Ride Hard: Double Date P2

Continues from here.

When I got in the Escalade that was sitting in my driveway with the engine running I felt kind of special. I don’t know why the Mustang is a much more impressive vehicle so I guess it had to do with the person driving it rather than the badge on the front.

“Good evening Seeley.” I said running with the references to the similarities between Jack’s ride and Booth’s ride in the TV series Bones.

“Cut to the chase Bones, who is the killer?” Jack replied putting the Escalade in reverse and heading backwards down the driveway towards the road.

The journey to Mom and Dad’s was about twenty minutes and although Jack and I had spoken twice during the day we still hadn’t run out of things to talk about. Sure the discussion topics might have been boring to others but we both had a genuine interest in how each other’s days had panned out. Turns out when you see and or talk to someone you really like every day work isn’t always boring, or if it is you can still talk about it.

Pulling into Mom and Dad’s driveway I joked with Jack that he should honk the horn and let them know we were there but Jack knew better and didn’t fall for it. He did however offer to get out of the car and knock on the door too see if they were ready to leave.

“Don’t bother, no one pulls up in this driveway without my Mom knowing. I’m sure she even knows someone is here when she’s down at the shop!” I said. “I’d imagine they’ll be out in a minute or so because late is another thing my Mom doesn’t do, which also means Dad doesn’t dare to be late.”

Jack laughed. “Should we both go in?”

“Nah give the a few minutes and if they haven’t come out I’ll go in and cop the comments about not getting out of the car.”

“Stop making me feel more nervous than I already am.” Jack said.

“Why are you nervous? It’s just dinner with my parents, you’ve met them before, you’ve even had dinner with them.”

“Yeah but this is different, I’m taking you all out and I want things to go off without any hitches.”

“Hitches? Haven’t you met my mother, the Queen of hitches?” I said with a smile.

At that exact moment Mom and Dad came from around the back of the house holding hands like the old and in love couple they were. Both looked very eloquent, Dad in a suit jacket and pants and Mom in a dark blue evening dress. As soon as he saw them Jack got out of the car, greeted them and opened the back door for Mom to climb up into back seat.

“Hello Dianne,” she said as she was helped by dad.

“Hi Mom.”

I offered Dad the front seat but he politely declined saying he was more than happy to sit in the back so that he and Mom could feel like chauffeur driven V.I.P.S. I reminded him of the Bones reference and that they could be suspects where were taking in for question. Dad laughed and thought that was a much better idea but Mom was not overly impressed, although she said nothing.

If Dad thought he was being treated like a VIP by being driven around in a big black four wheel drive it was only confirmed by the treatment we got at the restaurant. For once it wasn’t just the “Jack Factor”, a form of treatment that often occurred around Jack Richards which I put down to a mixture of people both wanting his money and his business and were therefore willing to do anything it took to get it. No, this restaurant was the kind that did those things for everyone because everyone paid a premium. I must admit it was great to be treated like that but my bank balance definitely couldn’t get me used to such a service.

Both Mom and I were escorted to our seats, Dad and Jack didn’t even get a chance to pull our chairs out, the wait staff did it before they could get close. The staff were so polite with the “yes sir”, “no sir”, “yes ma’am”, “no ma’am” comments, that I wondered if they thought they were waiting a dinner at the White House. The one time I got up to go to the toilet, which of course had staff handing out towels in them, when I returned to my seat Jack was again beaten to the task of offering me the chair. Honestly I had seen movies where such treatment happened but I never once thought that I’d be dining in such an establishment.

Even Mom was impressed with the service and the meal and not once during the night did she remind us all that she could have cooked a meal just as lovely as the one we were eating. Of course she could have but it was polite of her not to say so.

When it came time for the evening to end Jack didn’t let anyone else see the price of dinner, it wasn’t that he was being rude it was simply as he said, “I invited you all here and it’s my treat!” I’m sure both Mom and Dad were quietly relieved that Jack was not asking for them to pay but neither of them was going to let the opportunity pass to at least offer.

Mom and Dad were definitely old school type of diners, after a meal they liked to go for a walk, especially when the weather was suitable, to ‘walk off what they ate’, however due to the valet parking at the restaurant Jack’s car was being fetched as soon as the staff saw us walking towards the exit door.

“How about we go down the Esplanade.” Jack said as we walked to the end of the carpet here the car would be delivered too. “It’s a balmy night for a walk along the river.”

Jack was right it was a good night and although the hour was getting on both Mon and Dad seemed happy to take up Jack’s offer. Three minutes later Mom and I had both been ushered back into the black four wheel drive by the valet staff and we were headed towards the water.


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