Through The Window

I watched through the crack in the curtains of my bedroom. I didn’t think he was putting on a show just for me, firstly because the lights were off, both in my room and the rest of the house but secondly because I was almost certain he did not know I was watching.

I knew there was no one else living there and the thought had entered my mind that if he wasn’t putting on a show for me then he was doing it for his own reflection. But what did I care if he was a narcissist it’s not like I was planning to marry the guy, I was just watching.

I wont tell you that the guy is sex on a stick because your stick might be different to mine. I wont even tell you that the guy was a picture of perfection because such descriptions are lazy and boring. Instead, let me see if I can actually do the man justice by using real terms and then you can make up your own mind about sticks and perfection.

Going by what I could see through the window, the height the Magic Mike poster hung on the wall and the distance between his head and the light shade hanging from the roof he was six foot two, maybe six three. His hair was short with a little hint of spike on the top, kind of looked like his barber had gone for the David Beckham look with hint of Chris Helmsworth from that super guy movie last year, but this man’s hair was black.

I couldn’t see what color his eyes were, I wasn’t brave enough to get my binoculars, but his face was well defined with strong lines and structure. The look on his face as he moved was one of concentration and had his face not been framed by the short, black, well trimmed beard I’m sure there would be a chiseled, square jaw line as well.

Below the neck line he was well toned and it was obvious he’d spent many days in the gym. His shoulders were broad and both his arms and chest had a sexy bulge to them, not the kind of bulge a steroid induced wrestler might have, more like movie star. Each of his biceps had tattoos on them but I was not close enough to see the detail of them and of course there was a six pack below the chest that rippled its way down to his waist beautifully. Under the glow of the light hanging from the roof his whole body glimmered and gleamed, he had to be covered in oil of some sort, not that I was complaining but it did make me wonder if maybe there was a connection to the Magic Mike poster hanging on the wall.

I couldn’t see that much below this man’s waist because the window frame hampered my view but what I could see matched the rest of the image I have just painted. Strong, muscular upper legs and hips that swayed slowly to a music beat I could not hear. Would it have made any difference if those hips were not scantily clad in a fashionable, shiny g-string that appeared to be made of leather? Well sure it would have made some difference but lets face it some times leaving things to the imagination is better than actually seeing them.

So now I have introduced you to my neighbor, the guy I was peaking at through the curtains, let me tell you what he was doing.

I’m not sure if I missed the start where other clothes may have come off but when I first saw him he was wearing only the g-string and what appeared to be body oil and he had his hands on his hips moving them in slow clockwise circles. His head was tilted back as if he was looking at the roof but I could tell his eyes were closed.

When he locked his hands behind his head, his hips still moving, he began to turn on the spot, those gentle circular motions revealing what until that time I had not seen. It was when his back was to me I noticed the large eagle tattoo on his back, I couldn’t make out the details but it still look impressive. He stood with his back to me with his hands on his head and gently swaying his hips, was he performing for the Magic Mike poster?

Like the rest of his body his butt was well toned and glistening in the light and when removed his hands from his head and started to bend over as if touching his toes the view I received, even without binoculars, was nothing short of stunning.

The show went on for what must have been forty minutes, whether he was practicing for a show, an audition or just for the poster I don’t know but it also didn’t matter. Although he disappeared below the window frame a few times, leaving me alone with my imagination, most of the time he was in clear sight and what a sight it was.

I hadn’t seen Magic Mike but if the glistening abs, gyrating hips, toned muscles and dancing I was seeing was anything to go by it was a movie I was going to have to watch.

Not only had my neighbor’s little show excited me and kept me interested for more than half an hour but it had made me somewhat uncomfortable as I sat on the floor peaking out through the curtains. When I shuffled and tried to find a place for my numb leg to be comfortable the curtains moved more than I expected, so much so I got paranoid that I’d been caught. I ducked down and gave it a few seconds before I risked another peak through the curtains.

Surprised that I was so quickly giving in to temptation, but unable to stop myself, I peaked through the curtains. My neighbor was still dancing, his body glistening in the light, his muscles rippling as he moved, if he had seen me it wasn’t bothering him.

I focused on his hips as they circled slowly, I was sure this was the kind of dancing that in a packed club of screaming women would result in a bunch of dollar bills being stuffed down this man’s g-string. I had no hope of doing that type of thing, not from where I was sitting, but it didn’t stop me from looking.

It was as I was staring and thinking about that g-string that the man hooked the fingers of his right hand through the thin waist band. He tugged on that band twice, it was only gently but it was enough of a hint to show his intention. The third tug was stronger, the fourth stronger again but it was the fifth that did the deed.

As the waist band snapped on both sides the tiny g-string came away from his hips revealing…..


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