Rock Hard: Leaving Hospital

Continues from here.

So my wonderful, caring and thoughtful boyfriend, the guy who I spent several hours worrying about after our band truck had an accident on the way the Dallas, decided it was a good idea to lead me on with fake news about the scans he’d been having. Looking back on the conversation now I can see it was a pretty damn lame attempt at sucking me in and I should have picked up on things like the facial expressions and the way he spoke, but I was too bloody emotional from worry.

The truth was he was going to be fine, the ouchies that he was having (don’t tell him I called them ouchies he gets a bit temperamental when I make light of what he went through) were a result of the lap belt and the force of the accident but they hadn’t caused any major damage and he would heal. In fact the doctors were that convinced that he was okay they didn’t give him anything stronger than standard pain meds that we kept in the first aid kits.

Don’t get me wrong he was in pain and the scans were needed to make sure that there was nothing major with what the paramedics couldn’t see but he wasn’t in the life or death situation that I’d put him in on the way to the hospital. In my defense lack of news put me in that position, again don’t get me wrong I don’t blame the hospital staff for that lack of information but lets face it sometimes we can all try a little harder in our jobs, especially when emotions and people are involved.

Anyway back to the interesting stuff. Adam was told to take it easy and relax where he could for the next few days but he didn’t require any further treatment or medical interaction unless the pain didn’t go away.

“Take it easy? We’ve got gigs to put on.” he told the doctor.

“What instrument do you play? Could you maybe sit down on stage, just for a few days?”

“Oh doctor don’t be silly, he can’t play an instrument or sing, that’s why we put him on the desk.” I replied, the doctor obviously mistook the statement to mean he worked an actual desk doing paperwork or the like.

“Well that’s okay, pen pushing and shuffling paper is an important task too, you’ll be fine, just it easy!”

I laughed, Adam tried to interject and set the story straight but he didn’t get a chance before the doctor spoke again, to tell us he was free to leave whenever he liked, he then left us.

“Guess I’ll have to take on more of a supervisory role for the next few days, watch the guys do the set up and just give orders!” He said as he rolled into the sitting position in obvious pain.

“So do exactly what you’ve been doing for the last few years!” I said with a smile.

“Dammit Chris I just went through a traumatic experience. How long do you intend to kick a man while he’s down?”

“Only ‘till he gets up!” I replied with a smile. “Come on precious,” I said putting my arm around his shoulders, “let’s get out of here!”

“So what’s happening with the gig tonight?” Adam asked as we walked through the hospital to meet up with the rest of the band.

“Aren’t you suppose to be resting?”

“Yeah but we still have shows to organize.” he replied.

Before we got out into the waiting room I filled him in on the state of play. He did ask how we managed to postpone a gig until the following day given the logistics of event management and all I could tell him was that Bob handled everything, which is pretty much what we paid to guy to do.

When we got out into the waiting area the entire band and crew were waiting for us. Mark and Sammy had been released and although they too were a little sore they were in good spirits. Who knows what anyone else in that waiting room though, not that there was room for too many other people, of the bunch of long hair guys dressed in black shirts and leather jackets but they were all well behaved so complaints should not have surfaced.

After a bit of a group hug and some high fives we all poured out of the hospital and headed for the tour bus. We made room for the ‘invalids’ on the bus, and within ten minutes of evacuating the hospital both the remaining tour truck and the bus were leaving the car park.

It wasn’t long into the trip to Dallas that Adam started to feel uncomfortable sitting upright and had to lie down on one of the bench seats but he insisted he was okay. I sat with him most of the way and only getting up a few times to talk to the other guys and make sure they were feeling okay. When we finally arrived in Dallas the owners of the motel were pissed off that we arrived so late, they had organised parking for the bus only and not the truck and despite the original booking being for two trucks it was still all our fault. Things were still our fault when Bob asked them if we could stay a second night because of our change of plans.

We understood that changes for an entire band and crew were not easy sometimes, we also understood that the motel had other bookings but because of the time of year they were not that busy, Bob promised them that we’d even pay to shift any inconvenienced accommodation seekers to other motels just to keep the band together in the one place. But it wasn’t until Bob agreed to pay the owners a ‘inconvenience fee’ of $2000.00, under the counter of course, on top of the other generous offers that they agreed to help us out. It sucks but sometimes it’s easier to give in and fight the battle another day.

Because his sound desk was in the damaged truck Adam really wanted to get down and inspect the damage but I refused to let him go, the boys that had gone off to do the inspection and change over trucks were more than capable of doing the job. The road cases were strong, they were made to protect the gear inside them and while we might find the odd gremlin lurking next time we set the gear up if the road cases were in tact there was a good chance the gear would be too.

Doing as the doctor ordered, under sufferance, Adam laid down in our room instead of going with the boys to unload the truck but there was no stopping him when the new truck arrived at the motel with the gear in it. He was still hobbling a bit and using me as a crutch, which I didn’t mind, as he made his way out to the truck but there was no way I was going to stop him. Thankfully the pushy bugger didn’t insist they unpack the truck for him but he did ask lots of questions. In the end I think the boys managed to satisfy his mind a little bit but I knew it wouldn’t be fully sated until he could set up the gear and test it for himself. I made a mental note to ask Bob if he could get us into the venue early so we could have a bit more time with sound check to make sure the gear was okay. Given that we were able to re-book the venue so easily I didn’t think it would be an issue.

After Adam’s mind was put to rest over the gear I escorted him back to the room like the pampered pet that he was!… but not in a ghoulish way


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