Ride Hard: Another Hard Day At Work

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“Was that you we saw on the bike yesterday?” Bill said to me after greeting me in the office the following morning.

“Depends where it was you saw us.” I replied. I hadn’t seen Bill anywhere in our travels but that didn’t mean much, he could have been any where.

“Out on the highway headed south.”

Well that would have made it a bit more difficult, the highway wasn’t bumper to bumper but like any highway it had cars on it.

“Also depends what time you saw us?”

“It would have been before lunch.”

“What was I wearing?”

“A black leather jacket.”

“Did I look like I was having fun?”


“Did I look like I was having fun on the bike?”

“I don’t know I didn’t get that much of a look, I just saw you in passing.”

“Oh then it wasn’t me!”

“What? Of course it was…” the penny finally dropped. “Oh. So it’s going to be one of THOSE weeks is it?”

I couldn’t help myself, I laughed and laughed heartedly at Bill’s reaction. “I’m sorry Bill, I couldn’t resist.”

I wasn’t back peddling I was actually having fun and Bill’s reference to ‘one of those weeks’ was my encouragement. Often when Bill and I had these silly little interactions on a Monday morning the rest of the week was great as well. It wasn’t something I tried every Monday but what’s work without some fun.

“I believe I could resist paying you this week.” Bill replied in a come back that was a bit below his usual.

“Except for the fact that I do the payroll.”

“You really do have all the answers don’t you!”

I knew it wasn’t a question but I answered it anyway. “That’s why you pay me, it saves you thinking of the answers yourself.”

“For someone with all the answers you aren’t very forth coming with them.”

“It’s Monday morning I can’t be expected to do everything so early in the week.” Obviously I couldn’t be expected to do my work either because this conversation was going on longer than usual.

“Ok. Can we be serious for just a minute?”

“Which minute?” I smiled then added. “Of course we can Bill, what’s up?”

He took a deep breath and with a serious look on his face said, “If you have all the answers why haven’t you answered the question I asked when I walked in the bloody door?”

I didn’t even think of the answer I just blurted out. “I did answer it, that’s how we worked out that I have all the answers.”

“Oh man!” Bill sighed and began walking away. “I think I’m going to go home and come back tomorrow.”

“I’ll still be here!” I replied with a huge smile.

“I’m going to retire!” Bill said walking into his office.

Between pauses, laughs and breaths that silly little conversation wasted nearly 10 minutes. I was glad Bill was in such a good mood but I did feel a little bit silly and just a wee bit guilty that his simple opening question was not answered. I got up from my desk and went into his office to answer his question.

“I don’t recall seeing you yesterday but chances are it was us that you saw. Jack was giving me a few lessons so I can get my license.”

“How’s it going?” Bill asked being serious and not choosing the silly path like our last conversation.

“He says I’m a natural, but I’m not so sure.”

We spent the next twenty minutes talking about my motorcycle lessons. I assured him that I was confident enough in riding but still had things to learn and that Jack’s opinion may have been just a little bit bias.

“From what I know of the guy he’s not someone who lies to protect people.”

“No I guess not.” I said wondering what he was talking about.

Bill went on the suggest that Jack wasn’t the sort of person who would be telling me my skills and talents on a bike were above the level they were. He was a responsible person and wouldn’t want to see me on a bike by myself without the right skill set. I confirmed his thoughts by telling him that Jack had suggested my skills were good enough to get my license but there was still things he’d like to teach me

“I knew the guy had good common sense.” he paused, “I honestly never saw you on a bike. If I’d been asked 12 months ago whether you’d be riding a motorbike I’d have said there is a better chance of you climbing Mount Everest.”

“We do that next month!” I said with a smile. Thinking about it later I would agree with Bill’s assessment of Jack. I guess I knew it all along and nearly admitted it to myself the day before but hearing Bill say it I guess reassured my mind.

Our conversation about bikes and bike lessons as well as what Bill got up over his weekend carried on for nearly 20 minutes and before we both knew it we were well over half an hour into our working day and neither of us had done anything. It was some what of a miracle that in the time we spoke the phone didn’t ring as well, maybe every boss in the country was having a chat with his or her staff.

Just after lunch my cell phone rang, it was in my hand bag and it took me a few seconds to retrieve it but when I did I saw Jack’s number on the screen.

“Hi Dianne, it’s me.”

“Hi me, this is Me too!”

“Me Two or Me as well?” Jack came back with

“There is no well.”

“I think I better ring back, there seems to be something wrong with this line.”

“Awe, nah, don’t do that. I’m just being silly. Seems to be a day for it, Bill and I had a similarly silly conversation this morning.”

“Do I want to know?”

Whether he wanted, or needed to know, I gave Jack a run down of Silly Conversation Monday, it was definitely an abridged version and but I guess it gave him a bit of context as to why I answered his call like I did.

“So what can I do for you?” I asked after the explanation of silliness.

“I nearly forgot there was a reason for ringing up it’s been that long!” he replied before adding. “I’ve got to head out of town tonight and wondered if you wanted to come with us?”

“Us? What’s up.”

Jack told me one of his good and long time clients who lived up state was having trouble with one of the bikes he’d been sold and Jack and Henry, his lead mechanic, were headed up there to fix it. Although it didn’t happen often I knew Jack could be called away at the drop of a hat, it was all part of the service he offered, especially to good customers. Jack did admit that the overnight trip invite was more of a courtesy invite than anything else because he didn’t think I’d be able to take the time off work but it was still nice of him to offer.

“Guess I’ll be cooking dinner for myself tonight then?” I said a little but disappointed but accepting that Jack’s business was also important.

Jack signed off the call telling me he’d miss me and that he’d call me later that night to let me know how things were progressing. I thanked him and jokingly told him that he owed me for leaving me in the lurch at such short notice. He neither agreed or disagreed.



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