CopyCat Cafe: Comparing Notes?

Continues from here.

Placing my hands gently on either side of Tom’s face I held his head steady as I leaned in and put my lips to his. We kissed, deep and long, the lingering taste of coffee in his mouth as much a turn on as the increasing bulge I could feel growing in his jeans. As I gently pushed my tongue into his waiting mouth I could feel him growing against me, pushing softly into my crotch. I moved my hips slowly against his feeling him rub the silky material of my panties against my moistening lips.

The kiss continued as I felt his hands touch my bare legs and slowly slide towards my backside. With my feet firmly planted on the floor I used my legs to push against his crotch and create gently movements backwards and forwards, movements that were driving us both crazy.

Breaking the kiss and pulling away I looked Tom in the eye then reached down between our bodies and undid the button on his trousers, followed by the zip. I then pushed my hand down past the waist band of his underwear, wrapped my hand around his cock and pulled it out of it’s confines. I dropped my gaze to his waist and started to move my hand up and down the length of it. From the base to the tip I slowly rubbed his shaft with a tight grip.

I could hear little moans in his breath telling me he was enjoying what I was doing. Every few strokes I stopped at the head and gently circled my fingernail around it then went back to the slow, tight strokes. While still gripping him I slid down his legs until I was on my knees, he then skidded his feet back to the chair and spread his legs inviting me to where he knew I wanted to be.

I let go of his dick long enough to yank his jeans and underwear down then at the same time as my hand wrapped around the base my lips wrapped around the bulbous pink head. I leaned forward and slowly swallowed his entire length into my waiting mouth. When I slid my lips upward followed by my hand I heard him moan again, this time it was slightly deeper and slightly louder. I repeated the up and down movements sucking, licking, rubbing his thick shaft, his pre-cum began dribbling quickly helping my saliva lubricate him.

I savoured the sweet tasting dribbles. When I stopped sucking and let my tongue work the head of his cock, slowly circling the entire head as well as flicking across the tip taking the small dribbles into my mouth I felt his hand move through my hair.

“Oh Kat!” he moaned and I continued.

With my right hand firmly gripping his shaft I let my left hand rub his balls then I slowly dragged my tongue up and down the shaft concentrating on the sensitive underside. When I dropped my lips to his balls and gently sucked each one into my mouth his moans became louder. It wasn’t something I had done often but having his balls sucked while his shaft was being rubbed really seemed to send Tom to a new level and the way he was moaning in pleasure I almost felt guilty when I stopped. But I had to stop, my pussy was getting so anxious for him inside it I couldn’t keep going.

Keeping a firm grip on his cock I stood up, looked him in the eyes and could see a mix of pleasure and lust, I felt the same way. I let go on his tool, unzipped my skirt and then with both hands pushed my underwear and skirt to the floor. Naked from the waist down I stepped out of my clothes, again placed one leg either side of his and then moved in to straddled him.

I moved my wetness against the head of his cock, feeling him twitch as he slid through my lips. I wanted him inside me but feeling him pushing against my clit then sliding down my labia to my entrance was driving me just as wild. I was caught between wanting him inside me and wanting that feeling of my pussy being played with. When I eventually slid down his shaft I was the one moaning, it felt so good feeling his thick rigid cock parting my pussy muscles and entering me.

I used my legs and my knees to slide up and down his shaft, the only parts of our bodies that were touching was our sexual organs until the downward stroke had our crotches mingling together. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to make my legs do the work for to long so I made the most of it and picked up the speed. Every few strokes I’d move forward or backward allowing his throbbing dick to touch new parts of me.

“I’ll be gentle,” I said as I stopped moving my legs and wrapped my arms around his neck.

Holding onto Tom’s neck and looking deep into his eyes I then lifted my legs and wrapped them around the back of the chair, if I was too heavy or awkward for him he didn’t argue. With my arms around his neck and my legs around his torso and the chair I held on tight and began kissing him again.

At first I didn’t move my hips we just kissed as his hands roamed up and down my back barely touching me and driving me wild. I let my inner pussy muscles do all the work on his twitching cock as his lips dropped to my neck and continued to kiss me. When he began his gently nibbles directly behind my ear lobe I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer.

I used my leg muscles to pull myself against his body. While I moved my hips Tom put both hands on my backside and used his feet and hips to drive himself into me. We both moaned and I could feel him pounding inside me but it wasn’t until he slipped his right hand down past my buttocks and at full stretch slipped his fingers into my wetness that I groaned.

His hard thick cocked filled my entrance and his fingers gently rubbed the wetness around it, I wished they could extend up to my clit but I knew from our position that wasn’t possible. Seconds later we both came and came hard. His fingers were still sliding through my wetness as I felt his hot white cum shooting inside me. Even when his thrusts slowed his fingers didn’t they kept gently rubbing my wetness and the feeling was sensational.

Although our grip on each other and the chair slowly became weaker we sat like that for several minutes as we caught our breath. Even when Tom shrunk inside me he held the base of his cock with his finger to keep himself inside me. It was the most awkward after sex position I’d ever found but it felt so good I didn’t want to release.

When his breathing subsided Tom looked me in the eye and said. “We might need to restart our pace makers occasionally but I bet the kiddies can’t rock like that!”

“We could always ring them and compare notes.” I replied with a smile.


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