Listening To You Breath

I lay there listening to you slowly breathe
Laying asleep, a single cover, you are beneath
Your eyes are closed and your breaths are deep
My night complete listening to you sleep

Your body, how I long to touch
A simple grip, a hand to clutch
Reaching out, a hand to hold
A simple wish, not too bold.

The closer I sneak, I feel your heat
Shuffle closer beneath the sheet
A quick change of angle
And our feet, they could entangle

The sheet it prints a stunning outline
Your body beneath, my perfect shrine
You lay there bathed in streaks of moonlight
There could never be a more beautiful sight

Edging closer, feel the temptation rise
First, second, third, you would be the prize
Senses heightened, nerves all a tingle
Only a few inches more and our bodies mingle

You roll away and let out a little snore
Even asleep there is so much to adore
Body heat rises from beneath the covers
A heat that rivals two steamy lovers

Breathing shallow with anticipation
You’ll never cure me of this fixation
You are the one I want forever
I’ll lay with you until the twelfth of never

How I wish you would awake
And satisfy this yearning ache
I could arouse you from your slumber
But it’s so early and I should encumber

Laying on your side I long to rub your back
Knead out your twists and pain you’ll lack
Staring aimlessly into your brown hair.
But when I finally reach out you’re not there.




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