CopyCat Cafe: A Call I Shouldn’t Have Made

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“You two need to double date with Trace and I.” Sonya said as the two of us finished the day’s clean up.

I was taken back slightly, not because Sonya was again talking about my love life but because nothing had come up about it since Sonya had revealed to me that Tracey’s plan all along was to set Tom and myself up.

“Oh yeah after the last night I spent with you two I’m really going to subject myself to round two!” I thought I had reason to be dubious.

“No not that sort of night, although you have to admit that night was something you wont forget in a hurry! No I mean an actual double date, dinner and a restaurant etc not just drinking until we fall asleep.”

“Oh yeah I admit I wont forget that night, I still haven’t recovered!” I said with a grin.

“That’s right, you haven’t recovered because you got the man of your dreams thanks to that night and your wonderful friends always thinking of you!”

I decided not to say anything in response to that. I admit meeting Tom was a great result that came from that night but I really didn’t want to admit he was the man of my dreams, well not to Sonya. In my own mind I knew I’d had dreams of Tom which by definition made him the man of my dreams but was I thinking about him all the time? Dammit yes I was!

“I’ll get Trace to organize dinner for tomorrow night!” Sonya said without waiting for a positive answer.

“He’s working the next two nights.” I said quickly.

“Oh so you are going to be alone? Guess who’s going to be a grumpy bum at work!”

“Shut up Son!”

We continued cleaning up and by 5:30pm we were ready to go home.

“I think I need to talk to Simon.” I said as we were headed to the door. I could see the look on Sonya’s face and I knew she was about to ask why. “I can’t keep leading him on and thinking there is something going to happen, it’s not fair on him.”

“Neither was the way he treated you!” Sonya answered

“Yeah but that doesn’t mean I should treat him the same.”

“You owe him nothing, if you must do something just send him a text message and tell him is over and to leave you alone.”

“I can’t do that. I’m not that kind of person.” I said and I meant it, I’d hate to be dumped by text message and although Simon and I weren’t officially together I still couldn’t end it completely by text, I couldn’t even end it with a phone call, I had to do it in person, but I decided not to tell Sonya that.

When Sonya and I parted ways I decided there was no time like the present to do what I knew in my mind was right between Simon and I. The detour to his house wasn’t that much and it was a clear evening so the walk was enjoyable and gave me time to think about what I would say.

Stepping up to the front door I was bombarded with the feeling I had previously of knocking on the door and getting greeted by his ex wife, obviously with such thoughts still so strong in my head I was making the right decision to end it. I’m not sure why the thought that Simon could still be at work didn’t cross my mind before stepping up to the door but thankfully it wasn’t an issue because he answered the door.

“Kat, this is a surprise, please come in.”

I wanted to say no but again my mind told me I couldn’t just say good bye and walk off so I went inside. “Thank you, I’m only here for a few minutes.”

“Would you like coffee?” He was already walking towards the kitchen obviously expecting me to shut the door. I did and met him in the kitchen where I told him I didn’t want coffee I just wanted to talk. “So do I Kat, I have thought so much about what you’ve said.”

“Simon,” I tried to interrupt but he didn’t let me.

“No hang on let me speak. I know where I went wrong and I wanted to tell you things have changed.” We both stood around the kitchen table and I really didn’t want to hear it but he was going to tell me anyway. “We’ve definitely split up, we are through, she’s letting me date you without any harassment.”

I was a bit shocked, not because of what he was saying but because he thought it was what I wanted to hear. Even if his wife was going to stay out of any relationship he had he hadn’t mentioned anything about her moving out. But the worst thing was the way he spoke about it.

“She’s promised to let me have anyone I want in the house without getting upset.”

I couldn’t help myself, I didn’t want to be involved in the conversation but I had to say something. “Simon no woman wants to come out of your bedroom and be confronted by your ex sitting at the kitchen table as if she’s been waiting for a chat.”

“It wouldn’t be like that.”

“Simon you are sharing a house together it can’t not be like that, think about it from the woman’s perspective.” At least I wasn’t speaking about things from my perspective.

“But we’ve both promised to give each other space.”

“So when you’ve got a girl here she’s going to stay shut in her bedroom and not come out until you tell her it’s okay?” I asked knowing I was getting to involved in the conversation I didn’t want to be in.

“That’s just being silly.”

Just at that moment there was a bang of a car door and seconds later through the glass sliding door of the kitchen area Simon’s kids and his ex wife walked. They were all as surprised to see me standing there as I was to still be there, I had convinced myself the conversation was not going to drag on. The kids as always where polite, greeted me happily and disappeared to their room, the ex despite being happier than the last time we crossed paths was not quite as accommodating.

When the kids were in their rooms with the doors shut, I’m not sure if they expected something to happen or that was their usual get home from school routine, I said hello to Simon’s ex wife. To her credit even with the somewhat surly look she managed to be polite and speak maybe ten words to me before walking into the kitchen and finding out that Simon hadn’t prepared dinner.

“Where’s dinner?”

“Sorry I was just about to make it when Kat arrived.”

“And you couldn’t resist each other, so instead of getting my dinner ready after I’ve been traipsing around after your bloody kids you decided to fuck each others brains out and make my dinner late. That’s great Simon!”

It might have been great for Simon but I’d had enough, picking up my bag from the table I said. “I came here tonight Simon to tell you it was over, I thought I owed you that much. But I’m not sure I owe you anything. I’m truly sorry it had to come to this but please don’t try and contact me again. After my little speech I stormed out of the sliding door and down his driveway. I heard Simon calling after me but I wasn’t interested.

On the walk home I was a head full of emotions but none of them were regret.


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