CopyCat Cafe: Two Evening Callers

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I’m wasn’t immediately sure why he didn’t ring my cell phone, for a change it was turned on in my hand bag, but when I got home Simon had left three messages on my home answering machine. He obviously knew I was walking home and wouldn’t be there to answer the phone yet he had chosen that way to contact me. I listened to the messages.

While the word sorry was mentioned more than once in each message they were far from apologies, well at least the sort of apologies I expected. He might well have been sorry that his ex wife behaved the way she did but he wasn’t sorry because it happened he was sorry because of the flow on effects of that behavior. As the last message finished it dawned on me why he’d rung the home phone and not the cell, it was easier to talk to an answering machine than to me directly. He’d chosen the method which he knew would mean he got to say what he wanted without interruption or being hung up on. Was that really the best way to handle an apology?

I decided that the best way for me to deal with the Simon fiasco was to ignore it, make a complete break from him. If I replied to just one message of his, no matter what I said, it would re-open the lines of communication and he’d respond to it putting me back to square one. So after listening to his phone messages I immediately deleted them and walked away from the phone.

I hadn’t even made the three steps into the kitchen before the phone was ringing again and I bet you can’t guess who it was ringing. This time his message was a little less about himself but I still wasn’t going to pick up and give him the satisfaction of talking to me. Even when he made reference to the time, how long it took to walk from his place to mine and that he was getting worried I ignored his words until the answering machine cut him off at which time I deleted the message and disconnected the phone from the wall socket.

In the middle of cooking dinner less than thirty minutes later, nothing special just pan fried chicken and some rice, the door bell rang, followed by a knocking at the door. “Argh have some mercy for me. Bloody hell!” I thought knowing exactly who it would be.

I turned the fry pan down, checked the microwave wasn’t about to make the rice bubble over the edge of the dish and walked to the door. I looked through the peep hole and confirmed my thoughts. Of course it was Simon standing on the doorstep, I couldn’t see his facial features because of the darkness but the silhouette from the street light was more than enough to tell me it was him.

“Please Kat , open up I just want to make sure you got home safely.” he called from the doorstep.

The guy truly was getting on my nerves, he could barely find time for me away from his house where his ex wife seemed to be able to interrupt everything yet when it suited him he could ignore his family and be in front of my place acting like he cared.

I still didn’t want to talk to him but I also didn’t want him to stand there calling out for me so rather than open the door for him I simply switched the porch light on and off three times hoping that was enough of a message that I was home. I left the porch light on after the third time and waited with my back against the door hoping he’d take the hint and leave.

He tried twice more to get my attention.

“Kat? Is that you?”

“Okay I guess it is you, please open the door so we can talk!”

I walked back to the kitchen to make sure my dinner wasn’t burning, it wasn’t thankfully, whilst I was there I heard one more knock on the door and then silence. When I went to the door a few minutes later and looked out the peep hole there was no one standing on my door step, I breathed a sigh of relief.

I ate dinner in peace, caught up with a bit more paper work, and generally had a quiet relaxing evening and it wasn’t until 10:34pm the silence of the house was broken by the sound of my cell phone.

“Shit!” I thought, not again, but I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled the phone out of my bag and saw that it was Tom’s number. I hit answer eagerly and before I got a chance to say a word Tom’s voice came across the line.

“It’s not too late for you is it dear?”

“No, of course not. I’m not even in bed yet.”

“I got an early mark from work so I thought I’d give you a buzz and say good night. I was just hoping it wasn’t too late.”

“It’s never to late to say good night.” I said. “How was work?”

“Same, same. There is always something going on that needs attention.” He replied. “How was your evening?”

I deliberately did tell him exactly how my evening was, not just because it was poor form to talk about an ex boyfriend with an current boy friend but because I didn’t want him worrying. It’s funny how so many people when faced with information like an ex making multiple calls and making house calls jump to the wrong conclusion and automatically assume the women is in fear of her life. I don’t really blame Tom if he did think that way it would only be because he cared but I really didn’t want to put Tom in that position. Simon was a pain but he wasn’t a threat and he was my problem not Tom’s

“Quiet and uneventful, I even caught up on some paperwork. It’s amazing what I can achieve when I’m not being distracted by a charming time waster.” I said in response.

“Oh I’m not sure if I should be pleased at being called charming, or upset for being called a time waster.”

“I meant it in the nicest possible way.”

“Of course you did!”

We spoke for the entire thirty minutes it took him to get back to his place, my bum was numb from sitting on the kitchen chair but I was barely feeling it. Twice I invited Tom to come via my place on his way home, even stay the night but he politely declined saying he needed to go home, clean off work and get some sleep, I understood totally.

When he finally got home and it was time to hang up he promised me that in lieu of a night visit he’d come into the cafe in the morning after he’d had breakfast. I offered to make him breakfast but he again declined and told me coffee would be fine. I reminded him to come through the back door rather than the front door and rang off with a good night and a really happy feeling.

In a very short time after hanging up the phone I was in bed with that same happy feeling floating through my mind waiting for sleep to come to me.


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