Rock Hard: BFF’s

Continues from here.

I know Bob said he had big news that he wanted to share with Adam, Dean and I all at the same time but in all honesty it probably didn’t warrant my reaction.

I pushed Bob up against the side of the bus, held him around the neck and screamed at him to tell me the news. No I’m only kidding you I didn’t do that, well not in a serious way! However what I did do was equally as much fun but the surprise was mostly mine.

I told Bob and Adam to wait by the bus for me, they had no idea what I was doing but they waited anyway and two minutes later when I came back to the bus the two guys were standing there talking to each other.

“Let’s go and wake Dean up,” I said jangling the room keys.

“Where did you get those?” Adam asked.

“Rhonda at reception, I told her I locked myself out of the room and needed the spare key.”

“And she just gave it too you? That’s reassuring,” Bob added.

“Relax, she knew who I was, she just didn’t know which room I was in. Now let’s go.”

The three of us walked towards Dean’s room, I was ahead of the two guys almost as if I was leading and they were just Lemmings following me off a cliff. I stepped up to Dean’s door and ever so gently inserted the key into the lock trying to make as little noise as possible. Once the key was in the lock I turned to Adam and Bob, put my finger up to my mouth indicating for them to be quiet, then turned back to the door.

Holding the door handle with left hand I turned the key with my right hand ever so gently feeling it turn in the tumbler and trying not to make a noise. When I felt the key stop in the tumbler I knew the door was unlocked so I turned the handle slowly. When I felt the door latch free itself from the door jamb I pushed the door ever so slightly just to make sure it was going to open and I wasn’t going to slam myself into a solid chunk of wood.

Pushing the door open as wide as I could I bounded into the room and screamed at the top of my voice, Adam would later comment that he didn’t think I needed a microphone on stage any more.

“Wakey! Wakey! Hands off snakey!” I called as I stepped towards the bed.

There was a shuffle under the covers of the bed, it was at that moment I realized there was more than one body in the bed.

“Where else am I supposed to put them?”

I recognized the voice instantly, it belonged to Sarah, Dean’s girlfriend. Despite recognizing the voice it scared the shit out of me. It was suppose to be Dean’s voice I heard, or Dean falling out of the bed in fright not a female voice from the other side of the bed.

“Oh my god girl! What are you doing here? When did you get in?” I recovered quickly from the shock and in true sisterly fashion leaped across the bed to give Sarah a huge hug.

“Hey, what are you doing? I’m naked under here!” Dean said as in bounced over him.

“No one cares about you Dean!” I said as I hugged Sarah and gave her a kiss on the cheek, not at all embarrassed by the teenage girlie reaction.

While there was a few girls in our tour group it was nothing like having my bestie Sarah along for the ride. We’d been friends for as long as Dean and her had been going out with each other, it was one of those relationships where we just hit it off on the day we met and never looked back. If Dean ever dumped her I told him I’d disown him before getting rid of Sarah as a friend. Of course Sarah had been invited on tour but as a business owner, she ran a party supplies business, she couldn’t afford the time away from work.

Home, in Chicago was only two and a half hours away by plane so it wasn’t an impossible task for Sarah to be with us but it still took planning and some how all that planning had happened without anyone else knowing. As it turned out Sarah organized the entire trip herself, she didn’t even tell Dean she was coming. The first Dean knew of her arrival was when he got off stage the previous night and was handed a message by the venue manager telling him there was someone waiting for him at the bar.

“Shall I just go back to sleep?” Dean asked.

“Awe don’t be like that brother dear.” I said as I let go of Sarah. “How long ‘till you have to be back home?” I asked turning back to Sarah.

“I’ve got to be back Sunday night.” Sarah replied which was three nights away.

From Wichita Falls we were headed back through Oklahoma City to Tulsa, then to Kansas City so although we weren’t headed home we were getting closer to home and by Sunday night when Sarah had to leave she would only have a 90 minute flight to get her there.

“Woohoo three nights! It’s not enough but it will do,” I said.

“Can I ask a question?” Dean asked, he’d rolled onto his back and had the covers pulled up to his chest.

I shrugged my shoulders neither giving him the go ahead or denying him such a right.

“There is three people in this room who aren’t usually here when I wake up.” he started.

“Well there is actually four, unless you and Bob have got a secret you haven’t been sharing with us.” I said.

Having spent more than enough time with us, especially on the road where our behavior often got sillier, Adam, Sarah and Bob knew better than to get in between Dean and I having a silly talk in case it turned on them. Bob was already shaking his head denying everything from my last statement.

“Okay, there is three people in my room who don’t want to see me naked…”

“Make that four!” I said looking at Sarah. One thing both Dean and I knew was when to stop pushing each other and it was at that moment I knew it was time to stop pushing Dean and be a little bit more serious. “Okay dear brother I’m sorry for interrupting. I wont do it again. Please continue, what is on your mind?” Knowing when to stop doesn’t mean I can’t lather it on thickly as I do before stopping!

“WHAT THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU ALL DOING IN MY BLOODY ROOM?” He wasn’t quite yelling but his voice was definitely raised. “Why are you waking me up?”

I looked directly at Dean, I’m sure he suspected another smart remark and I’m also sure he was preparing something to come back at me with if I did, but as I said I knew when to stop.

“Bob’s got news for us.” I said with a smile.

“And it couldn’t have waited until I was out of bed?”

“Well he did suggest it could but I really wanted to know what it was and I thought you would too!”

“So are you going to tell me what this important news is?” Dean was looking at me.

“I don’t know what it is, you’ll have to let Bob tell you!”

There was a collective sigh from the whole room, so I shut up!


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