CopyCat Cafe: Home Alone

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I made a promise to myself after Tom left that I wouldn’t let my personal life interfere with work again, well at least not that day! Although to be fair I didn’t see Tom coming in for coffee as interfering, he wasn’t the stressful part of my life. I wasn’t the kind of boss that frowned upon my staff having visitors, at least I didn’t think I was, providing the work still got done but it was funny to see how quickly even someone like Francis began to give me dirty looks each time my life dropped into work.

I know it was my cafe and if I wanted to conduct things that way it was my darn choice but to be honest, and you maybe have picked this up before, I didn’t like the stressful parts of my relationships being aired at work. Sure Sonya and I might discuss things during orders or while we clean up but that was girl talk and all of us did it from time to time.

When I think about it so little of my relationship with Simon was easy and so few of his visits to the cafe were stress free. I know in hindsight the mind often reverts to the bad memories, the fights, the arguments, the disagreements but in all honestly I was having trouble even remembering the good visits Simon had had at the cafe, I was sure there had to be a few but darned if I could remember them.

Because I was busy for the most part of the afternoon and Sonya and Francis were flat out front of house I did have lots of time to think. Several times during the afternoon I had near misses with a knife because I was thinking more about my love life than I was about the job at hand. I guess luck did play a part in me not cutting myself but I was thankful that my job was physical more than mental because I think I used up my mental quota on my own thoughts.

When we were headed out the door on the way home, as you know Sonya and I walk part way home together, I asked Sonya a question that had been sitting badly in my mind.

“Do you think it’s me?”

Of course she had no idea what I was talking about without context.

“Of course it’s you! Get help now!”

Smiling I then added, “No, I mean is it me that ruins relationships? I’ve been divorced once, no lucky with men until Simon, then I can’t even make it work with a guy on the rebound. Am I doomed to screw up what I have with Tom as well?”

I know it was a self pitying moment but I couldn’t help it. Sonya of course started out telling me it was all my fault, then put her arm around me as we walked an told me to stop thinking that way.

“Simon was a dickhead,” She really didn’t need to add any more to that and didn’t. “Tom’s a nice, genuine, honest, bloke, and I’m not just saying that because he’s Tracey’s friend. The guy genuinely does like you for who you are. You deserve this relationship, so let it happen!”

Sonya’s pep talk picked me up, it wasn’t that I didn’t believe those things until she voiced them it was just that my mind wanted to hear them come from someone else. When we parted ways I felt so much happier, I wasn’t going to get to see Tom that night but I would get to talk to him and see him in the morning so I was going home to relax and enjoy an evening by myself.

At 9:35pm my cell phone rang, I picked it up thinking it was too early for Tom’s call and hoping it wasn’t Simon. To my surprise it was Tom.

“Good evening darling, you are ringing early.” I said as I answered the call.

“Yeah I thought I’d ring now because I’m going to be late leaving work and I didn’t want you up waiting for my call.”

How sweet of him! Tom went on to explain how there had been a breakdown at work and as a part of his role he would be required to stay until the repairs were done, to me that seemed unfair, but apparently that was shift work. He wasn’t sure what time he was going to get home but he promised me he’d still be calling in for coffee the following morning. We talked for a few minutes after that, it wasn’t enough but it was better than nothing, then he when he rang off I felt a little ambivalent, happy for the call, sad because that’s all it was. Since it was still relatively early I headed off for a soak in the bath.

Laying back in the tub full of warm bubbly water you can guess what sort of feelings where running through me, that’s right and you can guess what I did about those feelings.

It started with my fingers gently rubbing my clitoris, pushing lightly and rolling it in gently circles. I laid my head back against the edge of the tub and lifted my knees up until they poked through the bubbles. I rolled my clit softly between my thumb and forefinger as I began to think of Tom. My fingers began working their way up and down my labia, gently pushing the folds of skin as they moved in little circles.

I put my left hand on my left breast and rolled my erect nipple between my fingers, my nipples weren’t the most sensitive area of my aroused body but I did like them played with. As the two fingers on my right hand gently pushed against my wet entrance I knew they were not going to be enough.

Shuffling half out of the bath I reached over to the conveniently located vanity unit and opened the door. I pushed my hand in blindly knowing what I wanted and where it was, less than five seconds later I was again submerged in the bath knees protruding out of the bubbles and my four inch silver Lovehoney Magic bullet gently vibrating against my clitoris.

With my eyes closed and my head back I slid the silver vibrator up and down my pussy, the vibrating sensation against my labia and clit slowly driving me insane. I could feel my breathing increasing and I could feel the little electrical pulses of ecstasy running through me.

Images of Tom wandered through my mind as I inserted the vibrating silver bullet into my pussy, slow at first. As the speed of the thrusting increased I used my left hand to rub my clitoris, what I had hoped was going to be a slow relaxing drive to orgasm quickly took a different turn. I couldn’t get enough and I couldn’t get it quick enough.

I’d never brought myself so close to orgasm so quickly with a toy, it must have been the images of Tom as I did it, but I could feel my breaths becoming gasps and getting louder by the second. Less than thirty seconds later my body was shuddering, shaking and writhing, the silver bullet still vibrating against my inner pussy walls.

I went to bed that night with a smile on my face and happy thoughts in my head!


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