An Expression

An Expression

A single kiss
Heavenly bliss
Tongues dancing
Love struck glancing
Face to face
Lip locked embrace

Driven wild
Completely beguiled
Sexual drive
Love will thrive
Magnetic attraction
Driving passion

Fingers roaming
Quiet moaning
Sensual touches
Blood rushes
Breathing heavy
I am ready

Together we huddle
So close we cuddle
Skin to skin
Lustful sin
Bodies entwined
Bump and grind

Burning fire
My desire
Thrust after thrust
Driven by lust
Drive it harder
Take me farther

I wont be slowed
Make me explode
Sated craving
Passion blazing
Exploding climax
Now to relax

Catching breath
Feeling fresh
Now it’s over
Give me closure
Hold me tight
Until daylight


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