CopyCat Cafe: Rack ‘Em Up

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Although he probably didn’t expect it I waited for Tom to return and allowed him to open the doors to the pool room, it was his house and I just felt it was the polite thing to do. As we walked in I was greeted with a full size slate pool table, I may not have been a expert in the halls when I was younger but I knew enough to pick a decent table when I saw one.

“I bought it because I liked the game and a few of our friends at the time liked it. It doesn’t get that much use these days because I don’t entertain much, kind of lost touch with people after Anna’s death.” he paused as if he wasn’t sure what to say next.

I stepped into the conversation to try and ease things over. “It’s a really lovely table, I haven’t seen one like it in a long time.”

Tom placed the unopened beer bottles on the bar and began organizing the cues and balls for our game while I looked around the room. The full size pool table did take up the majority of the room and was centrally located, there was more than enough room on all sides of the table to swing a cue without hitting anything. If I’d been asked whether the house was big enough for a room of this size when I was standing outside I would have said no, but here it was. The walls had several framed movie posters adorning it, posters I thought I would later ask Tom about given that a few of them were movies I liked.

There was a medium size bar at the end of the room towards the front of the house, it didn’t look to be a well stocked bar, more of a structure added to the house and forgotten, there was no beer taps but there was a few bottles of spirits and a large Jack Daniels mirror on the wall. At the opposite end of the room there was a large screen TV mounted to the wall and a computer type unit, which I would later find out was an entertainment computer filled with music and videos which Tom had planned would be part of the full entertainment package for his pool room. There was also a few stools and chairs around the room and a couch against one wall. All in all it was a decent pool room and one I’m sure would make for excellent entertaining.

“Snooker or pool?” Tom asked after opening the cabinet next to the pool cue rack.

“Pool’s quick and easy and we don’t have to score.” I replied.

Tom racked up the balls as I opened my beer and took a swing.

“Ladies first,” he said placing the white ball on the table.

While he returned to the bar and opened his own beer I placed the white ball, lined up my shot and broke the balls. Pool balls shot off in every direction bouncing off cushions and each other. I watched as three balls neared pockets then smiled as the red three dropped into the pocket next to me.

“Nice break!” Tom called from the stool.

“Thanks, let’s hope the luck keeps up.”

For the next twenty minutes we bounced balls around the table, sitting down between shots, drinking beer and talking. During our conversation Tom told me a little more about his ex wife, not surprisingly he still loved her and was still saddened by her death. I could relate a little bit, despite being divorced I was saddened by my ex husbands death, although I still think to this day my sadness had more to do with how the divorce effected our daughter than anything else.

I also found out that Tom had a small group of friends, Tracey and Sonya included. Although he spent some time with these friends he often felt uncomfortable around them since Anna had died, he was sure it was all his feelings and nothing with the other couples but he always seemed to feel like a third wheel and it made him uncomfortable. I wanted to tell him that I’d be happy to meet his friends and we could be a third wheel together, especially given how few really close friends I had but I figured the time wasn’t exactly right.

I also found out that Tom, like most of us, had parents. Unlike mine both of Tom’s parents were alive and well but they lived in Hawaii and he rarely saw them thanks to their relaxed and retired lifestyle and their reluctance to return to a place where the weather actually changes.

After the second game of pool, I let Tom win one game on his own table, something came over me, I’m not sure what it was but the urge to kiss Tom grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.

“Another game? It’s only 10pm.” Tom said after I sunk the eight ball.

“I’d rather do something else.” I said as I grabbed Tom and pushed him up against the pool table and kissed him on the lips.

There was no tongue but the kiss was deep and passionate and just as I was thinking how much more I wanted when Tom dropped his pool cue on the floor, it clattered against the legs of the table before hitting the carpet. He grabbed me by the arms and turned me around so I was against the table.

I felt his hand gently slide up from my waist to my arms pits, then I felt my feet come of the floor as he lifted me up onto the pool table. As my butt hit the felt surface of the table his hands dropped to my legs and I felt him pushing my skirt up towards my waist. Our lips were dancing together, wet, passionate and hot as his fingers reached the waistband of my underwear. I could feel him sliding my underwear off, I shifted my backside to make it easier for him. Then he broke the kiss.

In a matter of moments his lips went from my mouth to my crotch, I barely had time to think about it before it was happening. The thought of him going down on his pristine pool table excited me, I have no idea why but it did. I opened my legs wider and felt his tongue gently circling my clit, his lips gently rubbing against mine and his head gently rubbing against my inner thighs.

“Oh Tom!” I moaned quietly.

He traced his tongue up and down my lips, driving me wild with his touch. When his finger tips touched the entrance to my pussy I groaned and begged him to enter me. I’m not usually one that goes for penetration so quickly preferring the slow burn but sitting on the pool table with Tom’s tongue working it’s way slowly up and down my lips there was nothing I wanted more.

“Yes. Oh please!”

I don’t know if he read my mind or understood my moans either way when he slid two fingers inside my wet pussy I moaned loudly and nearly orgasmed instantly. God his fingers felt good inside me!

I leaned back on my left arm, lifted my right foot up on the edge of the pool table and put my right hand on Tom’s head. Although I’m sure he didn’t need any help I used my hand to guide his tongue where I wanted it, the hottest most sensitive parts of my crotch. His two fingers moved independently inside me and as each one touched close to my g-spot my pussy muscles twitched, several times I tried to clamp them inside me and hold him where I wanted.

When his lips clamped around my clitoris gently and his tongue flicked backwards and forwards I was moaning loudly. When he began thrusting his two fingers in and out of me I tried to meet his thrusts and when he finally had me on the verge of orgasm and I knew there was no turning back I let myself go.

My screams of pleasure filled the pool room as my body twitched and writhed. I held his head against me, moved my hips against him and contracted my pussy muscles against his fingers trying to hold them inside me. Even as my breaths became easier and my heart rate lowered Tom’s tongue was still lapping it’s way around my wetness.

A few moments later Tom lifted his head and looked me in the eyes, not one for small talk I simple put either hand on his cheek, pulled his face towards mine and kissed him hard and passionately on the lips.

Breaking the kiss after only a few seconds I whispered. “Want to take me to the bedroom?”

“No!” came his reply.


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