Rock Hard: One Track Mind

Continues from here.

Talk about a one track mind, despite Adam’s pain easing by 9:30pm when we settled down back in the motel after dinner he was still trying to get his leg over for a bit of dancing.

“C’mon Chris, we have a night off, would be a pity to waste it!” he said while trying to make cute puppy dog eyes at me.

“Don’t you understand the concept of a night off?” I asked.

“I understand the concept of getting off!”

Honestly if he wasn’t so cute and I didn’t know he was just being a bit of a joker I’d have probably punched him in the nose.

“Didn’t the doctor tell you that you need rest?” I asked.

“I have rested and now I feel better, so much better that I’m ready for a bit of hanky panky!”

I took a swing at Adam’s stomach, not trying to hit him just trying to make him flinch and remind him how sore he was. Of course it worked he pulled away by bending at the hips a moving his stomach backwards away from my hand. He didn’t move far but it was enough for him to groan and swear.

“Ah fuck!” He said pulling back.

“Feeling better are we?” I asked with a smile.

“That was unfair.”

“No it wasn’t, I was proving that you are still in pain.”

“Yeah, when someone tries to punch me. Doesn’t mean I can’t have sex!” He replied continuing his optimistic outlook.

So being the people pleaser I am I eventually gave in, but I didn’t let Adam think I was surrendering, I made him work a bit harder for it. I knew he was feeling better and that the pain was subsiding but I still didn’t want to make things worse so I decided a different location was the key to a good time.

I was coming out of the bathroom about ten minutes after the fake punch, Adam was standing with his back to me at the table flicking through one of those brochures that motels leave in the room to advertise local attractions. I don’t think he was looking for something to do the following day but he did look a bit like a conventional tourist standing there in his faded jeans and Hawaiian shirt.

I walked up behind him, he was either ignoring my return or he hadn’t heard me, I put my arms around his torso, stood on tip toes and then leaned forward to kiss his neck. He said nothing as I gently kissed him just below his right ear and he tilted his head back. The ball was obviously mine to roll with so I did.

I slid my hand down over his stomach, undid the button of his jeans and pushed my hand down into his pants.

“Someone’s waking up!” I said breaking the contact between my lips and his neck.

“I told you things are okay!”

Adam turned around slowly ensuring my hand stayed where it was gently rubbing his cock as it grew. Our lips locked and we kissed. As our lips moved together I felt his tongue enter my mouth and begin to mingle with my own. Moments later I felt his right hand cup my left breast through my shirt. Instead of enjoying his hand rubbing my nipple through the fabric of my shirt and bra I took his hand in mine and lowered it towards my waist. From there he didn’t need encouragement his hand slipped it’s way into my pants and didn’t stop until he was gently caressing my love button. We stood like that in the middle of the room kissing and fondling each other to arousal for what felt like hours, but obviously wasn’t.

Pulling away and breaking all contact with him I began to get undressed, Adam followed suit. When we were both completely naked I sat on the table, reached out to him and pulled him closer. With my arms around his neck our lips met again and our passionate kiss resumed. I felt him rubbing himself against my wet labia, moving his rigid tool against me driving me insane. I broke the kiss and spoke quietly into his mouth.

“Fuck me!” our kissing resumed and he continued to tease my waiting pussy by rubbing himself from my clitoris to my entrance. While the teasing was driving me wild increasing my heart rate I wanted more so I broke the kiss again. “Please Adam, oh please!”

I felt the head of his hard cock gently pushing against my entrance, I wanted desperately to wrap my legs around him and pull him too me but I was being cautious of his stomach. He moved his hips sliding just the tip of himself in and out of my pussy. I begged for more.

Slowly but surely he pushed himself further into me, one thrust after another until our crotches were touching. I moaned into his mouth feeling every inch and savoring it. He started with a slow rhythm driving himself deep then dragging himself out all the way to the tip then repeating the deep thrusting movement. Every few thrusts he’d move his hips in a slightly different movement allowing his stiffness to touch a different nerve , then when he moved his lips to my neck my breaths became pants.

“Oh Jesus Adam! Oh god that feels good.” It wasn’t just encouragement for his sake it did feel damn good.

When he placed his hands behind my hips and hung on to my backside his thrusts became harder, but not faster, they were slow driving thrusts pushing his full length as far into me as he could. His neck kissing turned into little nibbles and my moans became panted groans. My own inner muscles twitched and writhed around his tool.

“Faster, faster, please!” I groaned knowing that I wasn’t going to last much longer and desperately wanted to feel him orgasm with me.

He obeyed. Hard, fast, thrusts inside me, electricity running through me, his touch on my skin sending little jolts through me. He’d dragged me so close to the edge I knew I was about to let go and let go in a big way.

“Come with me! Please!” I said, and he did.

Moans and groans from both of us filled the room as we orgasmed together, the thin walls of the motel rooms probably not enough to contain them, but neither of us cared.

I sat on that table with Adam shrinking inside me, we kissed lightly and panted together as we both came back down from the joint high we’d just experienced.

“Geeeezus Chris, that was so intense, you are amazing!”

“Of course I am,” I said with a smile.

“I think I do need to go to bed now, just not for the same reason I was thinking of before!” he let out a huge audible breath as he finished.

“Oh so you’re not up for another round?” I asked crazily knowing I couldn’t handle another romp so quickly.

“How about we just go to bed and cuddle?”

That sounded like exactly what I needed!


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