Rock Hard: Good News Coming

Continues from here.

When I woke up the following morning my legs were stiff, it didn’t take me long to remember why and just thinking about it brought a smile to my face and happy thoughts to my mind. I rolled over on my side and looked at the clock on the bedside table, the bright green digits told me it was only 5:23 am.

“What the fuck?” my brain said losing the happy thoughts it had a few moments before. I’d been asleep for less than two hours, yet I felt like I’d been asleep for a week.

Do you ever wake up feeling like that?

Anyway there was no way I was going to stay awake at that hour of the morning, the day might have been beginning to show signs of life outside but there was no need for the same to happen inside our room.

I rolled over the other way and snuggled into Adam’s back, placed my arm over his body and pulled both my legs up against his which were bent forwards slightly. Adam stirred as I moved into position and began spooning him but he didn’t wake, just like I didn’t go back to sleep, well not immediately anyway.

I must have laid there for at least forty minutes eyes closed not sleeping and listening to Adam’s little snores. At one point I tried to match my breaths with his just to see if the slower breathing might put me to sleep, it didn’t. Then just as my shoulder and upper arm started to develop an ache which I was thinking would make me move I dropped off to sleep and no longer cared about the pain.

When I woke up the second time that stiffness was not in my legs, it was in my shoulder, it ached from just above the elbow all the way to the shoulder and down into my chest. At that time I had no choice but to move, the ache was actually causing me discomfort and needed to be remedied immediately. I pulled my arm back from over Adam’s body and rolled onto my back.

“Hey where are you going gorgeous?”

He was cute but I was still in pain so I didn’t reply I just went looking for a more comfortable position. Laying on my back I stretched my left arm upwards and used my right hand to rub the skin over my shoulder joint. The pain eased a little bit but it was obviously going to take time because I’d laid on it for so long without moving.

I felt Adam moving in the bed beside me, rolling over onto his back beside me. A moment later he rolled again, flopping himself over my chest and looking me directly in the eyes.

“I got you now!” he said.

My shoulder was still a bit painful but I didn’t argue, I moved my lips forward, kissed him and greeted him with a polite and happy good morning. After the kiss we shuffled around each other until we were comfortable, for once little Adam wasn’t up before big Adam and he was just happy to lie there with me.

I told him about my early and uninvited wake up, my stiff legs and my sore shoulder, he then offered to rub my shoulder or legs for me to see if he could ease some of the pain. As much as that sounded like a good idea I passed up the offer because I was happy just to lay there with his head against my breasts.

At 8:00am when the alarm went off, an alarm that must have been set by the previous occupants of the room because we didn’t set it, we both decided it was time to get up. There was no point laying in bed when neither of us had the energy or inclination to take advantage of the other person.

While Adam went and had a shower I did a bit of channel surfing too see if there was anything interesting on the news. When you’re on tour it’s easy to get caught in a bubble where things that happen in the outside world just don’t get to penetrate, it’s a bit like being on holiday where you can go days without hearing about what the rest of the world is doing because it just doesn’t matter. I’m not a religious news watcher, I don’t have to do it every day to keep my world turning but I do like to keep up with things and surfing some of the news channels was something I hadn’t done for a few days.

When it comes to writing new songs I tend to keep clear of current political, religious, controversial and conspiracy topics firstly because they get old quickly, secondly because Magnhild is not a soap box but mostly because it doesn’t interest me. However that doesn’t mean that some of those topics, when they’re current, don’t influence my song writing because they do, I just don’t use real names, places, or events in my songs. Watching the news often just plants the seed in my mind and then when it comes time to sit down and write whether it be with the other guys or by myself that seed sprouts.

I was still sitting on the end of the bed half dressed and switching between news channels when Adam came out of the bathroom. “Anything interesting happening in the world?” he asked looking at the tv screen.

“Same old shit, egotistical politicians competing in the world’s biggest pissing contest. Wars, hate, women’s rights, burn your bra, the usual stuff.”

“I don’t have a bra, can I borrow yours?”

“You didn’t give back the last one you borrowed.”

“Oops, I should get that washed and give it back to you.”

“Ewww, I don’t want to know, just burn it!” I said with a smirk knowing that he did return the bra.

“Anything happening in Wichita?” Adam asked as he started to get dressed.

The question wasn’t really out of context, we were headed to Wichita Falls for another one night stand, most of our dates on this tour were one night stands and no I don’t feel less empowered as a woman for doing it! Haha, sorry for that silly joke I couldn’t resist.

“Does anything ever happen in Wichita?” I asked.

We wandered around the motel room getting dressed and repacking our bags. It wasn’t a big job considering we don’t need much for a single night stay and after being on the road a few times one does learn to economize with what they take out every night. Even though it was a small job we still took our time doing it because thanks to our early morning alarm call which we did not order we were awake and had plenty of time.

At 9:15 we left the room with our bags on our shoulders headed for the bus where we’d off load our gear before heading to the motel restaurant for breakfast. Some of the crew were hanging around the trucks, the others would be either sleeping or eating.

As we were climbing off the bus with the intention of heading to the restaurant we ran into Bob, our tour manager.

“Hey, there you are. Have you seen Dean?”

“Good morning to you too Bob!” I said with a smile.

“Yeah yeah, good morning! Have you seen Dean?”

“Nope we just surfaced ourselves, he’s probably still in bed.” Adam said.

“Want us to pass on a message? Or we could go and wake him, I’m sure there’s something I owe him payback for.” I added.

“Yeah, nah, it’s ok.” Bob uttered.

“Sounds convincing Bob, is something up?” I asked.

“Well yeah, I’ve got some big news but I wanted to tell the three of you together.”


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