CopyCat Cafe: Dinner With The Kids

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Despite the cheeky comments from Sonya about being seen out with her grand parents her and Tracey were more than happy to drop whatever plans they might have had so that Tom could buy them dinner. We didn’t go over the top fancy for dinner, instead choosing the Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant down on Twelfth Street. It was a casual little restaurant with great food and a really good atmosphere, without a booking you have to be early but Tom being Tom he not only knew the owners he was able to get us a table at very short notice.

You’re probably not that interested but in case you ever get to visit the Red Dragon I thoroughly recommend the Spicy Pork, number 23 on the menu, it doesn’t sound like much from the description but it was beautiful. Tom’s Honey Peppered Chicken was also great, as was Sonya’s Sweet and Sour Chicken and Tracey’s Cantonese Noodles, if fact everything we had was good and since this is beginning to sound like an advertisement for the Red Dragon I’ll stop now. Unless the owners are reading and would like to give me a free meal for such a good advert.

Anyway, we had a great night with great food and great company. Tom and Tracey hadn’t had a good catch up with each other for several weeks and they spent quite a bit of time chatting about whatever it is they talk about while Sonya and I either listened along or talk between ourselves. Neither Sonya or I considered their chatting rude, we both knew they weren’t deliberately ignoring us.

Dinner was finished by 10PM and as we walked up to pay Tom again reminded us that he was paying for the night out.

“Oh you really are trying to impress the women aren’t you money bags!” Tracey said from behind Tom and I, it was obviously a joke and Tom replied in kind.

“The only woman in this group is Kat.”

“Oh thank you. You are so kind.” I replied but I’m not sure if I was heard over Tracey who must have decided one smart comment deserved another, deserved another.

“You’re only saying that because your hoping to get lucky tonight.”

Tracey wasn’t speaking loudly but I did wonder what the other patrons near by must have thought if they’d heard us, especially given that I too hoped Tom was going to get lucky!

“Not with you dyke!” Tom said with a grin as he stepped up to the till, handed over his credit card and thankfully stopped the conversation.

The transaction only took a minute or so but as soon as Sonya opened the front door and stepped out onto the side walk it was like there hadn’t been a break between Tom and Tracey.

“You couldn’t handle this dyke, Hetroman!” Tracey shot at Tom.

“I’ve been handling her for ten years now. She’s not that difficult you just need to put her over your knee occasionally and give her a good spanking!” Tom replied as we headed to the car.

“Hey, that’s my job!” Sonya interjected.

“Maybe they want to watch us do it?” Tracey said directly to Sonya.

“Are you kidding? Their pace makers will stop. These oldies can’t get themselves too excited you know.” Sonya replied as she stepped up to the rear door of Tom’s pick up.

The conversation went on like that for the entire trip ten minute trip back to Tracey’s house, I didn’t even try to get a word in until it was time to actually say goodnight. Even during their goodbyes Tom and Tracey, and too a lesser degree Sonya couldn’t say something without throwing an insult. It was strange watching them, not because I was jealous or anything silly like that but because we’d had such a civil dinner then as soon as Tom offered to pay the tables turned.

Tom and I laughed about it on the way back to my place and when Tom pulled his pick up into my driveway I asked him if he wanted to come in for a coffee or night cap.

“Well I was trying to get lucky!” was his reply.

I laughed loudly, then as I turned and climbed out of the truck I said, “I was too!”

We went in the back door of my house which lead us almost directly into the kitchen. Although I didn’t keep a messy house I probably wasn’t the tidiest person around and when I stepped past the table and just dropped my bag on it next to my usual work hand bag making a small stack Tom made a comment about how much he liked my stacking system.

He’d told me once before how cleanliness to him was an almost robotic thing because his mother and he ex wife, before she died, were such clean freaks that it just rubbed off and that everything had a place and it should return there when not in use. From that I had told him that he’d get used to me dumping things on the table and bench and where ever else was handy at my own house but I’d try my hardest not to do it at his place. Like I say my place wasn’t messy or dirty but sometimes I was a bit lazy in the household department.

“So do you want coffee or do you want to do my housework for me?” I asked as I entered the kitchen.

“Where’s the duster?” He asked with a smile on his face.

“Ok you dust and I’ll have coffee. Oh and you can only do housework topless, it’s a rule in my house!”
Tom began unbuttoning his light blue dress shirt at which time I broke out laughing and told him to sit down at the table while I brewed the coffee. “The home isn’t that dirt anyway, the home owner might be though!”

My silly seductive comment tagged on the end wasn’t missed but Tom didn’t reply to it and within a few minutes I had two coffee mugs with steaming black coffee in them sitting on the table. Tom had chosen to sit at the end of the table where he could turn the chair 90 degrees and stretch his legs out, I liked that spot too when my legs were tired. Sitting so that I was looking directly at him I thanked him for dinner and a lovely night.

“You’re welcome, next time we wont invite the kiddies though!” he replied.

The fact that he was only a few years older than Tracey didn’t need mentioning I had a feeling the old versus young jokes were going to be a part of our small group forever.

“Awe they weren’t too bad, next time we’ll take them to a place that has a playground and that can entertain them.” I said.

Through quiet laughter Tom then added, “We should leave all these jokes for when they are present, we don’t want to run out!” I agreed.

After finishing my coffee it was time to see whether Tom’s luck was in. He was leaning on the table with his right arm and his legs were still straight from the edge of the chair to the floor. Climbing up from my chair I stepped around the corner of the table. Then with one leg either side if his I walked towards him, pulled my skirt out of the way, sat on his lap and looked him directly in the eye.


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