Ride Hard: Again?

Continues from here.

There was two reason Jack and I moved from the seat of the Harley we’d just had mind boggling sex on, firstly it was not the most comfortable spot to be and secondly I needed to visit the ladies room. Despite Jack being polite and helping me off the bike when I stood up I still threw my arms around his neck and played the helpless female.

“Oh god, my legs don’t want to work. Hold me tight!”

His arms wrapped around me and pulled me against his hot sweaty body.

“I’ve got you!” he said in a low voice. I lifted my right leg and began rubbing it against his. I could feel his member rubbing against me, wet but not stiff. “Hey, I thought you needed holding up?”

“You’re doing a bang up job mister!” I said to him before kissing him on the lips.

The kiss was only a short one before I broke it and told him I really needed to visit the ladies room. The feeling in my legs had returned and I could hold my own weight but as I bent down to pick up my clothes which had been strewn on the concrete floor I wobbled a little bit. Although Jack had spent the entire time on his feet he didn’t seem as shaky as he picked up his own clothes.

Heading towards the toilets a thought occurred to me. “I hope there is no security cameras around here.”

“Well yeah there is.” his pause was long enough for me to gasp. “But don’t worry they are only on the doors. I don’t record the staff only the show room and the entry and exit points. If someone’s breaking into this place they aren’t going for a few tools, and the staff work better if they don’t think they are being watched.”

I breathed a sigh of relief, the last thing I wanted was to be thinking there was a sex tape of me that could get released, even if it was one hell of a show!

I pushed the door of the female toilets open and as I was half way through I realized Jack was following me.

“Excuse me, this is the ladies restrooms, no blokes allowed!”

“I own the place, I’m allowed to follow naked women anywhere.”

I couldn’t fault his logic, he did own the place and I was naked, so I didn’t argue. Dropping my clothes on the basin bench I ducked into a cubical an did my business, a minute or so later when I exited the toilet stall I was greeted by Jack leaning against the basin bench still naked.

“Freeballing Sunday is it? I asked as I walked toward him looking at his naked body.

“I followed a stunning broad in here a few minutes ago, you might know her. About this tall,” he lifted his hand up to my height, “ long wavy hair, great looking, the cutest smile, oh and she was stark naked.”

“Stark naked? Sounds interesting no wonder you were chasing her!” I paused. “I haven’t seen any one like that though. Since she’s not here do you reckon she’d mind if I did this?” I stepped up to Jack, placed my hand under his balls and gently rubbed them.

“Well she is the only woman allowed to do that” Jack replied.

The slightly silly role playing, fore play, (is it still fore play if you have only just finished having sex?) only lasted about twenty seconds before Jack picked me up, turned me around and lifted me up onto the basin bench.

The second time didn’t last as long as the first time, for either of us, but it was just as exhausting and tiring. By the end of it we were both panting and sweaty and I was again clung to his neck using him to hold myself up.

Out in the workshop, this time full dressed Jack asked me where I wanted to go for dinner.

“Shouldn’t I be asking that question?” I said, figuring it was at least some payment towards the motorcycle lessons he was giving me.

“Are you inviting me out for dinner?” he asked with a smirk. “I’m glad I found you in the toilets and not my girl friend, she wouldn’t have invited me to dinner.”

“Yeah well you are a bit of an upgrade from the boy friend I went in there look for too.”

“I’m so glad hanging out in women’s toilets has finally paid off!”

“So we are in agreement, we both got an upgrade,” I said thinking it was time to stop the silly talk. “So, where are we going for dinner?”

In the end we settled for the pizza place down on Second St. Fish and chips for lunch and Pizza for dinner, glad I wasn’t the kind of person that spent all their time worrying about gaining a pound or two. While I couldn’t eat pizza every day, even every week the Supreme Pizza and wine we had for dinner were pretty darn good after a long day of riding and sex.

During dinner Jack and I discussed how my riding was progressing and when he thought I’d be ready to get my license. In his opinion because of how easy getting a license was he thought I was ready to get it there and then but he did suggest he’d much prefer to give me a few more lessons before I booked myself in.

“It’s not the lessons that are going to wear me out, its the sex afterwards that’s going to kill me.” I said in a quiet voice making sure no one else could hear.

Jack laughed and said, “Well I’m sorry I don’t think I can give you any more lessons!”

“That’s okay, you said I’m good enough to get my license now anyway!”

I did end up paying for dinner, Jack tried but when we got to the cashier I was quicker on the draw than he was. Because Jack picked me up in the Mustang before heading to the workshop to pick up the bike he was also nice enough to drive me back home after dinner.

At home as we walked in the door I asked Jack if he wanted coffee, he accepted and because the night was still relatively young we sat on the couch and watched TV. I laid in Jack’s arms for nearly two hours and when the movie we were watching was finished I asked Jack if he was staying the night or going home.

“What’s for breakfast?” he answered.

“So you are going to base your extended visit on what I have to feed you for breakfast?”

“Well it’s as good as any other method.”

“Wow you really know how to put the pressure on a girl Jack Richards.” He looked at me confused. “If I pick the right thing for breakfast you stay. If I pick the wrong thing you go. I could go all out and it could still be the wrong choice. Then what if I promise the world and tomorrow I can’t deliver, you’ll never trust me again. Oh Jack you just don’t understand the pressure!”

I think I laid it on pretty thick and my thoughts were confirmed when Jack replied with. “How about I stay and we’ll worry about breakfast in the morning.”


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