Ride Hard: Do You Like It?

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“I’ve never seen anything like it!” Jack said.

While I wasn’t sure what Jack’s reaction would be I have to say that was one I wouldn’t have expected.

I’d not long before his comment given Jack a men’s dress watch as a thank you gift for the lessons he’d been giving me on the motorbike. I was becoming a really biker chick! The gift had been well received and he’d even placed it on his wrist but then he noticed there as something else in the bag I was holding.

The second gift I purchased at the same time as the watch, but it was before he’d told me on the phone that he loved me and ever since those words I’d been second guessing myself trying to figure out whether the gift was still appropriate, whether he’d see it as a reaction to what he said or whether he’d accept it for what it is, a gift.

Don’t get me wrong I knew Jack was a good guy, a real keeper as my Mom would say, and I was fairly certain he wouldn’t think less of me for the gift, but those three darn words changed everything in my mind! From the minute he’d said them I started thinking he’d see the gift as me trying to lay claim on on, maybe not exactly walking down the aisle claim but at least attach something to the relationship that he might not be considering.

“I can take it back to the store.” I said nervously, my heart was still beating out a percussive beat like the drummer of a marching band was hiding in there somewhere.

“Why would you do that?”

“I don’t know. Your response wasn’t overwhelming.”

I knew he could tell what it was, it was easily distinguishable even with the pendant in one single piece waiting to be broken.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that I’ve never seen anything like it before and I was a bit shocked by it.” Jack replied.

“So it’s not too much? I mean,” I must have been nervous adding I mean into a conversation like a teenager, “I’ve never seen you wear a necklace but when I saw it my first thought was of you!”

“I used to wear a necklace all the time, when I went through my rebellious years I used to have a skull and cross bones on a necklace, I don’t really know why I stopped wearing them. Maybe I just never found the right one…until now.”

“So you really do like it?”

“I think it’s amazing.” Jack said with a smile. “The only thing I’m not sure about is who to give the second half to.”

I sat there for a few moments, I knew Jack was joking but I couldn’t think of anything smart to say quickly, then something came to me. “Maybe one of those girls at the bar the other night when you were playing.”

“There was other girls at the bar?”

I must say he was getting points for being Mr. Charming, but I wasn’t finished with him. “There must have been, you sung a song for them.”

I could see he was intrigued as to where this conversation was going. “And what song would that be?”

“The one about the ménage à trois.” I said trying to keep a straight face but it wasn’t working.

“Nup, you are going to have to be a bit more specific, I don’t sing songs like that.”

“Well you did the other night.”

“I can see there is only one way to end this.” Jack said with a smile. “What was the song?”

“The little ditty about Jack, Di and Anne!” I said and immediately broke out laughing. I knew the joke wasn’t as funny as my laughter indicated but after the build up from the nervous situation and how long I had carried it on for I had to laugh, I couldn’t psychically stop myself.

Although Jack did laugh a little bit I’m pretty sure he also groaned, then said, “Can we go back to where this started? You know the bit before I made the silly comment. The bit where I said the necklace was amazing?”

“You really do like it?” I asked.

Instead of answering me Jack leaned in and kissed me. The instant his lips touched mine I felt a sizzling sensation between us, I know it was all in my head but it was an amazing feeling. As our lips gently mashed together and the passion of the kiss grew I could taste the whiskey, which I thought was strange given that we’d both been drinking the same stuff.

Me and my stupid brain, the instant that thought came into my mind I inadvertently broke the kiss and left myself lingering and wanting more. Thinking I’d broke the kiss for less than stupid reasons Jack leaned back to where he was sitting and his eyes dropped to the jewellery box again.

“I really do like it. I’ve never seen anything like it. I honestly can’t believe you found it.”

“Honestly, I think it found me. It was just sitting there and I happened to look down.”

“Well I’m glad it found you. It’s stunning.”

“I’m really glad you like it. I wont lie I had my doubts, I’m glad to know they were just silly thoughts.”

Jack reached forward and lifted the pendant out of the box, the necklaces from each half of the pendant pulled through from behind the small piece of cardboard in the box that elevated the pendant.

Holding the pendant in his between his thumb and his forefinger Jack then held the pendant towards me and said, “Break it with me!”

Again I was taken aback in surprise by his thoughtful statement, it’s not that I didn’t expect him to share the pendant, it would be silly of me not to think half was mine, but until that second I hadn’t once thought about who would snap it in half.

“Of course,” I said as I grabbed the pendant in the same way Jack did and we snapped it in half.

Without hesitating Jack stood up from the sofa and said, “Turn around.” I did as he asked.

With my back to him Jack lifted the open necklace and pendant over my head and dropped it down onto my chest, he then gently pulled the two ends of the necklace together and re-hooked the clasp. After he let the necklace go and it fell into place Jack then, without being asked, gently pulled my hair out from under the chain.

I repeated the process with Jack’s necklace and with in minutes we both had half a Harley Davidson logo sitting on our chests. I must admit Jack’s looked wonderful, I couldn’t wait to see it against his bare chest as my imagination had pictured it.

I didn’t have to wait long for that image!


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