In The Shower

Unbuttoned blouse slipped off the shoulders
See you watching, your lust smolders
Unzipped skirt, sliding slowly downward
Your lustful eyes tell me I’m adored.
Waiting patiently you know just what’s in store
The second my lacy underwear hits the floor.
Naked and sensual I can feel the power
Move aside so I can get in the shower.


Steamy water cascading down naked skin
Kiss me quickly and let the games begin
Breathing increases with your touch
Hold me tighter within your clutch
Tracing circles with your finger nails
Goosebumps left behind like little trails
Your seductive touch leaves me with a shiver
With your next move I know you’ll deliver


Push me up against the steam covered glass
Lift me up and with my legs parted, grab my ass
Hold me up against the warm glass screen
Your excitement inside me lets me know you’re keen
Kissing deeper, I’m trapped within your trance
Our tongues circle creating a little dance
Rhythmic movements, no holes barred
Give it to me now and fuck me hard.


Fuck me hard and fuck me long
Drive me wild while the urge is strong
I want nothing more than to feel your lust
We both moan loudly with your every thrust
Fuck me harder until your seed has flowed
Fuck me harder until you feel me explode
All that is needed is a wink and a shove
And it’s shower sex because we’re in love


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