Ride Hard: Double Date P3

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We topped off a lovely evening of dinner at the restaurant with a lovely walk along the river. The moon was close to full, there was a gentle breeze but it wasn’t cold and hardly rippled the water and the dark sky was cloudless. The only real downside of the walk was the bugs that congregated around the flood lights that lit the path way.

We weren’t the only couples to have the idea of a nice moonlit walk either, the path wasn’t crowded but we were never out of sight from anyone. Jack and I walked hand in hand behind Mom and Dad who were doing the same thing, several times we dropped back a little bit but only once when we stopped to have a little pash did we get more than about thirty feet apart.

At one point all four of us stopped walking and sat down at one of the benches, it was a snug fit for all four of us but none of us seemed to mind. As we looked out over the water with the reflection of the moon and the stars I started a conversation I didn’t regret but I wished I’d thought about more before starting.

“This reminds me of the night we spent up at Lover’s Lookout.” I said to Jack forgetting that Mom was sitting next to me.

“What was that dear?” Mom asked.

“Oh.” I said realizing my mistake. “Umm, nothing Mom.”

Like a dog not letting go of a bone Mom wouldn’t drop the topic (sorry for that reference Mom).

“No, you said something, something about the night reminding you of something. What was it.”

“Oh just a little reminiscing with Jack and a date we went on.” I said trying not to break out the entire story.

“Well tell us about it.” Mom replied.

“Rose!,” Dad stepped into the conversation. “It was a date, she may not want to share the details.”

I mentally thanked dad for stepping into the conversation and trying to stop Mom, but of course it didn’t work.

“Well she wouldn’t have said it aloud if she didn’t want to share!” Mom replied. “Go ahead dear tell us what you wanted to.”

“I didn’t want to tell you anything,” I thought to myself but I knew Mom wouldn’t stop until she got something out of me so instead of leaving it there I said. “Not long after Jack and I met we went to dinner and to finish off the night Jack took me up to Lover’s Lookout.”

“You mean Piper’s Lookout?” Mom said suspiciously.

“Yes Mom, Piper’s look out.”

“Oh and what happened up there?” Dad said.

I’d like to think Dad’s question was a slip of the tongue, or at very least a badly chosen path to try and end the conversation but of course once those words were out they couldn’t be taken back no matter how Dad meant it.

“Nick!” Mom said, “That’s your daughter you’re speaking too!”

“Hey, it’s no different to the questions you were asking.”

Now my parents are like every other couple in the world, they do have disagreements, and differing opinions, but they don’t often let them air in front of others, and especially not in public while people they don’t know are walking past. So to hear what was forming was a bit of a surprise and despite the fact I could feel Jack quietly giggling beside me, you know how when you’re snuggled up close to someone you can feel their chest rising and lowering when they giggle, I decided I needed to stop it.

“It’s okay, nothing happened!” I said in a slightly louder voice before lowering it and continuing. “After dinner Jack rode us up to Lo…Piper’s Lookout.” I corrected myself quickly to appease Mom but she was quick.

“On the motorbike?” she asked.

“Yes Mom, on the motorbike.” I didn’t need to see Mom’s face to know she would be frowning but I kept talking to stop her from interrupting with her disapproval of her daughter being taken on a date on a motorbike. “It was a night like tonight, beautiful moon, clear skies, no wind and Jack took me up to Piper’s lookout to end a wonderful evening.”

“That’s nice, do you go everywhere on the bike?” Mom asked.

“Sometimes.” I replied before Dad stepped in again.

“Rose, it’s not about the motorbike. What else happened?” Dad asked.

So much for Dad sticking up for his daughter! Meanwhile Jack was still giggling.


“it’s okay Mom. Nothing happened,”

“That’s a relief, it’s a public place.” Mom replied.

I was glad that was all Mom was worried about! I continued the story.

“It was the most romantic night anyone has ever given me. Not only was the night perfect but this guy,” I put my hand on Jack’s leg and patted it, “some how managed to get the entire place vacant.”

“How did you managed that?” Dad said leaning forward so he could see Jack.

Jack simply shrugged his shoulders and tapped his nose with his fore finger as if suggesting his efforts were some kind of secret and I have to admit the secrecy of it really did add to the romantic thoughts of the night.

“Honestly Dad I don’t want to know the answer to that. Just like I don’t want to know how he got us into a booked out restaurant so quickly. The night was damn near perfect. Not a soul around and Jack and I just sat on the bench arm in arm and enjoyed the view of darkness.” I paused for a breath and for dramatic effect. “One day I’m going to ask him to top that night just to see if he can.”

“That is really lovely dear.” Mom said as I finished. Dad agreed with her before she added, “If only your father was that romantic!”

We all laughed, including Dad, the I added, “Yes this motorcycle hero is very romantic!” I then turned to Jack and kissed him on the lips.

We hung around on the bench for about twenty minutes more before we all decided it was time to head home, it was 11:15pm after all. When we got back to Mom and Dad’s place Mom invited us in for coffee but we politely declined and once they were safely inside the house we left.


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