Rock Hard: Inconvenience Fee

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Waking up in the morning still dressed as Hella was not something I did often, not only did it feel weird waking up wearing tight leather pants and vest but as most women will know going to bed with make up still on is not the best idea. Made up as Hella is even worse because I do wear so much stage make up, imagine Gene Simmons laying his painted face in a pillow for seven hours, I’m not that bad but you get the picture. The few times I have fallen asleep that way the pillow case has looked like a smudged rainbow the following morning.

Apart from the obvious reasons for having a nice warm and kind of hunky body next to me in bed it appears having Adam next to me in bed also meant that I didn’t roll over too much and that should have pleased the motel staff given that they didn’t have to scrub Hella out of their pillow case.

As I said it doesn’t happen often and it was the first time that Adam had woken up next to me still made up as Hella. Because I hadn’t rocked and rolled all night in the bed my make up was still fairly intact but I could tell from the reaction when Adam woke beside me that it wasn’t a look he’d prepared himself for.

“Argh, shit, what the…” He said as he opened his eyes. He then corrected himself so that I didn’t have to punch him. “Oops, I mean good morning darling, you look as charming as ever.”

“I know I don’t but thanks for being polite enough to say so! Damn I must have been tired last night, it’s not often I fall asleep still wearing my stage make up, and when I do it’s usually an accident.”

“We did have a big day yesterday.” Adam added as he rolled back onto his back and stared at the ceiling with his hands behind his head.

“Yeah it was go,go,go all day, barely had time to sit down and scratch myself.”

“Where would you like to be scratched, perhaps I can have a go?” He said turning his head and winking at me.

“Down boy,” I said through a smile, “I might have just had seven hours sleep but I didn’t say I wasn’t still tired.”

Adam looked the other way at the clock on the beside table and saw that it was 9:35am. “Suppose we better get up and get our shit together anyway, the bus will be leaving at 11 and I need breakfast..”

”I’ll take a shower in preference of breakfast.” I replied knowing that my make up had to go before I did anything else.

“That sounds like fun!”

“Didn’t you hear me say down boy?”

“Yeah but waking up next to someone so hot does weird things to a bloke.”

“Geez Adam, you need glasses!” I said with a smile before summoning the strength to get up off the bed.

On my feet I padded over to the table and ruffled through my bags, I didn’t bother with anything too formal, just a pair of cotton underwear and a bra, the rest would wait until I was out of the shower. From the table I walked straight into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. Inside the bathroom I opened my toiletries bag and began to remove the make up from my face. I’d barely started when Adam walked in, placed his hands on my hips and kissed my neck.

“Can’t you see I’m busy?” I said without too much resistance.

“I’m just helping.”

“Well help me by getting the shower ready.” I added and resumed removing my make up.

Adam did as I asked and within a few minutes were were both standing naked in the shower with water cascading down our bodies. Adam washed my back, I washed his back, and then we had to do it all again because one too many back rubs lead to a different kind of rubbing. It was a quickie because as it turns out we both had breakfast on our minds but it was also quite satisfying.

When we finally made it out of the motel room we had about forty minutes before they’d stop serving breakfast so we vacated the room, dumped our bags on the tour bus and headed straight for the restaurant. Some of the crew were lingering around outside waiting for the entourage to leave others were doing jobs only known to them but the majority of them were still eating breakfast.

Despite having nearly forty minutes the motel staff still seemed annoyed to be making breakfast for us late comers. You could be excused for thinking that because of the stupidly large ‘inconvenience’ fee we were paying the motel for the extra night that they’d be a little more polite to us, but apparently polite cost even more, but that’s how it is in this day and age.

Because we were only travelling a few hours north to Oklahoma City for the next gig things were really relaxed and none of us were in a hurry to get onto the bus but we also had no need to hang around so once we’d cleared out of the restaurant we all congregated in the car park and discussed the trip ahead. The new, old, truck, the replacement after the accident, wasn’t in quite as good shape as the one we had and therefore it would be a slower trip that usual, not by much but the boys were allowing an extra hour and therefore the departure deadline was set for 11am.

At 10:57am the two gear trucks pulled out of the car park while the rest of us waited for Bill to settle the accounts with the motel. At 11:01 Bill jumped on the bus and told the driver to shut the door and get the thing moving. He hadn’t been running but he did seem to be in quite a hurry and he wasn’t even in a seat before the bus was pulling out onto the road.

“What’s up Bill?” Dean asked from two seats away.

“Fuckers think they were so smart black mailing me for the extra night. Figured we were screwed and would be happy to pay for the privilege to be unscrewed.”

“You can be unscrewed? Geez I wish I knew that before I slept with that woman in DC last year.” Benji interrupted with his loud voice.

We all knew the story of the girl he spent a tense three weeks wondering if he’d gotten pregnant when we did an outdoor festival last year, but that wasn’t really the time to remind us all.

“Shuddup Benj.” Dean said with a smile, “We don’t need that story again!” He then turned to Bill and asked. “So how much did it cost us in the end?”

“I almost considered paying them the two grand they asked for, then today the bastard tells me it’s gone up to three.”

”Rotten bastards!” I called out from beside Adam.

“Yeah well they are rotten bastards without money now because I paid our bill with the credit card, then told them that since the ‘inconvenience’ fee couldn’t appear on the books I’d have to pay that part with cash. The silly pricks believed me when I told them we kept that kind of cash on the bus and they just let me walk out to get it. Oh well their loss, not like they’ll be chasing us for it.”

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