Rock Hard: Hospitals Have Patients Christie Doesn’t.

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Waiting patiently and quietly is not something I do well, especially not at a hospital when someone I know is in an unknown condition, I need a cacophony of sound to settle my mind. But even I knew it was what I had to do. There was three of our band crew in behind those swinging doors and we had no real news about any of them. Of course I was worried about Mark and Sammy, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t desperate for news about Adam.

Bob, our tour manager, had taken over, he had a better way with words than any of us did and as a manager he was able to de-personalize things easier than most of us. At one point I did hear Bob’s voice raise slightly as he tried to explain that in lieu of anyone else we were the ‘family’ but to his credit he didn’t loose it and eventually after nearly twenty minutes he was able to give us some news.

As it turns out Mark was not that injured, he had suffered a bit of concussion because at the time of the accident he was bending down to get something off the floor of the truck and the sudden stop saw his head collide with the dashboard. The main reason for his trip to hospital was because they couldn’t bring him around and the paramedics were worried about his head not whether he was alive.

Sammy was a bit different, as driver of the truck he not only had to try his best to keep control of the truck before and after the collision he saw the entire thing unfold. He did try to take some evasive action but with the size of the truck and the speed it all happened there was little he could do. The initial impact had been directly under his feet, as I said earlier if it had been an SUV or truck it could well have been an accident where legs were lost but it was a low slung aerodynamic sports car, small mercies!

While secondary points of impact were only milliseconds after the first Sammy still copped the brunt of what happened and because of the buckling of steel and framework he ended up with cuts on his arms and legs from the shattered glass, he also had bruising from his seat belt but thankfully he was wearing one. When they got him out of the cabin of the truck his wounds were bleeding profusely and the paramedics were having trouble stopping the flow so he was sent directly to the hospital without question and was the first to arrive.

From what Bob was able to find out they had stopped the bleeding and they were patching him up. He’d lost a lot of blood on scene and on the way to the hospital and while he wasn’t in a life threatening position they were monitoring him to make sure he didn’t go into shock.

So what about Adam? I guess you are thinking I was keeping his situation until last to build some tension and keep things going but the truth is I’m telling things as they happened. As I’ve stated we are a family on the road and Adam’s condition did not warrant being told first because he and I was an item. That being said I was hanging off Bob’s every word begging him to get to Adam’s condition.

When the accident happened Adam was sitting in the middle seat of the front row and because it was an older Japanese manufactured truck it only had a lap belt, not dangerous but probably not up to the standards of vehicles manufactured today. When the accident happened the sudden jolt forward had pushed the belt into his stomach and forced him to double over. He did hit his head on the dashboard he went over that far but apart from a small cut there was no real head trauma.

Adam’s problems were all around the stomach, the belt and the forced forward movement meant his stomach was squashed. When the paramedics got him out of the truck he was able to walk but he had massive stomach cramps and bruising where the belt had pushed into his skin. Again the paramedics didn’t think there was anything life threatening with his situation but they weren’t talking any chances and they sent him to hospital for scans.

Part of the reason Adam’s news was last was because he was still in getting his scans. From what Bob was told the doctors who’d seen him were fairly confident he was only suffering from seat belt related injuries and there was nothing serious but they would know more when the scans were over.

So all in all despite the horrific accident scene our guys had got out of it relatively well, there was no life threatening issues and apart from not knowing Adam’s full diagnosis it appeared all three of them would be released from hospital within hours of being admitted.

While the news was good I don’t mind admitting that the thirty five minutes I had to wait for Adam to return from all the scans and tests was still a very tense time, I felt a lot better than I did before arriving at the hospital but there was still a large amount of unknown sitting on my nerves. By the time I was told I could see Adam I’d already had a quick visit with Mark and Sammy and they were in good spirits and a bit of pain, but they had been told they could get out within the hour.

Heading to Adam’s bed I was surprised that I didn’t get told off for running through the hospital I was walking so fast. As I stepped through the curtains I didn’t hesitate I walked straight up him bent over and kissed him on the lips.

“I’m so glad you’re okay!” I said before adding, “You are okay aren’t you?”

“The doctors didn’t tell you?” he said.

“Yeah right, we couldn’t get anything out of anyone until Bob took over. Then we got little bits of information. It’s all good now Mark and Sammy are going to be released soon but all we got about you was they thought you were ok but you were getting scans done.”

“Well I guess that was pretty close to the truth!” Adam replied.

“So what did the scans say?” I asked anxiously.

“Nothing, the scans can’t talk!” he replied, then laughed, then held his stomach. “Oh shit! I shouldn’t be so funny. Fuck that hurts!”

I laughed but I think I was laughing at Adam not the comment. “Maybe you should be serious and tell me the results.”

“It’s ok I guess,” his laughing had ceased and he had a serious look on his face, I knew he was about to add something else. “They need to amputate.”

“WHAT! Amputate? Amputate what? What are you talking about?” my voice was full of concern.

“Yeah they said it’s a last resort but it will make things so much easier.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“They are just going to chop my head off at the neck, apparently it will make me more human!”

“You BASTARD!” I growled at him. I almost felt like punching him the sore stomach but as he was laughing again and I could see the pain was really making life difficult I let him get away with it, but made a mental note to remember to get my payback.


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