Ride Hard: As Good To Give As To Receive

Continues from here.

I’d just given Jack the watch I’d bought him as a gift for teaching me to ride a a motorbike and the Harley Davidson necklace with the pendant that split in two pieces like the Mom and Daughter hearts most people would recognize in jewelry shops. He was extremely thankful for the watch and since he’d always refused money as payment for the bike lessons I felt quite happy that he accepted the it in lieu of cash.

The necklace I admit was a spur of the moment thing and I wasn’t sure that he’d like it, even less sure of giving it to him after he told me he loved me, but my concern was all wasted because he loved the gift as soon as he saw it, and loved it even more when it was around his neck.

“Thank you so much Dianne. I love them both.” He leaned in and kissed me on the lips after he spoke.

As the old song says, It Started With A Kiss, and it did, a deep passionate thank you kiss.

I placed my left hand on Jack’s shoulder as we kiss and gently pulled him with me as I slowly tilted backwards towards the arm of the sofa. When my back hit the arm rest my hand was still on Jack’s shoulder while his hand moved to my waist and gently rub backwards and forwards. Lifting my right hand I placed it over his left and dragged his hand upward onto my breast. He didn’t need any encouragement from there, he cupped my breast through the fabric of my shirt and bra, his whole hand gently covering me.

As the kiss got deeper, the suction strong and the passion increased I could feel both nipples getting harder but only my right nipple was getting the attention it was seeking. I moved his hand until his fingers were touching my nipple, through the fabric he gentle squeezed my hard nipple, rolling it between his finger and thumb and pulling ever so slightly on it. There was another button that was begging for his touch which I hoped he would rectify very quickly.

After several moments I decided to take matters into my own hands, so to speak, grasped his hand for a second time and slid it downwards. There was no need for words and none were spoken, just a deep passionate kiss. When his left hand slipped inside my underwear and traced it’s way over my public hair was could feel the wetness between my legs increasing, I knew Jack would soon feel it too.

I panted slightly as his fingers began to caress my clitoris, slow gentle circles lightly pushing my little aroused love button against me. With the breaking of the kiss and knowing how much the feeling of stubble against my neck sent my nerves into meltdown Jack moved his lips towards my left ear.

His fingers dipped into my wetness, parting my lips as they pushed downward closer to my entrance. At the same time his lips moved against me and he began taking little nibbles against my already sensitive neck. A single pant had quickly turned into several gasping breaths as my body began melting at Jack’s touch.

Jack rubbed my hot wetness for what seem like ages, rolling my clit through his dampening fingers, separating and massaging my melting lips and gently teasing my hungry entrance which was begging for his fingers to push their way into me.

“Enter me!” I moaned through panted breaths.

Jack obeyed and as two fingers slid inside me I felt a shudder rock though my whole body, but it wasn’t until his thumb began rubbing my clitoris at the same time as those two fingers thrust inside me that I truly began to lose it. I think I lasted all of about two minutes with such wonderfully warn attention to detail before I was screaming myself to orgasm.

My breathing hadn’t even settled before I was pushing off my underwear and telling Jack to do the same thing. Seconds later we were both naked except for our new necklaces. I was laying on my back with my legs open waiting for Jack’s arrival.

I know it sounds kind of weird but instead of being focused on Jack as he lowered himself down and his rock hard cock gently pushed it’s way inside me I was focused on his necklace pendant. That didn’t mean what I felt wasn’t as good as it had been previously, no way in the world, if anything it was better. With my back against the arm rest of the sofa and I had my arms and my legs wrapped around Jack holding him against me and we both moved our hips in circles feeling each other.

When Jack began to thrust into me I groaned and felt that hard cock moving in and out of my wet pussy. His lips worked at my neck and my fingernails gently pressed into the bare skin of his shoulders. After less than a minute I was begging him to thrust harder, to help him with the task at the end of every outward thrust I used my own legs to drag him downward driving his hips back to mine.

As our breaths increased and we became puffed we both had to slow down but it was no less enjoyable. Although the pace had slowed we continue to thrust together, pant together and sweat together. We both exploded together in an orgasm of ecstasy several moments later, Jack thrusting himself slowly and deeply inside me as he spurted his creamy juices.

I held him against me tightly with my arms and legs wrapped around him. I didn’t want to let him go despite the feeling of his stiffness shrinking inside me.

We lay on the sofa like that for nearly ten minutes, catching out breath, saying very little and kissing each other gently between breaths before I asked Jack if he wanted to get up and go to bed. As he pushed himself off me our two necklaces pulled against each other. Some how in the throes of passion the two necklaces and pendants had become slightly entangled. They came apart easy but that didn’t stop us giggling as we thought about the connection.

Half an hour later I was laying in bed next to Jack, my head on his chest and his arm around my neck and draped over my waist. Neither of us were sleeping and neither of us particularly wanted too.


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