the bike and collapsed on the floor.


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