Rock Hard: One Track Mind

Continues from here.

Bill’s phone rang five times before we were even out of Dallas, caller ID told him exactly who it was but it wasn’t until the fifth call that he decided to answer it in the hope they’d stop ringing. Of course the caller was the motel owner who was pissed off with us leaving before paying his ‘inconvenience fee.’

“Well I was prepared to pay until you tried to screw even more out of me this morning!” I heard Bill say into the phone, he wasn’t angry but his voice was a little louder than usual. “Yeah and we are thankful for that favor and had you not got greedy and tried to screw us for another grand you’d have got it.” The guy on the other end must have been speaking because Bill paused. “So you just expect me to bend over while you fuck me from behind?” I hadn’t ever heard Bill talk to anyone like that on the phone before, he was obviously getting annoyed. “It’s not going to happen.” Silence. “Okay how about we put the money through the books, we’ll let the accountants explain what it was for.” Silence. “Yeah I thought so! So how about you stop pissing in my pocket, cut your losses and stop ringing me.” Silence again, then Bill ended the call. “Thank you for calling Charles, I’m glad we could sort it out so politely. See you next time we are in town.”

“Bloody hell can that guy swear when he doesn’t get his own way!” Bill said to those of us sitting within ear shot.

“Bit upset he didn’t get his bribery money is he?” Dean asked.

“Yeah you could say that. He wasn’t too keen to put it through the books either. Reckons he’s going to go to the media with the story.”

“Touring heavy metal band reeks havoc by ditching motel bill and leaving owner destitute! I can already see the headline.” Adam added.

“Bastard will probably tell them we trashed the motel too. Don’t all heavy metal bands shit on the roof and leave cocaine needles all over the place?” Dean said.

“I’d like to see him try that,” Bill said, “I went through every room with one of the security guys and the video on my phone before we left. I recorded the state of every room. If he tries anything like that he’ll be the one that looks like a dick.”

“You were obviously thinking ahead.” I said.

“Something in my head told me I needed to protect us, no idea what it was but I’m glad I did.”

“I guess that’s one motel to scratch off the list next time we come through Dallas.” Dean said.

“If he keeps treating visitors like that he wont be there when we come through next time.” Bill added.

The rest of the trip to Oklahoma City was uneventful and when we pulled into the motel mid afternoon we were all in good spirits. As usual the trucks went straight to the venue and there was a people mover waiting at the motel to shift the rest of us back and forth between the venue as needed.

“Are you headed to the venue on the first trip?” I asked Adam as we dragged our bags into the room.

“Why? Do you want to have sex?” He asked with a smile.

“Oh yeah buddy, bang me on the table now!” I replied with a silly grin on my face.

“Now we are talking!”

“Yeah, talking shit! Now answer the question!”

“So we aren’t having sex?”

I wasn’t even giving Adam points for being cute, “Only by yourself.”

“Awe,” he said without being overly serious, thankfully! He then continued. “I’m going straight down. Check things out, make sure we aren’t in for too many surprises. I don’t remember playing this place last time and can’t remember if we had issues.”

“Maybe that’s because we haven’t played here.” I replied.

“I guess that’s a fair enough reason. Are you coming down with me?”

I told Adam I wouldn’t be joining him immediately. Because we’d been on the bus all day I wanted to get myself a bit of exercise, I wasn’t sure what that was going to entail, and I wanted to give Mom a call and see how things were getting on at home. We talked for a few minutes and I told Adam I’d meet him at the venue well before sound check, we parted with a kiss and Adam telling me to say hello to my Mom from him.

Before I’d even had a chance to decided whether exercise or phoning home came first Dean was knocking on my door.

“Are you calling Mom?” He’d obviously run into Adam in the three minutes since he’d left the room.

Dean and I sat down and spoke to Mom and Dad on speaker with the phone sitting on the table. We’d spoken briefly after the accident but we hadn’t had a good sit down chat for what seemed like ages and it felt good to reconnect with home a bit.

After the call I looked at the time and realised that if I was going to keep my word with Adam and arrive well before sound check I wasn’t going to get much time for exercise.

“How far is the venue?” I asked Dean as he stood up to leave the room.

“I dunno, four miles? five? Why?”

“I wanted to get some exercise before sound check but our call went longer than I expected so I was thinking I might walk down there instead.”

Dean had his phone out and was looking at the maps before I had a chance to grab mine. “Depending on the path it’s between three and five miles. Do you want company?”

“You are going to walk with me?” I asked not expecting Dean to be so keen to get exercise.

“Yeah why not, it’s not like the two of us get to spend that much time together!”

The two of us dumped our stage gear in the people mover so that it would arrive at the venue before us and we set out walking the streets of Oklahoma City.

If you were hanging around for something action packed or juicy to happen I’m sorry to say but it didn’t. Dean and I had a pleasant walk and some good brother/sister time, we grabbed a coffee at one of the small coffee shops and walked the long way to the venue. Other than our little car trip down memory lane a week ago, where Dean took me to a house we holidayed in as kids and for the first time picked up musical instruments, we hadn’t had much time for just us and it was good to get that.

When we arrived at the venue the system was pretty much set up, they weren’t waiting for us to do the sound check because we were early, but so where they. Things had gone so well in the set up they were ahead of schedule and if sound check went well we all had a good chance to be sitting down relaxing by 6pm, something that hadn’t happened for a long time.


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