CopyCat Cafe: Going Out With The Grandparents?

Continues from here.

The following morning I woke up still smiling, well maybe not smiling as much as I was when I fell asleep but I was still happy. I got up and made myself coffee, I was going to make some toast but decided I’d make something at work and just settle for the wake me up coffee before getting dressed. I might have told you this before but if not I’ll tell you again, working in a cafe where we have a uniform really does take the effort out of getting dressed each day. I kind of like not having the choice because it’s one less thing I have to think about before stumbling out the door.

I was just finishing my make up, which I apply sparingly, when I heard the door bell ring. At such an early hour it was unexpected and for that reason I instantly thought it was going to be Simon, one day I was hoping to stop thinking about the guy, but unfortunately I hadn’t reached that day. Buttoning up my shirt I headed for the door, when I looked through the peep hole and saw that it was Tom the smile I had the night before came back.

“Good morning Ray.” It was suppose to be a funny play on words that was short for Ray Of Sunshine but it fell flat when I had to explain it. “Ray as in Ray of Sunshine! So what are you doing here so early?” I asked after explaining my bad joke and inviting him inside.

“You invited me around for breakfast and coffee. Am I too early?” he replied.

“Of course not, you can come around any time. However I did think the invite was for the cafe not home.”

“We maybe I thought you would like a taxi to drive you to work.”

“Oh my god Tom, that is so sweet.” I answered, meaning every word of it.

I didn’t have much left to do to be ready for work and while I finished off the little bit of make up I was applying Tom sat on the bed and talked to me through the open bathroom door. He’d had a long night at work and didn’t manage to get home until 2am and when he finally did drop himself into bed he couldn’t sleep anyway.

“If only you had the relaxing night I did.” I said to him without giving him the details as to why it was so relaxing, “but at least you have a few days off to recover.”

“Yeah it’s small mercies I guess. They are just lucky the job pays so well or I’d quit!”

“Well I can’t match your pay check but if you ever do quit I’ll be happy to put you on at the cafe. It’s not the prettiest job but you can handle yourself better in the kitchen than some of my staff do.”

“You can afford another staff member?” Tom asked, he almost sounded serious, I didn’t think he was but I figured I’d throw in a joke just in case.

“Nah probably not, but I can always sack Sonya!”

“Oh yeah that will go down well. Tracey would have my balls in a jar for taking her girlfriend’s job.”

“I don’t think she wants a pair, maybe you should keep them and your job!” I said with a smile. “I’m ready for work now,” I said as I exited the bathroom, “is the taxi still available?”

“Yeah but he’s going to charge you double for being mean to his balls!”

“Okay two coffees it is, lets get out of here.” I said grabbing my bag and heading for the door.

It doesn’t take long to get to the cafe from my house on foot so such a trip barely warrants the use of a car but it was nice of Tom to not just think of me but come around and offer me a ride, especially after such a tough night. The only downside of the trip to work was spotting Simon about four blocks from my house and headed in that direction. I have no idea whether he was headed to see me or what he was doing but as far as I knew he wasn’t one for early morning walks. Maybe I was judging him harshly maybe I wasn’t I didn’t really care, he was my past Tom was my future. I didn’t wave to him as we cornered in front of him but I know he saw me and I didn’t care. If Tom saw him he remained diplomatic and said nothing.

“Hey what are you doing here again?” Sonya said as she walked in the back door.

“I own the place!” I replied before Tom had a chance.

“Then you ought to try running the place instead of bringing all your domestic dramas here.” Sonya hit back at me.

“Hey I resent that, I’m not her domestic drama.” Tom said with a smirk.

“Yeah you’re right, you’re more of a domestic Diva!” Sonya turned to Tom and said.

“Careful chickadee or I’ll have that domestic Diva of yours tie you down.” I think Tom realized his mistake as soon as the final word came out.

“Ooohhhh, now that sounds good, would you two like to come and watch what happens after she ties me down? You’re never too old to learn a few new things.”

“Hey, this is a place of business you two.”

“Could have fooled me,” they both said in unison as if they’d practiced just for that moment.

“Alright you two, that’s enough, I’m going to do something useful around here even you to don’t” I said while they both laughed.

“Party Pooper!” Sonya said with a smile.

“Shut up and make me coffee.” Tom told Sonya with a smile.

“Hey, you’re not my boss!”

“Didn’t I tell you two that was enough?”

It was seriously good to see Tom so relaxed, I know he’d known Sonya for longer than he’d know me but I still thought he looked a little on edge when he was at the cafe. Joking and laughing with Sonya, even if they were picking on me, was what I considered a good step forward.

Again Tom helped us prep the cafe despite both Sonya and I telling him more than once to sit down and enjoy his coffee and when Francis arrived we’d actually done everything that needed doing to open the front door.

“Would you like that second coffee now?” I asked Tom.

“I wasn’t serious about that.” He replied.

“I am, if you want one Sonya will make it.”

“Sonya will make what?” Sonya asked as she stepped through the swinging doors and back into the kitchen obviously not privy to the rest of the conversation.

“Coffee, you will make Tom another coffee.”

“He didn’t pay for the last one!” Sonya joked.

“Well how about instead of paying for the coffee…”

“Coffees.” Sonya interrupted Tom.

“Okay, coffees, Miss Perfect. How about I take the two of you, and that charming girl friend of yours,” he pointed at Sonya, “out for dinner tonight?”

“I’m in and I don’t mind taking the kids out if you think we can trust them!” I said proud of myself for getting in quickly.

“What makes you think Tracy and I want to be seen out with our grand parents?”


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