CopyCat Cafe: Take The F*&^$%# Message

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“Simon’s at the front door.” Sonya said as she walked into the kitchen. The cafe wasn’t even open, we were still doing the prep work. “He’s just standing at the front door looking in through the glass.”

“Fucking Hell!” I said not really worried that Francis wasn’t impressed by my swearing.

I was expecting an early morning visitor to the cafe but it definitely wasn’t Simon. Between the speech at his house, me ignoring his messages and me ignoring him at the front door of my house I honestly thought he had gotten the message loud and clear, or at very least gotten the bloody message.

“Language there old duck!” Sonya said with a huge grin, “Lucky we don’t have a swear jar!”

“I told Simon last night we were over, I even stormed out of his house.”

”What? Wait. You went to his house after I told you not to?” Sonya asked in a frustrated voice.

“Yes. I thought it was the right thing to do. End it , finish it, do it in person.”

”And how did that work for you babe?” She asked me with a cheeky look on her face.

“Obviously great. His bloody ex showed up and abused me, I said my peace and stormed out then by the time I got home he’d rung three or four times. Not long after that he was at my place and spent twenty minutes hanging out on my doorstep and now he’s here. Worked bloody great. Anyone else around here want advice on how to run their love lives?”

“I’m not going to ask you what message you gave him given how well he understood it.” Sonya said. “So are you going to get rid of him or would you like me too?”

God bless Sonya, I know it should have been my job to get rid of him, he was after all the man I was trying to break up with, but Sonya was happy to take control.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Consider it done, I haven’t delivered a good ass kicking in a while!” Sonya disappeared out in the main part of the cafe.

Forgetting about what prep work needed doing I walked toward the door cracked it open a few inches and peaked through to see what Sonya was doing. I’m not exactly sure how he did it but by the time I looked through the crack in the door Simon was actually three feet inside in the cafe, he’d got past Sonya.

“Simon, she doesn’t want to see you.”

“Is she in the kitchen?” My stomach sunk a little bit hoping he didn’t keep walking. “Kat come out and talk to me please.”

“Simon I asked you nicely to leave, if you don’t I will make you leave.” Sonya had caught up to him and was standing between him and the counter.

“Please keep out of this Sonya, I need to talk to Kat, not you.”

It was at that moment he took one too many steps. Instead of letting him through and instead of trying to reason with him Sonya grabbed Simon by the arm, twisted it back behind him and pushed it up his back until his fingers were touching his shoulder blade. Simon wasn’t a tall man but Sonya wasn’t a tall girl either and to see her man handle him so easily was not just a shock but a relief.

Sonya marched Simon toward the front door, he was protesting, not loudly but loud enough so I could hear him, I was just glad no customers had stepped in the open door thinking we were open. Sonya showed no mercy with him, from what I could tell she didn’t even release any pressure until she pushed him through the door and out onto the side walk.

“Now stay out of here and leave her alone Simon or the next person to take you out of here will be a police officer. You got that?” Sonya said as she pushed the door shut not waiting for a reply.

“Oh my god Sonya!” I said as she walked back in the kitchen. “That was amazing. Where did you learn that stunt?”

“You don’t grow up as a teenage dyke with a bunch of jealous boys who know they can’t have you so they spend their time trying to teasing you without learning a few tricks!”

“If the guy doesn’t learn from that then nothing will teach him!” I said.

“Sadly, I don’t think you’ll get rid of him that easy. He’ll try again but who knows when.”

Just as Sonya finished speaking the back door to the cafe opened and both of us turned around expecting to see Simon making a stupid second attempt. I could see the look on Sonya’s face and she was close to loosing it. The door was pushed open and in the doorway stood Tom, we both breathed a sigh of relief.

“Good Morning people!” Tom said as he entered the kitchen. Looking directly at me he then added, “You looked stressed are you okay?”

It was at that moment I did something I had never done before, I walked up and in the middle of my own work place, well the kitchen anyway, I gave Tom a huge kiss on the lips.

“Well that was very unexpected!”

So was the owner of the voice.

It was Simon, he’d obviously walked from the front of the cafe to the rear expecting to get me at the back door without Sonya interfering.

“So this is why you dumped me?” Simon said from the door step. “Did two timing me get too much for you.” His voice wasn’t overly irate but he was upset and I could tell he was hurt, but that wasn’t an excuse for what he was doing. “So does he know about me? Does he know you were seeing both of us at the same time?”

I could see Tom wasn’t overly comfortable with the conversation, and I don’t blame him it was hardly his fault. I could also see Sonya about ready to pounce on Simon so I decided to stop her in her tracks. I side stepped away from Tom, put my arm out to slow Sonya and walked towards Simon.

“I’ve got this Sonya.” I said as I stepped up to the open door. “Simon, I told you last night it was over. I told you last time we spoke to leave me alone. Sonya has asked you to leave the cafe more than once and I’ve told you to stop driving past my house.”

“You are my girlfriend, don’t I have a right to know what you are doing?” Simon said matter of factly.

“I have not been your girlfriend for weeks, if at all, at best we were just fuck buddies.” That’s right I actually told a guy he was nothing more than a fuck buddy, I was as surprised as you are. What next? Telling him he belonged in a zoo?

Simon was obviously hurt and it was a harsh thing to say but the truth was I hadn’t really considered us as being in a serious relationship. I might have hoped we were going somewhere in the early days and I really thought I loved, or could love him, however something always got in the way. I also know that my comments were tainted with the behavior from the previous few days and therefore any comment was probably going to come out worse than it might of a week or two back, but the truth was I had broken things off with him, he just refused to accept it.

“Sonya was just forced to throw you out the front door, don’t make me do the same through the backdoor. Just leave and don’t make things worse for yourself than they already are.” I stated.

“How could things get worse? I’ve just caught the woman I am dating tongue fucking another guy. The woman I have changed so much for, the woman I spent weeks trying to please by doing everything she bloody asked.”

I guess that was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak because what I said next there was no coming back from, not that I wanted to come back.

“Get real Simon, you changed nothing. Your ex wife still drags you around by the balls. You can’t jump with asking her how fucking high. She controls every aspect of your life. She might not be screwing you but she’s still screwing your life and everything in it. You are worse than a little boy who can’t let go of his mother’s apron strings, you are a little boy who can’t let his wife go no matter how badly she treats you. You Simon are a door mat of the worst kind. Now get out of my shop, get out of my life and stay out or I will be calling the police and having you removed forcefully.” I don’t know if Simon actually got the message at that point but he chose to leave anyway, at which time I turned to Tom and said, “I’m sorry you had to witness that!”

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