Rock Hard: Another Tour?

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There we were sitting in Dean’s room, remember I burst through the door in the hope of surprising him only to find it was me who was surprised when I realized his girl friend and my bestie, Sarah, was laying in the bed with him? That’s right you remember it, Bob had promised Adam, Dean and I some news and I thought that news was worth waking Dean up for. He of course didn’t but that was before he heard the news.

Bob’s news was that we’d been offered a chance to tour with the band call Varou, meaning werewolf from Norse times, they played very similar music to us and they wrote songs very similar to us. However we were to be supporting them not headlining the shows. Now we aren’t egotistical enough to think that we wouldn’t ever go back to being a support band because there is many bands we’d love to support, bands like Helloween, Iron Maiden and many more, but Varou were not in a league anywhere near those bands, they were closer to our league.

I’m sure neither Dean, Adam or I were sitting there thinking that coming off a large and successful headlining tour, our most successful to date, only to start another tour as a support act to a band that had similar levels of success in this country was a step down, we were just surprised by the offer. We were also surprised by the fact that Bob had tentatively accepted the deal, pending on our approval of course, was there more to the deal than he’d told us?

“The tour will be called “The Southern Seas Nordic Invasion”!” Bob exclaimed when we questioned him.

“What?” was the only word all four of us could come up with and we all said it in unison.

Upon hearing the words “Southern Seas” I think we all had the same thought but none of us were convinced that such a tour was possible, even as a support act. It was Dean that broke the silence and asked the question I think we were all a little afraid to ask in fear that it wasn’t going to come true.

“Are we headed to New Zealand?”

Varou weren’t only a Nordic themed power metal band they were from New Zealand, they’d managed to score themselves a minor record distribution deal in the US and had themselves a following of fans who were very loyal. But the fact they were an import with only a small distribution deal was what made us think them headlining a tour wasn’t quiet right, but heading to the “southern seas” was an entirely different ballgame. On their turf they were a headlining band and supporting them could be extremely good for our own international exposure.

“Not just New Zealand,” Bob replied. “Full Australasian tour. Four dates in New Zealand, five, possibly six gigs in Australia if we can wrangle it and one in Osaka Japan.”

“Holy shit!” I said without thinking. “We are heading down to Australia and New Zealand?”

Bob nodded, “And Japan.”

“How did this come about?” Adam asked. “I mean, I don’t think anyone here thinks it’s a bad idea but lets face it there is heaps of other bands they could tour with, why us?”

Adam did sound like a bit of a downer trying to put a dampener on our high but his question was legitimate. Varou could play any of the gigs planned without us, maybe they couldn’t ask any band they wanted to but they could still chose from a wide enough list that our name surely wouldn’t come up that close to the top. It would be kind of like us inviting them to do a tour of the US with us, sure we’d be a good match and we’d no doubt have a great time but the logistics of touring with an international band often made thing difficult.

“Well the obvious reason,” Bob started, “is because both bands are so well suited to each other and a bill with both should really rock the house. Truth is I’ve actually been working on this deal for a few weeks, phone calls in the middle of the night, emails backwards and forwards and offers and counter offers until it the deal was hammered out.”

“You really have kept the secret well.” I said.

“It wasn’t really a secret, I just didn’t want to get everyone’s hopes up for a tour that couldn’t be hashed out. When we first started talking, Wolf, that’s their band manager’s name can you believe it? He ring me out of the blue and asked me if I thought the band would be interested. I thought he was pissing in my pocket because it sounded so unlikely, but he was dead certain it could work. I must admit he’d done his homework because while it took a few weeks to finalize the work he’d done was proof it could work.”

“So we can do this and still come out of it without losing money?” Adam asked.

“It was definitely a hard nut to crack and logistically for us it’s going to be a bit of a pain but yeah if we the numbers come out like projected we wont be losing money, we’ll be making it. They absolutely love their power metal down there, too many big bands ignore the place because of the distance and how much easier it is to play bigger places in Europe, but for two up and coming bands with a following it’s nearly an untapped market.”

Dean looked at Sarah and for the first time in several minutes the conversation wasn’t directly related to the band. “Can you get time off for a trip Down Under Babe?” he asked.

“You can bet I’ll bloody well try!” Sarah replied.

We were all on a high, all thinking about just how good a tour like what Bob had planned was going to be for us. I think Dean was even thankful he’d been working for such good news.

“There is only thing I haven’t mentioned yet that was a big part of getting the deal over the line.” Bob said after a few moments.

“Here’s were you tell us we only get twenty minutes to play, no lights and we have to walk between gig or something silly.” Dean said.

Truth was there was often a few downfalls to such tours, it was a matter of the good out weighing the bad and all three of us secretly hoped the bad in this case was not as bad as Dean just voiced.

“Not exactly, if fact you’ll get at least sixty minutes on stage every night, you might not need the full crew, but you’ll definitely get lights and we’ll even get you a tour bus.”

“So what’s the catch?” I asked.

“It’s not really a catch, it’s more of a bonus, especially if the tour goes really well.”

“Just tell us already.” I said, “before someone beats it out of you!” I added with a smile.

“If you guys agree to the tour I have to organized an East Coast US tour with you guys headlining Varou for immediately after the Japan gig.”

I’m sure we didn’t need to answer for Bob to know we were in agreement but in case we did we proceeded to do something the three of us had practiced when we got good news since we were kids. Dean looked at me and nodded, I nodded back, he then looked at Adam and nodded, Adam nodded back, I then looked at Adam and nodded, then Adam nodded at me, then in unison the three of us called out. “FUCK YEAH!”


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