CopyCat Cafe: Waking Up Together

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So in my days haunting the pool halls I might have had the odd guy push me up against a pool table and kiss me, I might even have had the odd guy go a little bit further and put his hand up my skirt and there MIGHT have even been a time where I had a guy go a little further but I’d never had a guy go down on my whilst sitting on a pool table and I definitely never had sex on one, but that changed with Tom.

Some people, me included until that night, might think a pool table would be an uncomfortable place for sex but while Tom was going down on me being uncomfortable was definitely not on my mind. When his tongue brought me to orgasm I still wasn’t thinking about comfort and when he refused my offer to take me to the bedroom in favor of taking me right there and then comfort again wasn’t in my thoughts, having him inside me was.

Sitting on the edge of the table Tom entered me with his stiff cock. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and dragged him closer to me. At first I wouldn’t let him thrust, I wanted him inside me and I wanted to hold him there just for a few seconds to feel his body clamped to mine. When I released the tight grip he pulled his hips back sliding himself out of my wet pussy. I moaned, gripped his hips and pulled him back into me, we repeated the movement, each time my legs pulled him into me harder until our groins met.

When it came time to use the table to it’s full benefit it was an unspoken agreement, one of those times where two brains are so in tune they just work together. As I shuffled backwards, laid back, shifted awkwardly as the white ball got caught under my shoulder and put my head down on the padded side cushion Tom climbed onto the table and between my legs.

The sex was hard, hot and passionate as he drove himself inside me time and time again. When I begged for him to slow down he obeyed. When I told him to kiss my neck he obeyed and when he brought me so close to my second orgasm that I knew I couldn’t turn back I screamed for him to come with me, he obeyed again. Thrusting hard and deep he came inside me, shooting his warm wet seed into me as we both moaned with passion. He continued thrusting into me slower and softer until he was finished by which time my breaths were so rapid I thought my heart would explode.

We lay together on his pool table. I was still fully clothed, sans underwear which were on the floor, my skirt was the only thing protecting Tom’s pool table from what we’d been doing, but he didn’t seem to care as he lay there kissing my neck and panting quietly.

“Maybe we should go to the bedroom now!” he said through short pants.

“I’m not sure I can walk after that.” I said still short of breath myself.

“I could carry you.”

I kissed him on the cheek and whispered, “You are a sweet man.”

We eventually made it to the bedroom, it was a part of the house that wasn’t included in the earlier tour but it didn’t matter I didn’t need a tour of any more than one room. I was surprised, as much at myself as I was at him, when it came to the third round. It might have been quicker than the previous two orgasms but by the time Tom rocked me to number three I was sure I couldn’t go on any longer anyway, in fact I was almost certain I would run out of breath if he did try.

“Would you like to stay the night?” he asked kind of sheepishly as we lay beside each other.

“That’s a bit presumptuous of you isn’t it?” I asked jokingly.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I just thought…”

I stopped Tom there, I didn’t realize he wouldn’t take my comment as a joke so I backtracked. “No I’m sorry, I was just making a silly nervous joke. My bad. Honestly I’d love to stay the night.”

“You’re obviously not dressed for work so I can drive you home first thing in the morning if you like. Just name the time I’m an early riser anyway.”

‘I certainly hope so,’ I thought wondering if my breath would come back by morning.

Of course my breath did come back by morning (as did my gratitude for Tom) but in the shower before breakfast we made every attempt to change that.

When I woke up laying next to Tom and listening to his sexy sleep breathing in the early morning darkness I had every intention of getting home in time for a quick shower and change before heading to work, but when Tom asked me to join him in the shower things changed. Well he didn’t really ask as much as I followed him in there and since we were already both naked I saw no reason not to offer to wash his back for him.

For a second time I got to watch Tom work in the kitchen as he cooked me breakfast. If I was forced to I would admit that bacon and beans is not a favorite of mine but for some reason when Tom cooked it, while walking around topless in the kitchen, it tasted so much better than I’d ever had before, in fact after one tasting I was nearly prepared to say it was my new favorite breakfast.

After breakfast Tom remained true to his word and drove me home. Two streets from home as we turned left into Sander Street I saw Simon walking along the road.

“Fuck.” I said under my breath and although I don’t think it was audible Tom must have heard me expelling breath and asked what was wrong. “Nothing,” I said turning my head away from the window hoping Simon didn’t see me. “Just remembered I need to be at work early because Sonya is having the morning off.”

It wasn’t a complete lie Sonya had organized to have the morning off in lieu of the day she didn’t get the week before but I wasn’t going to tell Tom the real reason for my exclamation. Tom didn’t push the conversation and within a minute we were parked in my driveway. Tom had offered to drive me to work as well as to home so I invited him in while I went to get changed and get my work stuff.

As we were entering the house the thought occurred to me that Simon could, or more likely would, be walking past my house and he’d see Tom’s car in the driveway. Whether he’d saw me in the car or not he’d know the car in my driveway wasn’t mine. Before the lock was unlocked and the door open I’d decided I didn’t care what Simon thought. By the time we were both inside the house a part of me was even hoping that Simon did have the audacity to walk past. However I don’t know if he did or didn’t because by the time Tom and I were back in the car Simon was not in sight and we didn’t see him all the way to work.


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