CopyCat Cafe: Oh No Not Again!

Continues from here.

When I woke the following morning there was two fingers gently caressing my clitoris and tracing a path down my lips. It was weird, not the gentle finger movements, that was nice, no the weird bit was that the instant before I woke up and became conscious I was actually dreaming there was a hand between my legs rubbing me. In the dream there was no face just the hand, not in a strange way, I’m sure there was a body attached to the hand I just couldn’t see it all. I lay on my back for a few moments with my eyes closed pretending to be asleep but enjoying what was happening and wondering where it was going.

To be honest after the previous night’s effort in the dinning room chairs, then again in the bedroom I wasn’t sure I was capable of going again but the feeling between my legs was telling my mind something different. The more those fingers moved the wetter I was getting.

It wasn’t very sexy, seductive or sensual but when the feelings started to get to much to keep pretending I was asleep I let out a little gasp and whispered. “Make it quick.”

It was neither a sprint or a marathon and I’m not going to tell you how long it lasted but I will tell you by the end of it we were both puffing and panting, both had huge grins on our faces and were both extremely satisfied.

“I could just lay here all day and forget about work,” I said with my head against Tom’s chest and his arm around my torso.

“You could always call in sick.”

“Sonya would love me doing that to her!” I replied.

“One day soon you are going to have to take a day off.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because one day soon I want to take you out for the entire day.”

“Ohh?” I lifted my head and looked him directly in the eyes with a surprised look on my face. “An entire day? What have you got planned?”

He wouldn’t tell me what he had planned, all he would tell me was that it was something I’d enjoy, something I’d remember for a long time and something that I wouldn’t want to miss. I tried tickling him, I tried playfully biting him on the chest, I even grabbed his balls and squeezed gently in an effort to try and get the information out of him but he still refused.

I couldn’t make up my mind if Tom had thought about the day and was keeping it a secret or whether he was playing coy and just angling to spend a full day with me, either way it was a nice thought.

“I have Sunday’s off you know? We could do whatever it is you have planned then.”

“A week day would be preferable.” he replied.

“Why? What happens on a week day that doesn’t happen on a weekend?”

“Take a day off and you’ll see.”

I was more than tempted and had calling in sick actually been an option I think I could have been talked into it. “I’ll talk to Sonya about me having a day of soon. I think I still owe her some time off and it would be rude of me to take some without offering it to her first.”

An hour later we were showered, dressed, caffeine induced and headed to the cafe in Tom’s car, again he was taking me to work. On the way we saw, and stopped for, Sonya who happily accepted the ride. Although the rest of the trip was only about 5 minutes we put up with a barrage of smart remarks about old people, sex and sleep overs, for the most part Tom and I didn’t react but even we couldn’t hide our laughter with a few of her remarks.

As with the previous day Tom helped us do the opening prep, he was really getting good at helping out around the cafe.

He wasn’t getting in the way at all after we opened the front door, in fact he even threw his hands in and helped my by getting stuff out of the cool room for me. At one point I suggested I would have to put him on the payroll given that he was doing such a good job.

Just after 10am Tom bid us farewell with the excuse that he had things to do around the house, things like cutting the grass and garden maintenance. I suggested to him that he wasn’t in the way and he need not go if he didn’t want to but he insisted that his yard work needed doing. I jokingly made a comment that he could run a lawn mower around my yard any time he liked if it was such an enjoyable job, but he just laughed.

The rest of the day ran smoothly, nothing went wrong, everything went right and apart from being tired and worn out when it was finally time to lock up the cafe I felt good about things. Sonya and I walked home as usual, Sonya making comments about where our taxi was and when we parted company I was happy for some peace and quiet, not because of her just the long day.

As I approached my house I could see Tom’s car in the driveway and immediately thought that it was odd. Tom didn’t have keys to my house which meant if his car was in the driveway the only place he could be would be sitting in the car waiting. We hadn’t made plans to spend the evening together, although we hadn’t ruled it out, but if he was planning to see me before dinner I couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t pick me up as opposed to waiting in my driveway.

It wasn’t until I got closer and realized Tom wasn’t sitting in his car, not only that my front lawn was shorter than it had been when I left the house that morning. As I walked up the driveway I was not entirely convinced that Tom had spent the day maintaining his own garden then come around and done mine, but I also didn’t have a better excuse for my lawn being as short as it was.

As I stepped around the front of Tom’s car he walked out from the back yard pushing a lawn mower. “Well hello home owner.” He said to me.

“Oh my! You gorgeous man, you didn’t have to cut my grass, but I am so l glad you did it’s a job I truly hate.” I stepped up to him and gave him a huge smooch on the cheek.

“It’s my pleasure, especially if I get a kiss like that every time I do it.”

“I can’t believe you did it. I honestly didn’t expect it.”

It was at that moment as I turned to look at the job he’d done on the rear yard that I saw the large brown box sitting on the back door step.

“What’s in the box?” I asked expecting it to be something of Tom’s

“No idea, the UPS van came around while I was mowing the front yard. I signed for it, I hope you don’t mind, I figured you were expecting it.”

“No I’m not expecting anything.” I said making my way over towards the box, Tom followed me leaving the mower at the end of the driveway. “Even if I was I’d get it sent to the cafe because that’s where I am all day.”

“Well you wouldn’t want to carry a box that size home, I guess whoever sent it knew that.” Tom stated as we approached the box.

Looking down at the box there as no branding our anything on it suggesting it had come from a store, just my name and address and a senders name.


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