Ride Hard: Nerves Aplenty

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Why was I so nervous? Was it the atmosphere I had set? I doubted it.

Why was I sitting on the couch next to Jack too busy thinking about my own actions rather than what he was talking about?

Why couldn’t I just do what I wanted to do with out thinking too hard?

Well it wasn’t because I was scared of how things would go. I was fairly certain Jack would love the presents I’d bought him, he might tell me they weren’t required but I was fairly sure he’s accept them. And it definitely wasn’t because I was having second thoughts about giving them to him, I really wanted him to have them.

Nope there was one single reason that I was so nervous and that reason was Jack’s parting words on the phone to me the previous night. The three words all women want to hear at some stage in their life. Now don’t get me wrong it wasn’t the words themselves that had me nervous, I knew Jack’s feelings for me were strong before he said them and I loved him too, but it was how much those words changed the gifts I was about to present him with.

When I’d bought the watch it was bought as a thank you gift, Jack wouldn’t accept cash for his motorbike lessons so I figured I’d buy him a small token gift to say thank you. But it wasn’t the watch that had me nervous.

The Harley Davidson pedant that split in half and became two necklace ornaments was what had me nervous. Like the watch it was selected before Jack told me he loved me, sure I had the intentions that we’d both wear one half each, but did the words ‘I Love You’ some how make that sharing gesture different? Would Jack see the shared necklace pendants as a reaction to him telling me he loved me? Would he see them as an alternative to wedding bands? I couldn’t believe just how much those three words had changed things in twenty four hours.

At the end of our second bottle of wine I asked Jack if he wanted another drink.

“It’s a bit late to be starting another bottle isn’t it?” Jack asked.

“That depends how long you want to stay up.”

“How about a whiskey night cap instead?”

I thought about what I had in the pantry in the kitchen. “I think I can do whiskey, but I’m not sure I have any mixers.” I said still in thought.

“I can do it straight.” Jack replied. “I can get it if you like?”

Knowing that the gifts were in the bedroom I decided to take Jack up on his polite offer, he knew where everything was in the kitchen and the few minutes it took him to get the drinks would be more than enough time for me to duck into the bedroom.

“That would be great! Thanks. While you do that I need to visit the bathroom.” I did actually need to use the bathroom so it wasn’t a bad deal.

When I returned from the bedroom Jack was already back in the living room sitting on the sofa. “I figured I’d just bring the bottle and a few glasses in case more than one night cap was needed.”

“Oh okay, fair enough.”

“What’s in the bag?” He asked obviously spying the bright colored gift bag before I moved it behind my back.

I decided there was no point hiding it, like a small plaster it was easier just to rip it off and deal with the consequences. I walked around the edge of the sofa, stuffing my hand in the bag and grabbing the box the watch was in. Once I was next to Jack’s legs I sat down next to him, hand still in bag.

“What are you hiding Dianne?”

“Well Jack.” I started in a sweet tone. “You’ve spent so many hours teaching me to ride.”

“And it was my pleasure, you know that!”

“Yes, now be quiet.” I smiled to show him I was joking. I started again. “You’ve spent so much time teaching me and not once would you accept any money from me for the lessons.”

“You’re my girl friend,” girl friend, love, this guy was saying all the right words. “I’m not going to charge you for doing something I’ve enjoyed doing.”

“Didn’t I just tell you to be quiet?”

“I’m sorry, please continue, I’d love to know what’s in the box.” Jack said.

“Okay, you’re forgiven. This time!” I paused. “So you’ve spent so mu…”

“Haven’t we done this bit?”

There was a smile on his face but honestly if he was a child you’d probably take his new toy away and tell him to learn how to play nicely before he got it back, but lets face it I was playing the game as well as he was.

“Okay I’ll cut to the chase.” I leaned forward and grabbed my drink off the table and took a sip wasting time.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”

I smiled a stupid grin, put my drink back on the table then turned to Jack. It was at the time he leaned towards me and kissed me on the lips. It was only a quick kiss but it was still passionate.

“Do you want to know what is in the box or not?” I asked.

“Yes my dear.”

“Well Jack as I was saying.” Yes I repeated the same words again just for the sake of it and this time Jack listened without making comment. “So because you wont accept money for teaching me to ride I bought you a gift to show my appreciation.” I lifted the watch box out of the bag and handed it to him. “I hope you like it.”

“Oh Dianne, you didn’t have to. But honestly, thank you so much.” This time when he leaned in to kiss me it was lingering as well as passionate.

When he finally broke the kiss I asked. “Are you going to open your gift?”

“Sure. I mean of course, thank you.”

Jack slowly flipped open the watch gift box, whether he knew what it was from the box I wasn’t sure but if he did he didn’t say anything. He stared in silence at the open box for several moments, long enough for me to wonder what he was thinking and whether I’d done the right thing.

“Do you like it?” I asked hoping I wasn’t being pushy but not able to stop my nervous self. “Is it okay? I hope it is, I’ve never seen you wear a watch. I know you can’t wear it working on bikes, but I thought, you know, I thought maybe you could wear it out or something.” I must have been nervous I don’t ever remember using the words ‘you know’ in my life.

“I love it.” Jack went on to explain his silence. It was shock not dislike. No one in his life had ever given him such a personal present so he wasn’t used to accepting such presents.

He assured me three times that he really liked the gift and he put it on his wrist, it was too big but he assured me he could adjust the band himself and that I wouldn’t need to take it back to the jeweler.

I must have shuffled the bag or something as he was talking because he was still telling me how much he liked it when he turned his head and changed the conversation.

“Is there something else in the bag?” He paused. “Sorry that’s rude, I didn’t mean that.”

“No, don’t be silly.” I reached into the bag. “There is something else.” I pulled the second, smaller box out of the bag but instead of hanging it to him I held it in my hand and opened the flip top lid.

Jack sat on the sofa and stared at the open jewelry box.

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