Rock Hard: The Accident

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“I think you owe me.” I said quietly to Adam as we lay together naked in bed, “I paid out on the bet you cheated on. You need to join us on stage tomorrow in Dallas as a show of respect!”

“Respect? But baby I do respect you, I respect you a lot.” He tuned his head and kissed me on the cheek, “see!”

“Oh yeah that’s respect.” His hand gently moved up my chest and cupped my bare right breast. “That’s not respect either.”

“Yeah but it’s fun.”

“So is this.” I wrapped my left hand around his balls as squeezed and as my grip got tighter I added. “But it still doesn’t show the respect I deserve after you cheated!”

“I didn’t cheat.” my grip tightened. “Oww!”

It wasn’t a cry of pain but given I’m not a sadistic person I stopped squeezing. “Would you like to rephrase that statement?”

Honestly we could have gone on like that all night, playful banter and general silliness was a specialty of ours especially as tiredness came over us. Sometimes the humorous things we did were not always seen the same way by others but to our tired minds it was a method of relaxation, or with the laughter it created sometimes a way to ensure we were totally exhausted.

“I’ll rephrase the statement if you let go of my balls,” Adam said to me.

“I’ll let go of your balls if you agree to sing with me tomorrow night on stage.”

“I wont agree to anything, you lost the bet.”

“At least admit you cheated.”

“No never!”

It was at that moment I realized that I wasn’t holding him tight enough because the bugger twisted out of my grip and rolled on top of me. As he came over the top of me he slipped his right arm out from under my neck and dropped his head towards mine. Instead of kissing me he nuzzled his three day growth into my neck and began kissing me below the ears. Before my hand slipped from around his balls I could feel that he was semi hard with excitement and in the mere seconds it took for him to roll over on top of me and begin to nuzzle my neck he was rock hard.

Pushing his hands under my neck, laying between my open legs and pushing down with his hips and his lips still nuzzling my neck he whispered in my ear. “Forgive me yet?”

“Is that all you’ve got?” I wriggled my hips gently against his, feeling his dick rub against my moistening lips.

“How much more do you want?”

“Do you know when to stop talking?” I asked and thankfully he did.

I was so exhausted that I knew anything that happened in the bed that night was going to be quick and that suited me, I wanted a wind down not a party. He did start out a little slow and the way he moved his hips against mine I thought he was going to take forever but when I started the sex talk, words like “make it quick” and “I want to sleep” he got the message.

Just because it was quick doesn’t mean it wasn’t satisfying and in less than ten minutes he was laying on the top of me, our sweaty bodies almost clamped together. We were both breathing fast and coming back down from a terrific orgasm.

When we woke up the following morning for breakfast at 9:04am Adam was frisky again and despite my multiple refusals to share a shower with him he still followed me into the bathroom. Honestly he was cute and his little ‘follow me puppy’ games were fun but I wanted breakfast, and I really needed a shower.

“Unless you can keep that thing under control buddy, get out of my shower!”

As I said he was cute and he does eventually get the message so when he told me he’d behave in the shower I believed him and let him in. For the next twenty minutes, I know a long shower by anyone’s standards, we did enjoy a shared shower. The two of us standing under the steaming water was a great feeling and an even better start to the day than sex, well for that day. True to his word he didn’t try anything other than washing my back and it wasn’t until I leaned in and began to kiss him that things came even close to personal.

Even though we kissed and kissed passionately for several minutes Adam didn’t try anything else, he was the perfect gentleman, the perfect naked gentleman with water streaming down his wonderfully tanned body. I’m not sure if other women get this sort of feeling but standing there naked with Adam, kissing, hugging and feeling the water run between us was at that time better than sex, it was euphoric. I really didn’t want to get out of the shower.

Of course we had to get the shower eventually and when we did it was all business. There was no stuffing around at all, we were dressed and ready to head out for breakfast in less than twenty minutes. We met Dean half way across the motel car park, I wasn’t sure if he was waiting for us or if it was just good timing but he was headed to breakfast as well.

“Good Morning young love birds.” he said as we approached each other.

“Good morning brother who didn’t get any last night.” I responded.

“Oh that’s harsh!” then directly to Adam he said, “Did you push this one out of the wrong side of the bed this morning?”

Adam knew better than to answer the question, and to his credit he didn’t. When we got into the motel restaurant there was a few stragglers left eating breakfast but most of the crew had eaten and were either packing their stuff or organising themselves to hit the road. As usual the crew trucks were hitting the road earlier than the band bus and Adam needed to get to Dallas early because he had to pick up some new cables he’d ordered back in New Orleans which had to be specially sent down from New York. That meant he had to eat quickly and Dean and I got to relax, it also meant we got to rub it in that he was in more of a hurry than we were.

Being the nice girlfriend that I am I told Adam I’d pack up his stuff from the room and get it to the bus with mine so that he had one less thing he needed to do and they couldn’t blame him for holding them up.

By the time we boarded the bus it was 11:35am, we’d cleared out of the motel about twenty minutes earlier which gave the owners time to check things over and make sure they were happy before we left. It wasn’t something we did at every motel, sometimes time constraints stopped it happening, but we’d started doing it more and more since so many dodgy motel owners had decided that demanding extra money out of bands was easy once they’d left. It was something many band managers on the road were talking about, there was even some band managers creating lists of such dodgy places and spreading it around to help bands avoid such places.

We were barely out of Austin when Dean got the call on his cell to tell him that one of the tour trucks was involved in an accident between Temple and Waco and three out of six of the occupants needed to be taken to hospital. Dean made the brief announcement to the entire bus saying he would have more news as soon as they let him know. Of course the entire bus was in shock but when Dean finished talking then came straight to my seat and sat next to me I knew he had something else to tell me, but was it superficial?


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